Friday, November 7, 2014

Creating a Snowy White Winter Wreath

Last Christmas when I was on a visit to Rachel Ashwell's,
The Prairie in Roundtop, Texas,
I saw a pretty wreath in the dining room I knew I wanted to try and create.

To design  this one you will need~
White styrofoam ring.
I used a 14' in size, but you can use larger or smaller.
Three white feather boas,
Silver ribbon, white cottage roses with added glitter
and hot glue.
White wire and pearl topped straight pins.

I simply hot glued and wrapped the boas around the ring.
Just add some hot glue every few wraps to hold in place
pulling tight as you go around.

I used silver wire ribbon to form a bow for the bottom
and tied it on with white wire along with hot glue and pearl topped straight pins
to hold in place.
I left the pins in place as you really don't see them tucked among the boa and ribbon.

I tucked in two large fluffly white cottage roses that I tipped with glitter around each petal.

I added more wire at the top for hanging
by simply wrapping it around the ring and forming a circle.
You don't see the wire as it gets lost in the snowy feather boa.

That's it!
White and snowy,

Quick and Easy.

You could use any color feather boas, ribbon and flowers.
I just think the white looks wintry.

Think you might try this?
Have fun!!

See  you next time.
Celestina Marie

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