Monday, September 24, 2012

New Look for an Old Friend

Happy Monday Blog Friends, After a wonderful weekend, it is time to start a new week and join the fun all week long at, From the Cottage Craft Room brought to you by Etsy Cottage Style. While on a weekend treasure stop, I found a gorgeous queen size hand crocheted bedcover. Oh it is beautiful and in perfect condition. In fact, it was just what I was looking for to use as a chair cover. Just look at this pretty rose design.
In my studio you might recall when I shared a comfy cozy chair. It is a tan color and I have had it for a bedroom chair for years. When I added it to the studio it needed a little shabby twist so I added some crochet pieces that I had while thinking I would hunt for just the right larger crocheted treasure to cover it better. Well that day arrived and just look how the redesign turned out. Here is the Before Chair. I might say it is very comfortable and does also recline, but not a large style recliner. More of a ladies chair size and fits perfect in my studio for reading or taking a break. Well, breaks are far and few between, but whenever, I have the spot ready! LOL
Here is the After Chair covered with the beautiful crocheted treasure. I wrapped and fit using the design as a guide. No cutting or sewing, just two large safety pins hidden on the sides. It can easily be removed for washing or using in another way, which happens a lot with me~~~
What do you think? Pretty and french chic yes? Shabby and cozy? Here is pic with a couple added pillows and the spot it lives in my studio.
Thank you for stopping by and your comments. Visit Etsy Cottage Style Blog to see what others have been up to in their cottage studios. See you next time. Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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