Friday, January 4, 2013

Project Check List and All it's Parts~

January brings lists for me. Lots of "to do" lists with home projects to start or complete.
Once the Christmas decorations are put away, all the dozens of plastic tubs full, labeled and neatly stacked in the attic,  I pull out my list and begin.
Before the holiday, I finally repainted another room.  I love the color I used called Heirloom Lace and after two coats with primer, it was complete.
Now was the time to decorate. The fun part. Using what I have part. Repainting some treasures part and reflecting on the past as I remember where and when I found some of the pieces that will continue to live in this room part.
First off,
this room has been cottage white for many years,
but I went a bit lighter for the walls and lightened up the accessories too.

The dresser was a great find from an antique shop in Indiana.
I have always loved the tilted mirror and the distress.
The weather is really cold,

 but the fresh linens give inspiration for

 warmer days to return.
This wardrobe was found in an old downtown antique shop in the early 90's.

I loved that shop, but it has gone out of business.
I painted this treasure an antique ivory white and added a cascade of roses.
It's all in the details for the cozy part,
 and reflecting on wonderful memories for the
 heartfelt part.
Now I want to be a guest in this room.
Do you?
Are you working on a project check list?
You probably realize by now, I am never finished with my redesigns. I know you do the same!
But that's the fun part right?
 Let's see, what else is on my list?
Oh yes, can't wait to start some more painting.
What are you working on this winter?
  I have more to share while on my shoppe break.
So much for the rest I thought I would take.
See you soon.
Have a great weekend.
Celestina Marie

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