Monday, January 25, 2016

Living Room Winter Refresh!

As I've been sharing~
it's been a season of
clean out, reorganize and refreshing my Texas cottage.

Like so many of you in your homes,
 January has brought about change.

I shared a few changes in my living room last week
now this is the rest of that story.

It all started with the moving of two chairs.
Making a swap from my living room
to a guest room and so forth.

Anyway, not to go over that post again,
I'll just say,
The pictures will share the new look.

Adding red by bringing in a vintage red plaid chair
I brought down from the second floor
gave me the opportunity to add red.

This chair was one I had custom designed 
when we lived in Ohio over 20 years ago.
It's  a sturdy well built very comfortable chair.
It's been in my red guestroom which has now changed too.
All about that another day.

Starting with the mantel,
the winter freshen up begins with my winter banner.
I simply turned around the Gather banner and stenciled the new letters.

Adding geraniums in winter? Why not~
It brings in the color.

Birds and their house, perching here for the season.

Vintage books from the 20's help to bring in a bit of red.

Old architectural elements fill a metal basket on the hearth.
The old ceiling tin  has a little saying my grandmother used to sing to me.
"I love you
a bushel and a peck
and a hug around the neck"
Love this treasures.

Tall Lavender fills a basket and brings in a touch of nature.

Moving around the room, 
touches of red blend here and there with black 
and winter whites.
It's working with red and I am loving it once again in our living space.

Burlap with red roses says winter with the hope of springtime to follow.

High on a old pillar is another sweet bird.

This water fountain urn was made by my mother many years ago.
I love to change this out with the season.
Hydrangeas have arrived early
 and give me hope for mine to bloom
 better this year
then last.

Another bird takes his home behind the glass in this frame.
A painting I did in a study last year. 

Winter whites soften the new look.

This dear garden girl watches and waits for spring.

A little red with Le Poulet
Paris Pillow. 

Music always close by.

Yes, the red plaid chair is working.

And, in the pattern of the plaid 
is a small square of dark aqua.
Could that be more perfect for when I add a touch of aqua this summer?
I ask you, why didn't I bring this chair here before?

Well, it's here now and enjoy it I will.

Have you been making changes this season?

Thanks for coming by.

Have a great week
and see you soon 
as I am getting back from
The Silo's at Fixer Upper on HGTV.

Happy Birthday to my Best Guy!!
Celestina Marie

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