Thursday, October 8, 2009


Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, junkin and journeys.
Today's junkin takes me on a journey around my house to share past thrifty finds and how I used them. I just love a great deal to makeover in something useful and inexpensive. That for me is the joy of the hunt.

This first bargin redesign I have shared before, but thought it worth showing again. I found the side frame of an old sewing machine that held drawers. Painted it black for my toile studio and hung on the wall for a little showcase and storage shelf.

So let's go back inside the house. As we walk through the garage from my studio to the house, I notice a saw I painted for my DH's garage. He has to have something decorative too, right?
I used to paint and sell these old saws many years ago. Since painting has changed in decor so much, this is not the direction I go at this time, but he loves it, so that is all that matters. Starting with a plain old vintage saw, primed, painted and ready to hang. This barn design is a Deb Toews creation, hand painted by me. The old saw was one dollar! score!

Wood Pedestal, for 2 dollars. Painted the top black added a Tuscan country arrangement I also made for pennies finding the pitcher for 50 cents. All it needed was a little touch up with glass paint. Done~~ a corner decorative touch!

While we are near my dining room, I will share a great little 2 dollar find from my dear friend Ann of Ann's Finds. You may remember me sharing items I have gotten from Ann over the years. She works in resale of vintage and new treasures. She has a keen eye and keeps that eye open for treasures perfect for my redo's and shoppe treasures.
This shelf is one of those great little finds. I painted it black, added the pegs to form stem glass holders for glasses and hung it high above another vintage and inexpensive fine for 15 dollars~~a barley twist sideboard. I love this piece and store my glass serving pieces in here. I added some decorative iron to the doors to pull the look together.
Everything in this display can, or may, at some point be painted cottage ivory for a whole new look with just the stroke of paint. The shelf looks like it has drawers, but that is actually a swing door that opens upward. I keep a few vintage and new salt and pepper shakers here.

Moving through my sitting room or living room. I call this a sitting room because no TV is in here. This little corner chair was also a great little find for 10 dollars. I love chairs and pick them up even if I don't need them. I can always sell a few. This one is redesigned black, distressed and then I covered the chair seat with fabric that is on the loveseat across the room. Added that fabric to the little iron foot stool as well. This makes a cozy corner.

Lots more to share, but I will save it for future Thirfty Thursdays. Tomorrow my neighborhood is having our annual Fall yard sale days. I am not participating this time, but plan to get out and shop around and see the neighbors. I hope the weather holds out. It has been really raining and gloomy the last few days. Cooler is good for the sale though, and I hope to find something special!!
See you tomorrow for Friday Fun and Fashion!
Have a special day and blessings be yours.
Celestina Marie


Unknown said...

CELESTE!!! Just look at all your posts!! I love seeing you everyday :):) You already know how much I LOVE you and your artwork :):) That saw makes me feel so warm and happy inside. My grandma had a saw painted like that of the farm she grew up on. It is beautiful. I just love barns. You do such lovely work with so much heart put in. That is what makes you stand out from other artists in my book,I can feel your heart in each piece.
Love you sweetie,

Awishdream said...

Hi Celeste,
Love your beautiful Blog!and your paintings are so Gorgeous!! thanks for stopping by my Blog and visiting my Etsy shop.


Barb said...

Hi Celestina Marie, this is just every creative you are. I love it all but especially the black shelf. Wow!!

Barb ♥

Ginny said...

Good morning Celeste! Love the toile Michigan plate! Yay! My favorite thing to do is paint furniture or pieces like yours. However, I have yet to find such treasures at such little expense. My hubby and I were just talking yesterday on how much I prefer older pieces rather than buying new. My house is filled with hand me downs, antique and vintage pieces. Furniture and things like that have little to no character when bought new. My opinion, of course. Love to visit your blog!

A Southern Rose said...

How beautiful! All of it! You are so talented and creative. I have been looking forward to seeing your posts everyday! You are spoiling us...but don't stop, please! You have really inspired me today! I don't even want to go into work! I want to stay home and re-do something! LOL

Lee Laurie

♥Cantinho da Nete ♥ said...

Olá amiga bom dia!
que lindas imagens bonito amo toalha de crochê.

Anonymous said...

You know??? Your Posts never cease to inspire me!! I wish I lived near you so I could come over for a cup of coffee (am not a tea drinker). I then could ogle your creations!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Celestina Marie... what a wonderful post... your black shelf looks beautiful for your toile studio and I love the Michigan plate with the deer... I have an old, old frying pan with a bucolic scene painted on it similar to your saw... it makes me happy! I have a passion for old barns too... there is one nearby where we take our Nature walk each morning and I always stop and look at it...your Autumn decorations look stunning with the black...happy hunting at your neighborhood yard sale... I am going to one of the local church's flea market on Saturday, hope to find some wonderful treasures... I can hardly wait to receive my pumpkin from you! Amy is right, I can tell you put your heart into each piece you create... Bisous... Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful things you have transformed. My neighbor had a saw like the one you painted. I had never seen one before. Beautiful job.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

Every time I come to visit I always see something so creative and inspiring that you have made or painted.
Beautiful work and thanks for showing us.

Happy weekend

Betzie said...

Hi Celeste,
Wow, you have been busy over here! I visited the other day, but not sure my post went came back again today! Glad I your painting and how you redo things to make them so enchanting!
Always fun to see what you have been up to and be inspired by your creative ideas. xoxo

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Greetings Celeste~ I'm finally back from my summer long blogcation.

As summer came to a close...there was one thought that could cheer me up and it was the anticipation of Fall with all the autumnal colors....providing creative inspiration.
You go above and beyond with your gorgeous paintings. Your creative passion is evident in all of your art. I love seeing the transformation as each stage comes to life.

I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
Sweet wishes,

Anonymous said...

Celestina Marie, every thing is so lovely. You're such a great painter and artist!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

I'm just amazed what someone can make into wonderful pieces of art! Aren't you?

It's all soooo inspiring. I love it when you share stuff...

Love to you sweet CM~


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