Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sheet Music Goose Egg

Hi Friends~
Is it spring yet??
By the end of the week
our calendars will number the first day of spring.
But will the thermometers  read warmer temps?
I sure hope so.
I know we are all ready, Right??
In the meantime,
Easter is about a month away and later in the season this year.
I like when Easter is in April giving way for more
creative time and warmer days.
My studio is buzzing with spring fun and recently I found a
paper mache goose egg to design.
This style does not open. I wish it did.
It is a large 7" wide and 6" tall oval egg.
I was so excited to start on this piece, I forgot to get a before pic.
But I covered the entire egg with sheet music and glitter.
Then added trims of vintage lace, tulle, pearls, rose buds, ribbons, little gems,
painted leaves and added a sweet removable wooden Easter tag.
All the trims are in shades of ivory, white and tan
with vintage crocheted lace.
I painted silk leaves ivory.

Sheet music with lots of glitter.

The tag is a sweet Easter Graphic from
and removable after Easter.
I created the tag from wood and painted it old white
with glitter on the flowers.
These round eggs stand best in a nest of Spanish moss or Easter grass.
Here I have set the egg in moss on a candle stand.
This spring decoration will soon be on the shelves in my etsy shoppe.
I had fun working with this one  but I would love to find a large egg
that opens to fill with treats or a little gift.
This goose egg however makes a sweet centerpiece.
That's all for today friends.
My brushes are calling from the studio
and I better get back to my work  fun!!
Until next time,
Southern DayDreams!
Celestina Marie
Happy Spring!! 

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