Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Ice Block Presents and Bottle Art.

Welcome to my studio blog friends.
Today I have a little project for you making ice block presents for decorations under the tree or outside on the porch, windows etc. Easy to make and looks so festive. The skies the limit to how you can decorate these as well as colors used glitter etc.

For mine I used glass medium for a frosted look on clear glass and merely brushed it on the glass and let dry.

Glass medium gives glass, ceramic or other slick surfaces some tooth for paint to stick and found again at craft or art shops. I was not going to paint these, but the frosted look hides the light stings inside as well. It also helps the glitter to stick better.

The blocks I used are found at most art shoppes and the holes are already drilled and ready for adding the light strings inside. I used white light stings so they don't show and blend with the outer surface. A variety of sizes make it more interesting too and also available.

If you use glass blocks without the holes, using a drill bit designed to use on glass etc. works well. Just be sure to drill carefully and slowly so as not to break the glass. Moving the drill too quick can cause the glass to break.

After the medium is dry, add the light strings, glitter, ribbons etc. Plug in and that's it. The light strings can join together if you have more then one like I show here. I do not recommend more then 3 strings joined together for safety. Also, the light stings with 20 to 50 lights work best. Any more and the glass may get too hot. They will be warm anyway, but not an issue and will not break the glass.

Another festive idea is one I am sure you have seen at art fairs and markets. This one is wine bottle art, or if you don't have wine bottles, any other style of bottle will work large enough to accommodate a string of lights.

This looks so festive on a kitchen counter, snack bar or sideboard. Again to am empty, rinsed and dry bottle, drill a hole using a ceramic/glass drill bit in the bottom of the bottle backside. Some bottles has double glass in the bottom so be careful not to break the glass.

Again using light strings around 20-50 works best. For electric lights, leave the stopper or cork off to let any heat escape. You can let it decoratively hang off the top with wire if you like. For mine I used a battery box set of lights from the company Bethlehem Lights to design and display without a plug or electical outlet. The battery box, stands narrow and right behind the bottle so you don't see it when displayed.

To the bottle neck I added grapes and a black with Greek Key ribbon to finish.

Lots of ideas can be created with this art form. For the shabby rose designs I will be offering this after the holidays with white lights and frosted bottles of different styles with roses. Pretty to use year round in cozy home decor and night time ambiance.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are nearly ready for Christmas.
See you again soon.

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