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Recently I won a giveaway over at Karen's blog A Scrapbook of Inspiration. I was so excited. Karen's gift to the winner would be a hand painting, done by her, in your wish or idea. When I found out I won, I told Karen to just surprise me. Everything she does is amazing and I knew I would love any art form from her.

Well, when the doorbell rang, I opened the door to see this welcome surprise waiting for me.

Inside was this beautifully wrapped package with Karen's wonderful gift wrap.

Pretty paper with birds, nest and flowers on a gorgeous background of greens, earth tones and rustic hues.

First I opened the card which looked so familiar. As I read what Karen wrote, I realized she had painted something very special. This special watercolor was to be a corner of my newly decorated shabby rose room. My goodness her creation took my breath away. She painted it exactly like the spot I just decorated.

The gorgeous card!

The gorgeous watercolor.

The room. And,I just added the pink shoes I painted from a vintage find on etsy. Added the clip earrings to accent. Karen saw the pic before the shoes.

There are no words to explain just how thrilled I am with this giveaway gift. Karen is so talented and did such an amazing job,like everything she does from the heart and through her talented hands. You must go visit Karen and read her blog posts to be inspired by this creative lady. Not only is her artistry amazing, but she is a writter and great photographer too.

Now I will share how I framed the card which I will keep in my studio to enjoy. I found a wonderful carved black frame to fit perfectly. As you might remember my studio is decorated in black toile. The framed card looks amazing.

For the large watercolor, I took it to my framer and picked out 2 pretty mattes to layer and a large carved white frame. This will hang in my shabby rose room near the corner of it's origin. I will have to share that pic in a later post when it is finished from the framer. I am so excited to see it done. It will be wonderful.
Thank you so much dear Karen. I hope you know how much I love this and am so honored to own such a beautiful piece of art work from you. Visit Karen's blog and from there, visit her etsy boutique to view many creative designs she has to offer.

Well the postman has been extra nice and also brought another wonderful package from the talented and giving Marie from Marie Antoinette's blog. As you may know, Marie has peacock's on her property and they are molting now. She collects the feathers and uses them for creating. She surprized me with a box full of these beauties to create with too. But I decided to enjoy them on diplay in my entry way.
Here is a close up of the beautiful color.

Here are a few more up close and standing all together. She even added an all white feather, which is rare.

Could you see the white feather in front? It may be a little hard to see in the pic, but in person, it shows up so pretty.
Here they are in the entry.

Thank you so very much Marie. I love them and think of you and your generous heart everytime I pass them. Everyone, you must go visit Marie's blog She designs dolls and is so talented and creative. Her dolls are amazing using Victorian style themes to display gorgeous creations. She even designs an upside down Christmas tree that is a show piece. You will surely enjoy your visit.
Thank you for letting me share my mailbox surprises. I also want to share what I have been up to in the last 2 weeks, but that will wait till next post. However, I will tell you this much, it has something to do with makeovers and windows.
Till next time, Blessings and Blue Skies Always, Celestina Marie


Anonymous said...

Oh the painting is devine isn't it. Such a beautiful gift when it is truly from the heart and hand of the giver.

I haven't seen peacock feathers in years. I forgot how brilliant in color they are.

Thank you for sharing Ms. C!! blessings to you, Tammy

vickie said...

Oh Celeste! The card and watercolor are just beautiful and perfect for you. I'm going over to visit her blog. Also love the peacock feathers, what wonderful goodies from your friends. I'll check her blog too! Have a great week. Here in Austin, still no rain, next week temps 101 to 105 daily predicted!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Celeste! I'm just so thrilled for you to win one of Karen's pieces of art!! Goodness, it looks EXACTLY like your sweet bedroom. Even down to the details on the pic above the armoire! Karen is as meticulous in her designs as you are. It is an amazing piece of art for you to treasure for years to come. The card also makes a stunning statement in your studio, I'm sure. Can't wait to see the framed piece!!

Love those pretty peacock feathers, too. And did you notice the beautiful way the sunlight is hitting the word "Faith"!?!? So pretty!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

The painting is flawless.... She is such a great artist!! You are a lucky lady. I just love Peacock feathers. They are a rainbow of colors!!
Very nice post!!

Angela said...

I love the picture. She definitely has a beautiful gift of capturing that 'corner' so perfectly. The front entrance looks delightful with the peacock feathers.Your crosses are just AWESOME. I LOVE the look.

Anonymous said...

Oh I saw this painting of hers during Pink Saturday. When I saw it upload I knew it was your room! :-)Isn't it just amazing to see your room? And yes, I remember your studio with black toile fabrics and so organized!

