Friday, May 30, 2008


We've had a lot of rain here in the Lone Star State, and it really helps, because before long, we will be wishing for rain to quench the thirst of our pretty gardens.
It has already hit temps in the 80's and 90's with today predicted to reach near 100 degrees. Last weekend, I took a garden stroll to visit my arty garden friends and flowers. Everything is in bloom and enjoying the spring rains. With camera in hand, I took some pictures to share with you. Please ya'll come join me in my Texas garden!

Mister Jeans~ isn't this the cutest garden frog? My Mother designed him many years ago and he sits in my garden among the bushes on an old chair to greet anyone who walks by.

I like to take old pots or other interesting containers to plant in. This old pot holds red begonias.

This large archway is home to a thornless Carolina Yellow Mini Rose. It did not bloom this season. Sometimes it skips a spring. Right next to this is our monster Southern Magnolia Tree. It is loaded with buds. I hope to get some pictures soon when it really starts to bloom. Below you can see how large it is by looking at the garden chairs in front.

It's 80 degrees! Miss Beazy has her eye on the water! I know she is ready for a swim. Okay here she goes! Fetching, her favorite play day in the pool!

My new addition, a French cottage garden bike. Looks like my frog friend found a seat to watch the day go by! The white gardenias are in bloom for the first time since I planted them two years ago. So excited!!

Sweet momma bunny and her 3 little babies. This treasure was a gift from my dear hubby 17 years ago. Made from ceramic and hand painted, the bunnies look so real and guests have stopped many times in surprize!

Well, that's all friends. So happy you could visit some of my garden and take a walk with me. Think I'll sit back in the sun on this big rock and rest awhile. See you again soon!
Blessings always, Celestina

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Rachael over at The Rose Room is having a party in honor of her 100Th post! She has 2 requests to join the fun. Show a picture of where we blog and answer 10 simple questions! This party is going to be so fun and she designed it to help us all get to know each other a little better.

Congratulations Rachael on your 100Th post! I wish you many blessings and hundreds more!
Here is my cozy studio space where I blog, email, work on boutique offerings and spend a lot of time. I also use my lap top anywhere around my home when I am relaxing and stopping in to say hello to all my blog friends.

Now for the questions!
RELATIONSHIP?~ Married to my best friend for 35 years coming this August 11Th.
CHILDREN?~ Wonderful, handsome and amazing son!
PETS?~ Darling golden retriever named Miss Beazy Lee!
AGE?~ I forgot, I think it is 29 again! LOL!
STAR SIGN?~ Pisces
FAVE FOOD?~ Italian
HOME DECOR STYLE?~ Mix of Cottage Tuscan, French, and Vintage Shabby
COLLECTIONS?~ Dishes, angels, shoes, bird figurines, thimbles, pitchers, tea pots, bells, Santa's, blue and white dishes,books,vintage doilies,vintage jewelry, painted trays,boxes,quilts, aprons and the list could go on, but I can't think of anymore at the moment!
HOW DID YOU COME TO BLOG?~ Connie from PRH and Living Beautifully encouraged me and helped me get started!

Now wasn't that fun? Stop over to The Rose Room and wish Rachael a happy 100Th post and join the fun!
Till next time! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!
Blessings, Celestina

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Today I received a "Just Because" gift from "Scrappy Jessi", I just have to share with you my new goodies. Jessi so kindly blessed me with some special treasures after visiting my studio post.

Just look at the gorgeous goodies that came out of the box. Wrapped in black toile paper was a sweet eye candy surprise. Wow!! as I untied the ribbon to reveal a gorgeous black and white apron, I was just ohing and ahing! It is just an awesome apron and looks beautiful added to my others on the studio door.

Well, here are the pics. Thank you Jessi. I loved this Friday surprise. You are so kind and giving and I will cherish these pretties and enjoy them everyday! Go check out her blog in my favorites to the right side bar below.

Just look at this gorgeous apron! I love it and it looks wonderful with my others on the eye candy studio door.

This darling hang tag could be me when I was little. I used to sit at my desk and doodle for hours making designs thinking WHAT TO DO! Perfect tag for me Jessi! Love it!

Isn't this pin, to the left on the polka dot card cute? I will add that to the apron.

