Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting Motivated~~Monday Marvels!

Good Morning dear friends. Hope you had a great Halloween weekend. Today's Monday Marvel is about a seminar I attended last Monday with my hubby and fellow associates from his work. It was a dynamite seminar called Get Motivated from the creators of Peter and Tamara Lowe. We heard amazing speakers like Robert Schuller, General Colin Powell, John Walsh, Terry Bradshaw, Zig Ziglar, Rudy Giuliani, George W. Bush and more. It was a fire up sort of day. I have always been self motivated, but every once in awhile, a pep rally of sorts to spur one on is just what is needed when you are in business or any walk of life. What I truly was inspired to see, and hear most, was all the speakers had a faith based message, and in today's world that is rare.

We arrived in Fort Worth, Texas at the Convention center very early to find our seats. It was a packed house given the speakers about to command our attention. The day was again another very rainy Monday, but the excitement inside more then made up for the rain.

Inside everyone was excited during a Beach Boys music event and dance contest on stage. The beach balls made their way around the convention center.

Once the lights went down to introduce the many speakers it was hard to get good pics but I did manage to get a good screen shot of George W. Bush. He is seen under the screen on stage.

Every speaker had great inspirational experiences to share. I loved when Robert Schuller said, " Never look at what you have lost, Look at what you have left" and John Walsh who encouraged us to " Never Give Up" or Colin Powell who encouraged others to have,"Purpose in Life" and "Recognizing people" or Terry Bradshaw who said, "We are all called" and how "Smiles can Win"
I admire the words of Zig Ziglar who said, " Worry is a waste of time, to embrace the struggle, learn new things and NEVER GRADUATE FROM LEARNING" Love that thought!
Rudy Giuliani went on to say, "Leadership is about offering one's self." "Being prepared in all things and planning goals throughout life."
George Bush reminded us and said, "To whom much is given, much is required." He went on to say to only "speak truths" and "surround yourself with good people."

My favorite speaker of the day was James Smith a real estate expert, who had this to teach. "It doesn't matter how you start, it's how you finish, that giving yourself away will let success find you, If you don't like yourself, no one else will like you, that doing what's on your heart will bring joys! And, God puts people in front of you everyday for you to bless".

All ended with a faith based message for life, the future, and true happiness in wherever your path takes you.
It was an amazing day. I hope that a bit of this Get Motivated post, inspires you in some way. Blessings to all till I see you again for Tastey Tuesday!

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SMILES, Celestina Marie


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

200 Kids!!!
WOW...I see you had quite the time Celeste! I'm so for back into the woods, I never will get trick or treaters.I used to love giving out candy. I do miss that.
I love the Beach Boys.I'm glad you had a wonderful time.This will be short for I am all stowed up.I'll tell you about that later.XXOO Marie Antionette

Julie Marie said...

Hello Celeste... I would have loved to hear all of those people speak! (And Beach Boys music too... my favorite!)... It sounds like a wonderful day and obviously many others thought so as well... My favorite is what former President George Bush said "speak truths and surround yourself with good people"... I think he always did just that (and still does) thanks for sharing your inspiring day! Love to you... Julie Marie PS Thanks too for mentioning my giveaway!

Unknown said...

GREAT post Celeste!! I love George W. Bush, you are so lucky to have seen him speak in person!!!! This sounds like a wonderful seminar, definitely something Chad and I would have enjoyed! Great post!
Love you lots,

A Southern Rose said...

That sounded wonderful! I love listening to and reading motivation speakers! I bet you left there feeling wonderful!

Have a great day!

Lee Laurie

Gone said...

What an amazing seminar that sounds like!! So glad you had the opportunity to attend it!!

We had an amazing Get-Away...and posted about it...along with all the CHANGES here at Rose Haven.


ps...anymore Christmas "pretties" you'll be adding to ETSY?

Connie said...

I would love to have seen that man, sugar!! He is one of my heroes.

Bertie said...

Gee Celeste, I'm inspired by just reading this post!! I can't imagine how wonderful attending that seminar must have been.

I've seen Colin Powell speak and he does a wonderful job!

Aunt May's Cottage

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a blessing to go to a seminar with so many exceptional speakers! WOW! I would love to hear President Bush speak! I liked the quotes you included! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What I find most fascinating about motivational speakers is not the moment we are in when we celebrate at the event, but say 6 months down the road when a quote has come forward through memory. I love it when I'm sitting with my coffee or tea and WHAM, it comes back to my memory and helps carry me through the day. What a wonderful way to spend time Celeste!! Hugs. Tammy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

How wonderful that you heard all those motivational speakers.
It is good to always be reminded that we need to keep on track and I love all the quotes you have shared.
Thank you for a great post.

Have a wonderful week, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hello Celeste,

Wow! That a huge crowd.

Getting motivated . . . I love the quotes you shared from that event, very inspiring - encouraging and all so true. Now if only I can remember them everyday. Ok maybe not exactly remember bu be reminded.

You're right, the last one sums all up and that everything there is included.

Zig Ziglar, way back I read a book, don't remember the title (sad) but there was a Zig Ziglar quotation that really interest me and up till now I still remember it - "It's not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude". :-)


(You've had trick or treaters, but I imagine your home to be welcoming them instead of scaring them away with those painted pumpkins :-) )

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Celeste! I can't imagine having that group of motivational speakers all together in one place! How wonderful that you & Larry got to hear them all together.

Love you,
ANngelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the quotes, Celeste!

The best concert I've ever been to was a beach boys concert! ☺ It was so fun!

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