Friday, July 12, 2013

My Creative Space

Welcome to the 5th Where Bloggers Create. 
Thank you to our hostess Karen from
My Desert Cottage.
 I was so excited to participate once again.
As you may know, I am on a little hiatus with my blog, but just had to make a special stop in to visit the wonderful studios and creative spaces in blogland.
Last year I was off my game when WBC was scheduled.
Our Miss Beazy had been hit by a car and died.
It was a difficult time being just a few weeks later to post,
but I did anyway.
Looking back there was so much more I could have shared.
This season I have made a few changes
to have my space function better
and like most of you know, where we create always evolves.
My space is an attached converted 3rd car garage and just steps away from my cottage. It is positioned with a wall of windows giving great light and just outside are roses planted which inspire me everyday.
Storage space is plentiful,
and I try to stay organized most of the time.
There is always room for improvement and new ways to accommodate all my stuff!
But stuff is needed to create and each and every treasure is precious.
So here's my space where I  create each day.
So glad you are here for a visit.


I created the black and white toile skirt several years ago to hide the under table storage.
When the skirt is rolled back, these rolling units hold lots of goodies
and decorative papers.
The cabinets above the work table store everything within reach.
My hubby and son installed these for me last year.
Lazy Susan holds lots of fairy dust and glitter in vintage shakers.

Vintage drinking and canning jars hold brushes, pens and more.

Paints are stored under a vintage cake keeper hand painted with my cottage roses.
Creamer and tea light holder house more tube paints
of oils and watercolors all on this large vintage turn table.

To the end of the wall, past the work table I have stacked old and odd pieces of furniture 
creating a storage wall unit. All painted cottage cream.
To the cabinet door and drawers I have used
chalk board paint and stick on labels.
Sewing drawers and vintage storage bins tuck in
here and there to form lots of little places to keep
supplies in easy reach.

French graphics and verses inspire everyday.

This chest of drawers below was created a few years ago by adding toile papers to
each drawer with trim all around and painted cottage cream. The chest was an 80 percent off piece
 from Hobby Lobby because it had a crack on
one of the drawers, which was covered with the papers.
It worked perfect and you would never know the crack is there.

Across the room I have another work area that overlooks roses just outside the window.
They were not in bloom the day I took this pic, but full of buds.
This vintage chair I just re-created using  fabric from my laundry sewing room redo. Giving it a~
Time to Create theme!
The treasure pillow is also one I created some time ago.

 The weather turns really hot here in the summer, it's Texas you know~
And, since this is part of the garage and not part of the homes AC, I have a window AC unit which keeps this room almost too cold.
For the winter months, I added  this sweet decorative and functional heater by Dura Flame last fall.
It has the glow of a pretty flame and throws heat if needed.
It makes the room cozy for creating and toasty warm.
Right now in July it's 100 degrees
and the AC is a blessing!

The entry wall has my desk where I do all the computer work and also holds
printers, and more storage with files underneath the counter.

Shelves above the desk hold more boxed storage
with a few treasures that inspire me each day.

The vintage White House painting above the desk is a puzzle turned painting. My son made this for me many years ago.  It is the famous 1914 John Ross Key painting
of the White House with roses on the front lawn.

The box storage units on this shelf with spools for handles are created from old fencing. My son made these for me with scraps when he got a new fence at his home. I still would like to decorate them and will in the future.

This large distressed ceiling tile sits on my easel when not is use.
It displays cards and tags from near and far friends.
Behind the easel is 3 large storage closets that house lots of storage
shown below.
To the left is long key designed ribbon holding family pics
with graphics on toile papers.

These large closets are directly across the room from my desk and covers the original garage door which has been sealed closed,
 but can open if needed.
They are painted cottage cream or my favorite honeysuckle bloom.
Inside they hold lots of storage.
The many art books I have studied with over the years,
supplies, paints, tools and more.

Jewelry hanging bag holds little treasures for creating.

  I use lazy Susan's on the shelves for easy access to supplies.

Art books galore~
It is organized, even if it looks like a mess.
Well maybe it's an organized mess! LOL

To the end of these closet units,
 I have 2 stacked drawer units in white with
vintage graphics in the drawers to mark what they hold.
They sit atop more drawers filled
with more inspirational design books.

Cork inspiration board and vintage lace for handy use.

Crocheted lace, all created by my grandmother.
I love to use them for photo shoots.

 Above the closets are more decorative storage of supplies
 and treasures ready for redesign and display.
White, burlap and natural tones fill this space.
You can see the garage door mechanics in the background painted
white to sort of go away.

 I have tried to use the room to the best advantage
 going up for storage and utilizing the most of the
square footage.

Below are more pictures sharing touches around the space
high up and eye level.

White House photographers took this photo and Mrs. Bush sent two of them to my hubby and I with
her letter of thanks for that day.
The other hangs in Larry's office at his work.

These invitations in 98 and 04 were made possible as a member with the Society of Decorative Painters.
My work was juried before the invite.

Toile fabric below is cut for my desk and placed under
a heavy clear desk blotter.

Canisters for rolls of tulle.

Pretty lamp shade wrapped in tulle for a new look
with trims and lace flower to finish this redesign.
Great to do for an old shade and the tulle is one dollar from
The Dollar Tree.

Cozy creating in the evening.

When I am designing and painting,
most of the time I am standing.
For this to work,
I have added bed risers to my table to raise
it to around waist high.
See them in the lower right corner of the above pic~

 Two faux candle chandelier's hang together
with crystals and wood butterfly.

The  long cottage white curtains are embroidered
in a gorgeous flower design.
They tie back or hang loose.

Remember when I painted my work chairs last year?
You can do this you know.
Paint, seal and that's it.
No special paint needed although flat house paint works best on the surface.
Seal when dry with a water base varnish.
I like to add a new coat of varnish every couple years or touch ups if needed.

So glad you could join me today and spend some time in my studio.
This creative space lets me,
dream, create, design and remember where I started so long ago
at the kitchen table.
  The joys of being a long time member of the National Society of Decorative Painters.

Many cottage roses later, a lot has changed.
 But change is good and necessary to grow.

I am so thankful for my many blessings.
The greatest of those, my walk in faith,
my family, great friends
and the joy of being blessed to create and work from my home
studio doing what I love and was called to share.

Each day brings something new
and finding that time to create
is like breathing.
Just have to do it!

More fun in new directions.

Making friendships who inspire and encourage.

Always with my love of roses and forever bringing that to a surface with paint.

Thank you for visiting this year once again.
I look forward to traveling around blogland to
visit you, your spaces that inspire me, and
 your talents that always amaze.

Have fun and enjoy the party.

 Where Bloggers Create
July 12th 2013

Celestina Marie

p.s. thank you Karen~


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