Thursday, June 11, 2009


When you live in the Lone Star State, you prepare for and realize, it comes with a bit of adventure now and then. Last night was such the case when a tornado came through our town.

We were having dinner with friends when we served up a twister too.
My gosh it was scary and happened so fast. We are okay with no major damage, just a lot of mess to clean up and outdoor furniture thrown about. However many in my neighborhood have their large Oak Trees down, roofs off, fences down and car damage.

Today more storms are on the way and it has not stopped raining yet. It rained all night in fact and our Miss Beazy stayed under the bed as she does not do well in bad weather. I have not taken any pictures of the area since I can not go out yet and it is still raining, plus Beaz freaking out if I try and leave. Poor baby!

In the meantime, I will keep busy in the studio. I love to paint when it rains. So cozy and inspiring to me. But first, I will share a few treats with you. These recipes are easy fast and delish.

The first one is a cold Bean Pea Salad I have made for years. It is fast to make, great served as a side dish for a BBQ and refreshing summer vegetable salad.

Bean and Pea Salad
1 can French Style Green Beans
1 can English Peas
1 cup diced celery (optional)
1 cup each diced onions and green peppers
1 med. size jar chopped pimentos
Place all in a large bowl

In another bowl mix 1 cup sugar with 3/4 cup white vinegar till dissolved.
Add 1/2 cup veg. oil and 1 tsp. salt to sugar blend. Mix all well and pour over the veggies. Stir gently, cover, and let sit in frig over night. Drain to serve and enjoy.
Now I have also added one can of corn for a bit of color. You can omit the celery and peppers if you prefer as well. Really a yummy cold salad.

Nacho, Cracker Dip
2 cans Bean Dip spread in bottom of shallow bowl of your choice.
1 layer of guacamole fresh or jar style spread on top of bean dip
1 layer sour cream (optional) or just place on top last.
1 layer of shredded cheese~ colby style
Top with diced tomatoes and chives.
Cover, chill and serve with nacho chips or crackers. Can be made ahead. Yummy!!

Lastly I will share a new recipe I followed from my good friend Sue. She served this recently at her daughter's Graduation Party. It is so good. I made it last night and everyone loved it.
Fruit Dip
1 block 8oz. Creme Cheese
1 7 oz. jar Marshmellow Fluff.
Place all in a bowl and mix well with electric mixer. Pour in serving bowl and serve with fruit of your choice. I used strawberries and melons. Large Grapes are good too.
Very yummy!!

Still Raining and lots of Thunder~~ Poor Miss Beazy is not happy. But she was happy on Tuesday when she celebrated her 5th Birthday. I let her swim all day and she enjoyed a new pool toy from our son and a new aqua puppy from Mommy and Daddy. No, she is not spoiled!

Also, I like to share 2 new magazines I found. You may have seen them, but they are new to me. Mary Janes Farm, full of organic recipes, gardening, crafting, tips, features and more. Tuscan Style, also a new magazine featuring elegance, decorating and homes with an old villa flair.

Now the sky is black, more storms on the way. I will end here and turn off the computer. Thank you for stopping by and as always, blessing and blue skies be yours in your area.
Celestina Marie


Unknown said...

CELESTE!!!! I can read and post! I am on Firefox. It must be an Internet Explorer issue! Gosh I have missed visiting you!

I am so SORRY about the twister, my gosh, how scary!!! I am so glad you didnt get much damage. Is your flower garden okay? I be Miss Beazy was a mess! Poor baby girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BEAZY LEE!! Oh she is just too cute in these pictures!!! I could kiss and squeeze her all day! Look at her sitting pretty for her new aqua puppy!!! Too cute to stand! I love watching her swim too!! What a sweetheart :)

Thank you for the recipe, that looks so good!! And thank you for the magazines too, I am always looking for good magazines. I love them :)

Love ya lots Celeste!!

Amanda said...

Yikes!! How scary! We've had bad weather in the area lately too, but not a tornado ripping through my town- I can't imagine, I'm terrified of them! Your nacho layer dip is making me hungry for lunch, I love layer dip and chips/salsa. I help keep Frito Lay in business with all my tostito and salsa purchases! Stay safe, indoors, and hope you don't get anymore severe weather this evening.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe My Dear Friend... We want you around for a long time!!
Miss Beazy is not spoiled she is loved & indulged!! That is what we say about our Boyz....With Hubby gone so much they are my constant companions. Bailey has seperation issues when I leave to do errands. He is actually the closest to me. They are our babies but Bailey is like my second skin!! LOL!!
Take Care & Please Stay Safe!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We are having thunderstorms every afternoon ...and one right now as I write. I'm so glad you are safe. It's so scary to be in danger from a tornado! I love this post and will definitely try to find the Tuscan Style magazine. I'm planning to decorate our bedroom in our new condo in this style! Have a good day and stay safe!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I've been thinking about you and OUR beloved Texas. I heard about the storms and the are so close to Oklahoma so I can relate to it being SCARY and how much you enjoy working when it's raining!

I printed out the recipes and I'll try them out on my guy!

My Mollie the Molinator can't swim. We found that out last summer....poor thing...

xo to you sweet friend...


Anonymous said...

Oh Celeste, please be safe and take cover just in case!! Those twisters scare the bajeebers out of me and not much scares me. Give me hurricaines.. i'm used to those. My animals always know when the weather is about to turn in the wrong directions so I'm always watching them.

The dressing sounds yummy with fruit.. oh my. I'm going to give that a try.

