Monday, November 12, 2012

Creating a French Pillow

Happy Monday Friends, Today I have a French pillow design to share using a plain brocade style quilted pillow I created from scrap fabric.
Next you will need a plain fabric doily. I had this one in my stash and it measured perfect for this size pillow that will be sewn in place when complete.
Then you will need a Chartpak Clear Marker. I purchased mine on line from Amazon.
Also needed is a Pitt Artist Pen found at most art shops.
You will also need a french graphic or other style wording. I found this one from The Graphics Fairy. Print the design in reverse on a laser printer. Ink Jet will not work. Now, placing the design in reverse, pin over the doily on the right side placed on a piece of cardboard for a sturdy surface. Using the chartpak marker, burnish over the graphic words till all is transferred. Avoid lifting off the doily as it may move and will be impossible to place on again. After dry, lift off graphic and the design will be transferred to the fabric doily.
Now you can call it finished at this point if you want a faded look and sew all around the doily in place on the pillow or you can go over the graphic words like I did using the Pitt pen to make it a bit darker. I went over the letters leaving some of the shading in place for a time worn look.
French Pillow Complete. Quick, Easy and Fun! And, I might add, the chartpak clear marker can be used on wood too transferring graphics to furniture and more. Light colors work best and again, the transfer must be printed using a Laser Printer.
Thank you for stopping by. Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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