Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TV Cabinet Makeover

When I had my booth in an antique mall several years ago,
I came across this awesome Ethan Allen
TV cabinet for our master bedroom.
This piece was a great price and in excellent like new condition.
With it's original dark walnut wood this piece was a gorgeous find with plenty of
storage space in the drawers and drop down desk.
I knew I would paint it at some point and that time came last year when we gave this room and bath a makeover.
Original cabinet.
Staring with brush in hand, I hand painted and distressed the cabinet with a flat water based paint.
The color is pecan sandie, the same paint I used in the laundry makeover.
This cabinet seemed to come alive with it's brighter finish.
The TV doors are lined with a mesh metal covering.
These can be covered with fabric and I have done that
at one time too.
I left the crown original and you will see why in a minute.
Now to the drop down desk, where you see my initials,
I decided to add a graphic.
Using a Tracer Projector,
I picked a graphic from the Graphics Fairy
and centered it in place using the projector.

With the lights in the room off or very low,
the design will show up on your project to be decorated.
Here's the projection
 and enlarged to the size I want
by setting the Tracer at a distance to achieve that size.
At this point I lightly trace over the design with a pencil.
Once the design is complete, I hand paint the design with black acrylic paint.
Here is the completed painting.

With the cabinet open for TV viewing.
Across the room is the bed and dresser with wood tone top.
This is why I left the cabinet crown dark.
I never like to have everything totally matchy, so I do have accent pieces in this space as well.
The bed quilt at the foot of the bed is reversible with black and cream stripes on one side
and toile shells and beach theme on the other.
The window above the bed has always been a challenge to work with
and the room can't  be moved a different way due to the door going out to the patio.
So I raised the window treatment and rods higher above the window to cover the window completely then
adding the iron header and side vintage arches under the sconces.
 Finally a solution for these
eyebrow windows.
The room still has lots of light from 4 more windows and door in the sitting area to the right.

I also painted the sky on the ceiling and clouds.
It is nice to wake up to the sky above.
The room  shares space with the master bath
which also got a makeover and lighter look.

Well, that's it~
I decorated both with back toile and cream adding aqua for the summer months.
The before and after Ethan Allen cabinet
with the help of a little paint and french label.

For the Tracer projector,
I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
This one was about 29.99 and I used my 40% off coupon.
It takes a 75 watt light bulb, not included .
With some practice and experimenting with positioning,
you can trace nearly anything.
You could also use a sharpie pen to fill in the design.
I love the paint process
and find it relaxing.
Have a great day.
Happy Creating.
Celestina Marie











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