Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Recipe Collection

Welcome to another Tastey Tuesday. Today I want to share a true vintage keepsake that was among my Mother's old cookbooks and collectibles. As I was sharing with you last week. Mom was a fabulous cook, baker and all around gourmet. And, since I will never come close to her huge kitchen talents, I do have tons of recipes, clippings and cookbooks to try. This old vintage recipe box is a treasure. Filled with hand written recipe cards, paper clippings and old newsprint. Some in mint condition and others with spills and stains from many years of happy use.~~It is a special collection. What makes this so special, besides going through the great old recipes in the hundreds, is the paper and magazine clippings and even the comical ads dated from the early 1950's.
Enjoy a peek. Many can be read right from the pics and the ads speak for themselves.

It was hard to decide what to use for this post since the box is just packed with old ads. I even took a few pics of the backs of recipes, like the Coty ad and the Zane Grey ad. Not many in color back then, so these are special.

Thank you for sharing in this wonderul vintage recipe box. As time goes on, I will share more of the recipes inside, but till then, I will end this Tastey Tuesday with a special treat from my mom. Here is her recipe card, hand written by her and shared with you. Please feel free to copy and enjoy without publishing this as your own! A little cookbook may be on the horizon, "From Mom's Kitchen with Love"

See you Wednesday, sharing some fun from the Paint Palette!

Smiles, Celestina Marie


Gone said...

I loved the adds, and the recipe sounds like a keeper. Your daily memes are delightful!


Anonymous said...

Seeing all the vintage ads takes me back to my childhood & all the magazines my Mom & Grandma used to read & clip!!
I love the B&W photos... somehow color looses it's vintageness!!! (LOL!! Is that a word??)
Great Post...

Angela said...

I just loved the pictures of the ads. Oh my, just beautiful.How wonderful that you still have them.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Celeste, this is such a precious post... I too collect vintage recipes and recipe boxes... I always wonder how the owners can part with their mama's or grandma's treasures... I love the old ads too, I will email Amy at Magic Tutu to make sure she sees the Mrs. Mel Torme ad for margarine! I wish they would never change the old images on the ads, nowadays they have Betty Crocker looking like a rock star or something instead of a beautiful lady who cooks and bakes... I love to see old handwritten ones too, like your mama's date bars... I do hope you are able to write a recipe book featuring her recipes soon! Bisous... Julie Marie

Unknown said...

Celeste, what wonderful things in this post!! WOW, this one of the sweetest things a person could have! I adore those ad's and images. And most of all the wonderful handwritten recipes! I love seeing my mom and grandma's recipe cards and cookbooks, stained with food and faded. It even makes the food taste better I think! Such a beautiful, sentimental post. I am so glad you have these wonderful recipes from your mom. Something so personal and close to her heart!
Love to you sweetie,

Anonymous said...

Morning, Celestina! Oh, what a wonderful post! I love those old recipes and love looking at the way they were presented. What a treasure you have. Maybe you should get a special scrapbook and put them all into it and keep it in the kitchen.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Anonymous said...

You are Amazing! Wonderful Post!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hi! how neat to have all of your mom's recipes!! her handwriting reminds me a lot of my grandmothers ♥ hope you are doing well!!

Connie said...

I have no doubt anything you baked would be delicioso, sweet chick! WHY??? Because of the love you put into everything you do, sugar!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love old recipes and have a few, too. I may want to try those date bars...and make them fruit bars. My sister and I were just talking about some we had when we were growing up from a bakery. I wonder it these would be similar!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

What a lovely post and enjoyed seeing the old recipes and adverts. Thanks for sharing.
I hope that you are having a great week.


Jennifer said...

Celeste The adds are so neat.I love looking at old magazine recipes.Love that you have all your Moms hand written recipes.There always the best.Mom has her moms and some day I will have all my Moms and my grandmothers.Hugs to you and Beazy,Jennifer

vickie said...

Sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you are better now. Love the old advertisements. Beautiful post about your mom.

Just Between Us Girls said...

My Dear Celeste,
Every time I look your blog is more beautiful.
I love these old ads and I wish I could think of a way to use them in art...perhaps decoupage is the ticket. You did a grand job of display on your blog. Thank you for stopping in. The auction went very well. We had a beautiful clear day filled with sunshine, family, friends and wonderful people who bid on almost every single item. We fell truly blessed.
I am now ready to create many new items. Watch my blog for sneak peeks.
Love and hugs,

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