Sunday, December 7, 2008


Welcome to my Christmas home tour part one. Not a lot of reading, just sharing pictures of decor for the holiday season. We are all so busy right now, so I thought it would be fun just to look at the pictures and relax.

Cozy spot to read Merry and Bright from Country Living!
Santa lights the way.
Rose Coat Santa~ this gorgeous treasure is the newest in my Santa collection. He wears a brown velveteen coat that has embroidered roses on each side. He holds a lighted tree, present, ornament and a pair of my hand painted wooden skates.
Antiqued Manger Collection, hand painted by my Mother~1978

Dining room hutch, topped with large ornaments under bell jars, evergreen garland and large red roses with pinecones.

Tuscan style tree with reds, coppers, travel collected ornaments, handmade snowflakes and gorgeous red roses throughout! Topped with a star from Norway given to me by Randi from "In My Mother's Name"
Hand painted Santa made from wood and stands 24" tall.
Snowflake Stocking. The snowflake was made by a dear friend's mother, many years ago.

Stone bird holds a tea light with Christmas trims.
Gorgeous Cardinal plate, a gift from my dear friend Lorri.
Hand painted profile Santa made from 2X4 wood and trims.
Table centerpiece with large platter, assortment of sugared fruit, magnolia cones from my garden, ornaments, berries and centered with hand painted stained glass votive holder.

Bell jar on cake pedestal filled with vintage ornaments from the 1940's. The outer edge of the cake plate serves Christmas cookies. The tree plates handmade by my Mother 1978.

Baking Santa!
Vintage Cookies Baking Book.
Vintage Christmas aprons handmade by my Grandmother in the 1940's. They make a darling display on the back of the kitchen door. Needlepoint sign made by my Mother.
Thank you for visiting part one of my tour. I have lots more to share, so I invite you back soon. Till then, I hope your holiday is joyous and the season full of Christmas cheer. Blessings, Celestina Marie.
please note* my header banner is a bowl of vintage ornaments from the 1940's and displayed in a vintage bowl.


Kris said...

Celeste, Everything is beautifully decorated. I love your mix of christams themes throughout your house and outside. Beautiful home and a beautiful host. Thanks for sharing.


Amanda said...

Hi Aunt Celeste,

Wonderful decorations, as always! The tree looks beautiful and I love the manger handpainted by your Mom. Hope that you are all well and enjoying the holiday season. I'm getting ready to head home on Dec 17 for Christmas, with Brian. Miss you and send lots of love!

Mary said...

Celeste, your home is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing your artistry. The manger pieces handpainted by your mother are precious, so beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing more. Have a wonderful Monday!!

Gone said...

Oh my...Celeste...everything is BEAUTIFUL!! I loved taking a peek into your home!


Connie said...

Lovely as always, honey! It's always a treat to view your home and see it so decorated.

Maria said...

Meu nome é Maria e sou uma fã do seu blog. Todos os dias eu faço uma visita a ele. Você tem me servido de inspiração. Parabéns. Ah! sua decoração de Natal está maravilhosa!!!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh Celeste your home is so festive and beautiful!
Thank you for taking us on your christmas tour!

I have a box here with your name on it! I have to email you,!!!

Hugz, Dolly

SweetAnnee said...

Oh it is just divine
Love it
So glad to have found your bloggy
fondly, Deena

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Celeste,so beautiful. I really like the pinecones and berries. I love when you post because it is such an inspiration. I'm just starting to decorate, so it will be awhile until I post Christmas decor!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Celeste!! I think your home at the holidays is just stunning! Absolutely dreamy!! Each picture just gets better & better ~ truly magazine worthy! You have such an eye for decorating. Your mother's & grandmother's treasures are so appealing to me, from the nativity scene to the aprons & vintage ornaments! I've enlarged each picture & will come back & pour over them some more soon!!

BTW, I LOVE your newest Santa!! He is adorable! Is he in your front entry? I've got to call Mother & send her your link so she can drool, too! :0)

Much Love,
Angelic Accents

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hello good to hear from you. Oh, I have looked at your decorations 3 times...I love everything...your Santa's are fantastic. I am assuming you made quite a few of them. I love Santa's and Snowmen! Can't wait to see more. Have a wonderful week!

Angela said...

Your tree looks so FULL of beautiful ornaments. Can you come and do mine??

I was thinking about you this morning. !! As hubby was stapling the snowflakes on the daycare childrens wooden snowmen they they would look like snowmen angels, the idea I found here...((hugs))

Ginny said...

