Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rare Find Print and Beautiful 88's

Happy Wednesday Blog Friends,

Hope you are enjoying a good week.  I am busy here like most weeks  and beginning to enjoy much warmer days in the Lone Star State.  Temps are nearing the 90's but the ozone levels are high making it hazardous at times.  What to do when it gets like this? Well, stay in the studio and enjoy creating of course.

On my misson with home redos, we are making great progress and nearing the final updates. I am having so much fun and with the help of my dear guy, the work is moving right along. 

Last year I found this great print from Floral Artist, Paul de Longpre 1896. It is considered a yard long and fits perfectly above a sofa.  I have shared this treasure in the past when I first found it, but I gave the frame an update with cottage cream paint, a little light distress and re-hung over the sofa. 

When I spotted this rose beauty, in one of my favorite antique markets, it had a price tag of 10 dollars.  I couldn't believe it and asked one of the sales associates, if I was reading that right.  Certainly a few zeros were missing. No, the price is 10 dollars. WHAT!?!  I had that print in my hands so fast it would make your head spin.  What a rare find. Not a thing wrong with it either. No damage, just perfect under glass and perfect for my updated living room that I had been planning and gathering treasures for over the past year.

When I came home, I looked it up on the Internet and the same rose print was selling for 300 dollars. Score for sure. Even the matte was beautiful and included the gorgeous frame.
This week I worked to make another dream redo happen. My piano got a face lift.  Built in 1964, I can still remember my parents making a huge sacrifice for me to have this beauty.  I was just a little girl and after years of lessons and learning on an old upright, my parents purchased her new and gorgeous.   My mother played the piano too, so we would both enjoy this beautiful string instrument for now nearly 50 years.

Here she is in her original ( THE BEFORE) look. What you can not see from the pic is the wood stain had faded over the years and began to have a dull finish. In spite of my great care, age was beginning to show. We have moved many times and this piano has traveled with me to many a home.  The keys are still in excellent condition and the entire piano is created from wood. Today pianos are designed using particle board and do not have the pretty sound a solid wood piano has. 
Now (THE AFTER)  new look.  I just love it in a soft cottage cream and a very light distress.  She looks brand new and sounds better then ever.  We are really pleased with the way it adds to the room and brightened up the space.

The cottage cream just warms the room and what a difference it made. Maybe the next 50 years will be as pleasant for my treasure as the first 50.  I sure hope so.  I have a few more treasures to repurpose for the redo and then it will be time to enjoy the work and I will share the rest with you too. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I enjoy each and every comment and look forward to visiting you back too. Have a great day and blessings always.

Hugs, Celestina Marie
p.s. I want to add how I struggled for months on painting my piano. It was difficult to make this decision. But in the end, I found it did not take away from the memories at all and I know my mother and dad would love it too.  I am happy and thankful for giving my treasure a new life.

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