Too cute card!

Paris chic designer tissues with a tin full of rose pastilles hard candy. Oh are they yummy!!

The studio door has a new addition with my other lovely aprons.

Thanks again Jessi for the thoughtful and generous gift.

Hope to see you all again soon with my Vignettes in High Places post. I really wanted to have it this week, but you know time gets away from us sometime, and well, it just didn't happen. But it is on the way! Should dust first, but well, that doesn't always happen either! LOL!!Till then, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. And,let us all remember the meaning of the Memorial Day and honor those passed before us either by war or other partings. May they all rest in peace till we meet again!
Blessings always, Celestina

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Friday, May 16, 2008


Today Brenda from The Brenda Blog is having a tour of our spaces Where Bloggers Create. I have shared my studio redesign last spring, so these pictures are from then and I hope you enjoy the tour. Be sure to click on the link to visit other great spaces. Welcome to my studio where this blogger creates and thank you Brenda for hosting this fun tour!

Last summer 2007 I was thinking of redecorating my art studio to make it more organized but inspiring at the same time. As I was working out the details, I picked up the Romantic Country Magazine #88 and low and behold on page 82 was my answer. The gorgeous black toile office designed by FiFi O'Neill. As I drooled over the pages over and over again I knew I had the inspiration for my studio's new look.

I have always loved black toile and had lots of accessories already from a kitchen design in toile that I changed to a Tuscan look. And yes, redecorating is something I do every 4-5 years or sooner. Can't help this, the interior decorator in me has to make changes. Anyway, the black toile treasures where boxed away just waiting to be used again. So with ideas in mind and inspiration from the article, I began to design my vision.

My art studio is actually a 3rd car garage that my husband converted for me about 12 years ago to be my studio/office. It has served me well with plenty of room and one wall of windows that gives me plenty of light and a place to look out and day dream between brush strokes. This cozy room is home for my desk, computer, file cabinets and plenty of storage with shelves and cubbies for organizing my paints and supplies.

I can spend late nights in my studio and often do. I had to make it comfortable and stylish since I spend so much time here. Even hubby likes to work at my desk now and then while I paint. My sweet golden retriever, Miss Beazy, also enjoys this room and has her very own cushion under the table all designed for her comfort while I work.

I started with a neutral background and built the room from that point. Since the room is so busy with stuff, it needed the neutral walls and cabinets to anchor the room. I loved the desk toile skirt that Fifi had in her office so I decided that element would work for me as well, to hide the supplies and clutter when needed. I did add a little accent of pink here and there for interest and of course the girly girl in me.

It was fun and very inexpensive since I had most everything except the large amount of fabric for the skirt, which I might add, is attached with Velcro for easy removable when I am busy. Little by little the room came to a finish and I enjoy it so much. Below are pictures of the room and a few accents.

This is a picture of a black toile altered art treasure made by Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage. It is framed in white and graces my desk! I love it Amy, thank you!

My chic canvas painting over the work area that is home to the printer, TV and accessories.

Door eye candy~~I love aprons and these darlings hang on the back of my studio door. The rose and black was made by Connie of Living Beautifully, Rose Porch Designs. I love it Connie and thank you so much!

The shabby pink chair was the last one left from my grandmother's dining room in the 20's. Isn't it a dream? The sweet poodle and toile pillow was made by a very talented sewer that sells on ebay. Contact me for her name if you would like to peek at her goodies. The Blessed pillow was a gift from my hubby.

The picture that tops my cabinets is my hubby and I with Laura Bush at the White House Christmas 2004 when I was invited to hand paint ornaments for the Blue Room Christmas Tree. She was so wonderful to send us one for my office and also my hubbies office with a thank you letter.

Lastly, above the wall of windows I have painted the phrase my Father once said to me, "Find what you love to do and you will never work another day of your life."

It is such a blessing to work from your own home and I am very grateful for this 3rd car garage redesign. Little by little by stuff is taking over. Poor hubby says he only has the shed! LOL!! Thank you for letting me share my creative space with you and thank you to Fifi O'Neill for the inspirational Romantic Country Magazine feature. I would love to see your creative rooms. Till next time, blessings always!

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