Saturday, May 16, 2015

This,That and The Other

Hi Friends.
Hope you're enjoying a good weekend.

Today I'm sharing a bit of this and that sharing
no particular subject just pics from everyday life.

After a recent storm,
the next morning we woke to find this visitor swimming in the pool.

I couldn't believe it, this gorgeous Mallard Duck flew in for a swim.

He looked just like a decoy at first till we saw his little webbed feet paddling away
and he quaked loudly.
He stayed for awhile, then flew up and out of the water over the fence and on his way again.

In all our years here we have never had a duck stop by for a swim.
I'm still amazed.

Here's  BellaMoo with her new wreath collar of ivy.
You may remember when I got this beauty and shared the post 

Well I shopped for a boxwood wreath on line and in stores and they were way over priced
so I made my own wreath but purchasing a small leaf, ivy garland half off at Hobby Lobby.
For 5 dollars, I created this neck wreath rather then purchase one for 95 dollars or more.

Here's another little visitor watching me while I tended to my roses the other day.
He sat for the longest time watching till he took the leap and jumped off the brick retaining wall.

Here's a quick chalk board project.
I painted a large old silver serving tray with chalk board paint.
Let dry, primed and placed it on the top of the fridge.
I see this every morning to greet my day.

That's it, for a little of this and that.

I hope you find

Today is a Good Day
A Good Day.

See you next time,
Celestina Marie

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