You stay safe and blog after the storms pass so we know your okay. Hugs.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Stay safe!! I do not like storms Miss Beazy and I would do well hiding together!!
She sure looks like she enjoyed her birthday...have a good and SAFE weekend!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

So sorry to hear about the twister and just so glad that you are safe.
Good luck with the cleaning up.

Happy 5th birthday Miss Beazy! She looks so happy and must enjoy cooling down in the pool.

Thank you for the recipes ~ they sound good and I would like to try making them.

I have tagged you, understand if you are too busy.

have a great weekend

Gone said...


Benson and I (mommy, too) wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Beazy...gosh, she's pretty!!!



Hi Celeste,

I see Jasper beat me to it...Happy Birthday Miss Beazy.

We're so glad that through the storms, you were kept safe. They surely can get nasty. Your recipes look yummy, too!


The Muse said...

how happy i am that all of you are safe...that is foremost! and i do want to give a resounding happy Dog Day to your four legged baby...what a cutie!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Celestina,
I'm sorry you've had such bad storms. We had some here at dinner time and lost our power. We went out to get a bite and many trees were down.
Your recipes look so yummy. I'm always looking for quick, delicious ones.
I've not seen those magazines before. Where did you pick yours up at?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don't work too hard.

Anonymous said...

That's a scary thought. And I can just imagine the things you described. I hope nobody was hurt. I mean it's horrible to think of houses and other properties destroyed but I hope no person was horribly hurt.

Your post has a nice turnaround. From twisters to something deliciously served. I guess when it's raining hard all you can do is be indoors. What better way to spend the indoors that cook something or make something in this case :-).

Belated happy birthday to Miss Beazy! At least before the storm struck she get to enjoy the pool on her very special day :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad you and your home are safe and sound, Celeste! One thing I *don't* miss about Texas is the scary storms! BUT I do miss those massive bright white pop corn clouds! Awesome!

Happy Birthday to Miss Beazy! If I ever have my own dog, I think it will be a golden. ♥

Ronda said...

Good Mornin my dear,

I can't waite to try the fruit dip...oh my gosh that looked so yummy.

By the way...I left ur message yesturday just before I actually posted yesturdays blog post.
I have an award for you. Please stop back by and give it a look-see.

Have a fab day.

I am so glad and thankful none of y'all were hurt by the storm. Things can be replace....NOT PEOPLE.

Love & Prayers,

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I wondered if you had any damage..... Natalie had a LARGE tree next to her balcony snapped into...... she was with out power for a while ..... very scary.....
Glad you made it through ok..... little missy sure looks pretty swimming...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Happy Birthday Hugs & Kisses to my favorite "big girl", Miss Beazy! How adorable she is sitting & trying to wait patiently for her new toys! Always fun to see her swimming!

Those new magazines look great. And boy, am I hungry now!! Great recipes.

Thankfully today is a pretty day for all our sweet pets. Didn't realize it but Muffin hid under our bed & woke us up at 4am wanting out of the bedroom!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Ginny said...

Wow! I am so glad that you are all ok. Trees we can deal with, but houses and people's lives are another thing. I usually like to be indoors when it is storming. I like to look at the lightning from INSIDE the four wall of my home! I also find the rain a bit soothing for the soul. It gives you the time to come away from all the business of the day even if for just a bit.
Thanks for the recipes. I love all kinds of salads for summer, so I may try that one. The fruit dip I have had already (yum!) and other dip I kind of had a different version of it.
Take care Celeste and give poochie a bit hug, poor thing.

Betzie said...

Hi Celestina!!!!
For some reason I can't read any text, just saw the pics, but loved seeing Miss Beazy!!! She looks so so happy and such a CUTE face!!!! I would love to swim in that pool with her...she is one lucky girl to live with you! :) xo

Unknown said...

Oooh, Mary Jane's Farm looks interesting to me! I need to get back into organic cooking! It's so much more healthy and I feel better when I do eat organic food!

Happy Birthday to Miss Beazy, sorry to hear she's so scared right now! How awful having a twister come through! Glad you are okay, though!

The treats look delish! :)

crashnsmash said...

Hello Celeste, My sister-in-law had to drive to Dallas Thurs. morning about 6;00 (work)I kept Aspen,told her to be careful! I did not realize it was that bad...glad you are ok. Happy Birthday Miss Beazy. Our dog Britty hates the storms! Love all my things off etsy. Hung my spoon with some letters that say T.E.A. and my cupcakes near other tea pictures:)Going to try to hang some of my button work from the hangers.Thank you for the cards and pencils.You are so sweet:)Have a great weekend. Love Ya,Mary:)

Sonia said...

Hello Celestina Marie, Glad you wasn't hit hard by the twister. My word, I would freak out being I have only seen those kinda things on TV and Wizard of OZ. Poor Beazy.
PS I got your email about leaving messages on my blog. No hard feelings gal. Thank you for keeping in touch. I hope you wont have that problem again. Pls let me know if I can do anything. I am little out of it since my son is out from school on vacation so I'm super busy with two boys home now.
Bug hugs and have a great week

randi K design said...

My goodness Celeste, how close was the twister? Let me know more!
Hug, me..

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh no, bad weather! Glad to see Miss Beazy had a wonderful time. Sooooo cute swimming! Wish you lived closer, too! Thanks for stopping by to "shop" at the Sidewalk Sale!

Cathy said...

Hi Celeste,

I am so glad you entered the French Pillow Slip contest. It's for two of them! You go girl!

xo Cathy

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