Monday, May 23, 2016

Vintage Chair Makeover for the Garden

Hi Friends.
Two years ago I found this great vintage chair
on a junkin trip!!

I could not believe my luck when I found this treasure.
It was just what I was looking for to makeover for the garden holding a potted flower.

It is sturdy, has great details and just the right size.

So I began the makeover
by taking out the seat
which revealed a perfect size opening to hold a flower pot!!

Next I gave the chair a dry brushing
with honeysuckle bloom.
I wanted the old finish to show through
and look distressed at the same time.
I used a large stencil brush for the dry brushing.

Love the design.

Look how the details in the carving really pops with this technique!

The opening fit a flower pot perfectly.

And here it is in my garden.
A coat of varnish so it will last
in the elements and enjoy!

I've moved it around several times,
which seems to happen in the garden.

As plants and flowers grow,
makeovers and rearranging  takes place.

Recently I added a straw hat from the dollar store.
Picked up a few faux flowers also from the dollar store,
hot glued them on the brim in a pleasing arrangement.
I added a little nail to the top of the hat to hold it in place when it's windy.

Have a great new week.
I'll be in the studio swinging my paint brushes!

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