Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing an Easy Garden Chandelier~

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends.

As most of you know, a few months ago, I redesigned my kitchen with a remodel that was so much fun to design and I am enjoying it so much.

Since finishing the project, I made a few simply changes and wanted to share it with you as some may have a need for the same type of look.
To view the updated and finished kitchen, you can view it HERE from a previous post.

The chandy over the table, I have so enjoyed, but kept thinking it just needed a little something to garden it up for Spring.
You know how it goes, after you live with something for a bit, you see where you can add or take away, making changes if needed.

I wanted the table area to take on a bit of a garden look bringing the outdoors in. I can certainly change the centerpiece to garden style, but going one step further, I added some changes to the iron style chandelier with roosters. It had 3 hooks included for hanging pots. The area is not right for pots over the table, so I found 3 small baskets in French, Tuscan style. They all are in the same coloring, with 3 different shapes, round oval and square. Keeping the baskets similar gives a uniform look, like they belong with the light.

I then added some faux greens trailing all around and growing up the chain. The greenery had to be small for an update and not reflect the large ivy from the past. So on the hunt I went and found just the style needed for a herb garden look. The leaves are tiny and do not over power the lights iron.

The ivory fabric pleated candle shades can be changed for the cooler months with the iron style that came with the light fixture, or taken off all together for just a candle look.
For the moment, I am enjoying the ivory shades and of course the chandy has a dimmer for a soft light in the evening. I love dimmers and have them everywhere. They are easy to install and make the room glow with a candle light effect.

Here is the BEFORE light fixture~

Here Is the AFTER garden style with hanging baskets and greenery~

What a difference it made to the room. So complete and cozy and easily changed when needed which is perfect for me since I like to redo rooms often.

Thank you for stopping by to let me share in a little decorating change. Hope this might inspire some ideas for you in some way.

Have a great week.
See you soon.
Blessings, Celestina Marie


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

I love your beautiful new look to your chandelier.
Hope that you are enjoying a beautiful Easter, dear friend


Cherished Treasures said...

Just Love it !!! Your creative talents never cease to amaze me.
Have a beautiful Spring week.
Hugs, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hummmmmm.... Now my brain is in overdrive!!
Absolutely it!!
Have a Great Day!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Celeste! It looks like you found it in one of those old Victorian conservatories!!! It's gorgeous! It looks like it took years and years to "grow". Beautiful! Perfect!

Jillayne said...

You nailed it! It's just perfectly overgrown and must add such charm and warmth to your new kitchen.
Fantastic idea!

Ginny said...

I totally love the transformation! Did you use bunches of greens or were they more like long swags? Did you just intertwine them or how are they staying on? just wondering...

Jenna said...

Oh Celeste, That chandy is beautiful! you did such a nice job on it. I love all the greenery and the baskets just compliment it so well...have a beautiful week! hugs, Jennifer

Julie Marie said...

Hello Celeste... I hope you had a beautiful Easter... I LOVE your chandelier and the changes you made!... it is so pretty, how creative you are to come up with that! It looks so perfect in your remodeled kitchen and I love the garden look it brings!... Now I want to do something similar to mine!... xoxo Julie Marie

Betty said...

It is so beautiful and gives a magical look to the room.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

How very pretty, Celeste! Love the change it gives to the entire area! We are having storms today, so hug Beaz for me, as I'm assuming you are, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Lululiz said...

What an amazing transformation, I love the new look, it the room a totally different feel.

Susan said...

Celestina this is really a gorgeous makeover! I love your garden chandelier!

Shirl said...

Hello Celeste, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Ours was very nice, the first holiday for my son since he got back home. Your chandelier is adorable, makes the area look so cozy! I also loved all your bunnies on your previous post. Hope your doing well!
Love ya! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Ann said...

That is one brilliant design idea...
It really looks fab ♥

Mari said...



Anonymous said...

Instant cozy charm added to your little nook now. I personally love it, everything about it. Nicely done. Hugs. Tammy

Longuette said...

just found your blog, you are very talented!!!

♥ Ylenia
from longuette

Mary said...

Hello Celeste, How pretty everything looks.It makes me want pasta and a glass of wine with my visit:)You have a very talented touch:)
We had our big storm last night,tornadoes in this area and no electricity. The is sun out today:)
I received my goodies today. Thank You for everything,It is all so lovely. My box smelled soo good when I opened it,even my Kitty came to smell:) Where did you get the cute paper? will have to get some for Brandy,she Loves Paris things,(senior trip).
Thank You again Sweet Friend for everything.Hugs, Mary :)

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Ouuuuu Celeste I love it!
Such a dramatic change...and so much more personality.
You have me looking at my chandliers alil differently now! :-)

Hugs, Dolly

Unknown said...

Ohh, Celeste, what a magnificent change of romance to the room. Who would've thunk it! Now you have me thinkin', my friend..You continue to amaze me which the elegance you add to life.

Hope your Easter was a beautiful one ...

We weathered those horrible Alabama storms all night from 3AM to 10AM today ... tornado activity all around us, kind of scary but all are safe. Some areas were 'touched'. Worried me cause last year one was one mile from the house, ugh!

Hopeyou are getting better every day, my friend.

Have a great weekend.
Huggers & love,

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, Celeste, this is beautiful!!! Did you ever see the movie Under the Tuscan Sun?" It reminds me of has so much character and charm....I LOVE this!!!


Ruth Welter said...

Celeste, just gorgeous...the chandelier looks like it grew that way over time, like years of growing in the garden.


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