Those are real peacock feathers? WOW! It is beautiful and long.


(oh and yes, I really just wanted to try short hair for a change, but will let it grow from now on :-) )

Celeste Maia said...

I cant think of nicer mailboxe surprises, you have wonderful friends who know how to appreciate you! Lovely post, lovely details, you have such a touch for elegance and gracious living.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Hello dear...
I am so sorry I have not gotten back to you. So much company and work to do this summer.
Thank you for the lovely comments I am honored to receive from you. OOOh Marie is a darling...yes very generous and kind...just like you. I love your posting with the image that matches your room and the way you display the feathers...so artistic.
Have a grand day my friend.
Love and hugs,

A Southern Rose said...

That watercolor is beautiful! It is perfect for you!

Come by and enter my 1st giveaway!

Lee Laurie

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Karens painting for you is so lovely! And those peacock feathers are beautiful. I recently went to a wildlife center and they had a peacock wandering around freely. He was so beautiful.

Rebecca Nelson said...

I'm am speechless. That gorgeous work of art is stunning. I'm on my way over to see what I've been missing.

The peacock feathers are sooo beautiful. Simply lovely.

Blessings to you girlfriend....hope you are well.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post you have written, and your lovely words make me so happy. I think that we all adore your home Celeste, and those peacock feathers would look wonderful in your entrance. I love how you have the word Faith amongst the arrangement of crosses. What a lovely idea. Your staging is perfection. Wow, you even framed the card. You make me feel so appreciated, Celeste.

Have a lovely day, I am going to follow that link.

Blessings, Karen

Ginny said...

That was such a beautiful painting! I would have framed the card too! I love peacock feathers, and they cost a lot for the real ones around here. Also, I would like to comment on your white crosses and the faith written on the wall. What a wonderful idea. I have an icon cross and an icon picture at my front entrance. I may do the same. Did you use wall words? Or did you freehand the word? Anyway, you sound so surprised that someone would do something so nice for you. How could anyone not want to do something nice for you? You are such a sweet, thoughtful, and gifted person, it not only shows in your work, but in your attitude and words.
Love, ginny

julia said...

hi there celeste..such an amazing suprise u got..nice drawing by karen...

u really had a very nice blog...love to drop by again...c u soon....

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

How beautiful!! I bet you were so excited when it arrived!! Connie

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Celeste, congratulations...Karen is such an amazing artist and this is such a special piece that she created just for you. It is gorgous. What beautiful work. Enjoy it my friend.


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

LOL...Hi Hon,I, did not remember if my comment to you got saved,so here is the jest of it.Love the water color,Its just so beautiful and, and I liked how you framed it.I'm glad your enjoying the feathers.You took very nice pics of them and they are pretty where you have them.BTW....I sent the doll in today.Wish me luch that it don't get damaged .I sent this one different.XXOO Marie Antionette...OH...OH...I forgot.You know the tall tree angels I make.The dolls that cover a whole tree?Wait till I email you my idea...

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Celestina Marie,

What a lovely day you had! Your watercolour painting is so pretty and how beautiful it will look in the room.
Also fabulous to get the peacock feathers from Marie Antoinette. Don't they make a beautiful show with all the fabulous colours.

Enjoy your weekend

A Hint of Home said...

What a wonderful surprise when you answered the door. Congratulations on your beautiful gifts. What talent she has. Her watercolor is just precious. What a keepsake.
Love your feathers, too. I will try to visit both of their blogs soon.
Been a little under the weather with a terrible sore throat.
I'll try to back into posting soon.
Have a great weekend, friend.
Till next time.

Unknown said...

Oh You lucky gal, you! I love Karen's painting for you! She's so incredibly talented and it seems like the perfect painting!
The peacock feathers are lovely! :)

Shirl said...

Hi Celeste, what a beautiful watercolor, how sweet of her to make that for you. It looks just like your room. What a treasure! Peacock feathers are pretty also. I'm still loving my tray, I have it right in my kitchen so I can look at it everyday. I don't know if it will make it up to my guest room or not. LOL
Have a great week,
Love ya, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Linda said...

Hi Celeste,
What a wonderful suprise, such a beautiful painting.
Cheers Linda

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Celeste!

What awesome gifts you received! The painting is incredible (as soon as I saw the 1st photo of it I thought," that looks just like something I saw in Celeste's house" DUH) and it WAS!! What a clever gift!

And that darling Marie! Her feathers are the most beautiful I've EVER seen. She's such a doll isn't she?

It's so nice to know you're loved isn't it? And be assured we all love you Celeste!! You're a sweetheart!

Big hugs, Sherry

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