Everything looks beautiful! I have some vintage ornaments like the ones you featured on your banner. In fact, I have some exactly like them. Thanks for showing pictures. I think you are very talented. ginny

Angela said...

You've won an award,,go and lookie!!

Unknown said...

Oh Celeste, what a magnificent home. Your Christmas touches are so lovely. Each room is a feast for the eyes. I am going to write about your gorgeous home tour on my blog this week. Blessings, Karen

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Celeste! wow! your house is beautifully decorated!.. thanks for sharing and I am still wow at the pictures!.. Have a great week!.xoxo

Lori said...

What a wonderful tour! The photo of the mantel and two doorways was so special! I love all the vintage pieces and the wonderful placement of everything you spent so much time on! Now if only I could get mine all out!!!! Happiest of Holidays dear! Lori

Jennifer said...

Celeste,I just love you christmas decor everything looks so beautful.I really love seeing your tree through the window and the front door entrance so elegant looking!I really love your manger set of your moms and all the things you have of hers.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog.I miss you too!Thank you so much for the good wishes on Loli shops.I am loving it,and been waiting for a long time.Dutchess sends hugs to Beazy also.Have a Merry Christmas too!Hugs, Jennifer

vickie said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
Just beautiful Celeste.

Unknown said...

WOW, Celeste, that was truly AWE~inspiring! That has got to be one of the most beautifully decorated holiday homes I've ever seen! You are so fortunate to have such a lovely talent, lovely home and TIME to decorate is so beautifully. The warmth and love really shines through, too! :)

Mary said...

Hello Celeste, Thanks for stopping by:) Your home is lovely...Love all your Santas,also the manger scene and the wonderful aprons.I made my manger set in the 1980s, My cow and a few other pieces have a chip or repaired horn.(he gets to sit by the Angel:)Your Christmas layout page is so pretty.I guess I will have to learn how to do more designs some day. Have a great week. Big Hugs, Mary:)

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh wow!!! What lovely photos of your home...thank you for sharing!! Happy holidays to you!Laurie

Just Between Us Girls said...

My Dear Celeste,
It is always a delight to hear from you. How are you doing and your it healing nicely.
I hope you are taking very good care of yourself. I love all your decorating...amazing that you have so much accomplished. I love the view of the tree in the window and all your hand painted items and how cozy and warm your home looks.
Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for always stopping by with a kind word. You are the BEST!!
Pat said...

Simply gorgeous! Rachaelxo

Betzie said...

OH SO GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE LOVE IT ALL! You have inspired me to take some pics and share too to just find the time. I felt like I was looking in a Home Decorating Magazine looking at your photos...just so beautiful...and warm.
Hugs and enjoy the beauty of your home and the season every second!
Betzie xo

Unknown said...

Celestina,WOW!!!Jusy drop dead gorgeous,EVERYTHING,encluding the roaster wit its Xmas bow.You have such wonderful taste.
Keep a look out at the end of the week,If everything goes OK,I'm hoping to put a surprise up on my next post.Merry Christmas Marie Antionette

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Good morning! How wonderful of you to stop by today!

Your decorations are show-stoppingly gorgeous. With your music, I felt so Christmassy, a wonderful way to start the day.

Love your fabric window sill solution, too. We had painted window sills in the house we just moved out of, low to the floor, and they were always covered with kitty paw prints. We ended up broken-china mosaicing the ones in the "public" rooms -- just be sure to take a heavy-duty metal file and file off any sharp points if all your china pieces aren't perfectly flat. They were very pretty and always got lots of comments.

As for your question about work, I WISH I were done for the year! Well, I suppose I am mostly done -- all but one Christmas order is out, and that one is for purple flowers, not a color I work with a lot, so I've been practicing before taking brush to actual project.

But otherwise, I'm always working, if that is what we call it. Every time I walk in the garage and see another window, I have another idea. Your Monday Musings post kind of hit that nail on the head, too -- how wonderful to be able to work from home doing something we love.

Enjoy your beautiful decorations! Oh, and I LOVE your holiday blog header -- that doily is SCRUMPTIOUS! And so perfect with your vintage ornaments.

Warmly, Ronda

Unknown said...

Oh Celeste!! What a beautiful post! It made me hungry for Christmas! I LOVE your house so much. IT is the most beautiful and should be in a decorating magazine! I love how the fireplace is and then the two arched doors on each side! How pretty! Your decor is exquisite! I havent even started yet but you made me want to. I love the plates your mom made and the cake plate with cloche. The ornaments on your header are beautiful too! I have always wanted some like the one with the indents. SO pretty!

