Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation Days and Treasure Hunts!

I just love day trips and especially those that take me to my favorite antique markets to hunt for great finds for redesign.
My dear guy enjoys treasure hunting with me and has a great eye for just the right items for me to paint, redesign and create with. He even sees goodies I miss. So together we make a great team to go junkin!
Last month we had some extra vacation days, so off to one of our favorite spots in Fort Worth, Texas we went and hit the road with great expectations of treasures to find.

As we traveled our beautiful Texas countryside, we passed scenery like this~

And the Tractor Supply here~

The Silo's there~

The Pink Smoothie here~ which wasn't open even though the sign said it was, but next time it's on my list!!

Finally we arrived at our destination, at this spot with the awesome gazebo in front.
No pictures to be taken inside, so I will see you in the next paragraph with my new treasures.

But first, we stopped for lunch here and had a wonderful time~~

Here are my great finds~~

Can't wait to tackle creations with these goodies.
So homeward bound we go, happy for a wonderful vacation day, past the beautiful countryside.

Past the lake and golf course~

Back home to our waiting Miss Beazy Lee~

Looking forward to more vacation days and I hope you enjoy a few day trips too.
Till next time,
Happy Junkin,
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie


Shabby Cottage Shops said...

What a lovely day you had! The pictures of the Texas countryside are so pretty. Thank you for sharing these pictures, you found lots of goodies too, can't wait to see what you'll create with these!
I also wanted to say, I love love your bathroom again!

Unknown said...

Loved seeing the countryside, mini road trips are such a great adventure, you never know what you will find! I found a great oblong oak table at the Goodwill on Monday for my studio/family room I'm taking over! Only $35 and nice a sturdy, not pressed wood. Just the good solid stuff, think I take a pic this week, maybe for PS and fill it with Pink Stuff, lol. Great treasures you found I love the shells and the locks! Have fun re-purposing! Hugs Marilou

Kerri said...

Lucky you! I love finding old things and refurbishing them. Someone sees junk and I see new treasure just waiting to happen! Thanks for sharing the pics and Miss B looks happy to see you come home :)

Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!


Julie Marie said...

Hi Celeste, what wonderful finds!... even Miss Beazy agrees... and your surrounding countryside is indeed beautiful... that restaurant look so nice, and the antiques shop would be my favorite!... can't wait to see what you create with your treasures!... xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Nice outing! I'm loving that hat box! And your golden reminds me of our Miss Libby - gone now these five years. She was the best! Ed and I did a day in Cape May, NJ - about an hour away from home - birding tour and antiquing - and yes - I found a couple of treasures, too!!
Miss Kathy

Bearly Sane said...

Wish I had been with you, it sounded like you both had a wonderful day. I love carefree days like that, but I will have to wait for some fine weather before I have a chance to get out and about again. You sure had some great finds and I just love that hat box (I think I have a bit of a fetish for fancy boxes) and I can imagine how beautiful those door panels will come up with a touch of your paintbrush.
Warmest hugs,

Rebecca P said...

I love road trips with my best guy too. Looks like a wonderful day & wonderful treasures you found. Can't wait to see what you create with them.
Happy summer,

Anonymous said...

Aw, Miss B probably missed you! I think she's the best treasure of the day. Great finds though! The door knob "thingies" (what are they called?) are fabulous!

What is "The Pink Smoothie"? It sounds like you had a lovely, lovely time! But my goodness, you grow a lot of sky out there! ;-)

Hugs and keep cool!

1CardCreator said...

Great finds!

Unknown said...

Hi Celeste! What a beautiful day trip! I love the pictures of the countryside and farms. The country is my most favorite place to be. The Smoothie looks like a wonderful place, I would love a smoothie right about now. It is 100 out here and just miserable :( You found some great things and I cant wait to see what you do with them, I know they will be beautiful with your magic touch!
Love and miss you,

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Celestina Marie,

When did you update your blog's header? It looks so pretty here, so tranquil in this summer's heat... You are a true artist. Just showed Pieter your sea-shell paintings. They are absolutely great pieces. Look forward to the dragonfly friends sign too. You make incredible things.
Sure, you enjoyed this treasure hunt trip; I would have!
It has been quite a while though since we were in the Dallas Forth Worth area in order to visit the Hilsboro plant from Campbell's Soup. Too bad that that plant, like ours here in Dublin is no longer in production. Pieter designed both, high tech Dutch technology but the new CEO decided to do away with fresh foods...

Lots of love and wishing you a lovely weekend!


Christmas Treasure Hunt said...
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