Love you sweetie,

Anonymous said...

Everything's so beautiful, Celeste. It must take you ages to put it all together. I especially love the view of the tree from outside the window! So welcoming!


renee ferguson said...

LOVE your Xmas decorations. Gosh, someday I want to be you.
For now, my house is a mess with step children and pets all around. My knitting and crafts are in progress but must be packed away before we travel next week. So in the meantime, its blogs like yours with wonderful fotos that will make my Christmas holiday a delight.
Thank you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How elegant! I loved your pictures and your beautiful home. I am astonished!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's nice to find your blog and enjoy your photos! I would like to add a link to your blog, too! Thanks!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Celestina!
Your holiday decorations are so beautiful! I just love everything. And your photography is so nice, I love the photo of the tree through the window, so warm and inviting.
I've been busy working part-time in retail but it's edging more towards full time right now! So my apologies if I don't make it by to see you. I don't want to miss your part II of your decor!!
Hope you have a fabulous holiday if I don't talk to you!!
Big hugs, Sherry

Unknown said...

Hi again Celeste, I wrote about your gorgeous post on my blog today with a link to here and your Etsy shop. Such a beautiful post for Christmas.
Blessings, Karen

Jessi Nagy said...

Hey sweets,

im coming over right now!
your house looks amazing!! just beautiful.
i love all the keepsakes, and vintage touches.
Thanks for stopping by, i haven't been here for a while.
Your blog looks amazing.


Cathy said...


I just love your home photos and the music! I have been thinking about you lately. Actually everyday when I sit at my kitchen table I look directly at my cupcake painting that I purchased from you on my wall next to all my favorite sweets. It ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and reminds me of how lucky I am to have found such absolutely amazing friends via blogging.

Thank you for being one of them! Have a great day.

xo Cathy

Natasha Burns said...

Oh my gosh Celeste! Everything is just so beautiful!!!!

Ruey said...

Oh Celeste~
What a beautiful Christmas blog you have shared! It is so warm and heartfelt.. I love it! I especially love the old ornaments and vintagy. I hope you have a blessed and joyful Christmas, dear friend!
xxxooo Ruth

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Celestina,
Thanks for your sweet comments about Emma.
Everything looks so beautiful in your home it's hard to know where to begin. You have many wonderful decorations. I love all the santas.
I have many wood ones that I have painted in the past. They are in a post, a few back. They have caulking for the beard and fur. They are done with oils. They were so much fun to do and some of my favorite pieces.
I can't wait to see the rest of the tour. I'll start posting some of mine this Fri.
Merrry Christmas!

randi K design said...

Hi Celeste! Your house is beautiful as it always is!! Sending you a hug, and wish I was there!

Sharon said...

It's so elegant, everything I have come to expect from you. The front door photo should grace the cover of some magazine, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour, sweetie! I think my mom made tree plates like those in the 70s, too!

~ Christmassy hearts ~

Eleanor said...

Popped over from Karen's to delight myself in your wonderful home and thank you for allowing us the tour. I am inspired! This weekend up go my decorations. It is midsummer here in south Africa so one has to adapt the Christmas decor to suit a sunny Christmas!

Vee said...

Lovely, lovely!

Visiting today from A Scrapbook of Inspiration. So glad that Karen sent me your way.

CIELO said...

Very beautiful and cozy home.... come share your "treasures" at our party, Dec 14th... come see! ;)


Anonymous said...

Good morning Celeste, Your decorations are so pretty. Thank you for giving us this lovely tour.

Ruth Welter said...

Celestina...I loved the home tour. All of your decorations are gorgeous!


Shirl said...

Hi Celeste, Everything in your home looks so pretty, right from the front door! Your nativity is just beautiful, so nice to have something that your Mother made! I love your Santa's and your tree looks so pretty from outside the window. I love to see that!
Love you! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Gerry said...

Your decorations are spectacular. Truly lovely! How special your nativity scene is. I have to it set on a sideboard? I have one that looks identical. Antique, oak, beveled glass, etc.

Happy Holidays.

Angela said...

I can't believe i missed the tour. The sled is just too cute. One of the goals for yard saling in May is to find one myself. You and I both have the same ceramic Christmas tree. Mine is sitting on the ledge by my bay window...

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