Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Makeover for Miss Manny~

Hello Blog Friends~
It sure is a busy season here at CMD as I have been redecorating and giving upgrades to my living room and studio. Still have a bit to do here and there before I can give a reveal, but I do have a few things to share before then already complete in my studio.

Swinging paint brushes has been the order of the day around here between my decorating and customs orders. They all seem to do fine with my balancing act, and above all, it hardly seems like work.

I just love dress forms and they are all the rage everywhere. From formal to whimsical, they add so much to any room.
Remember the dress form I found awhile back for next to nothing because it had some damage? Well I fixed her up like new back then and enjoyed the look till now which seemed the time for a new look and makeover to go along with my new studio in the works.
Walls, cabinets, flooring and decor is getting a new look and I am so excited with all the changes. Here is what I did with the dress form.

You know you can paint almost anything and fabric is no exception. For this, I painted right over the original fabric with two coats of flat interior paint that I use to background most all my treasures. It's called Honeysuckle bloom and is a soft cottage creamy white.
Original design~

Fabric to paint over~

First coat of paint~

Final coat of paint~

Now it will cure and dry overnight~

Today Miss Manny is good and dry and ready for her new outfit. I even painted the pedestal she stands on with three coats of paint. Also, I should mention, this paint has primer mixed in, so it saves lots of time and makes the surface very durable.

I decided that since she happens to be the same size as myself, I would let her borrow my vintage blouse from the 80's and newer lace skirt I found at Ross while browsing for her bottom half. I no longer wear this blouse, but I have always loved it and could never part with it. So glad I did keep it. The skirt was a great find of lace over solid ivory fabric and waistband. It worked out perfect. All she needed was something to hold and her makeover complete. What a nice addition to my new studio. What do you think? Maybe she'll let me borrow the skirt sometime, do you think? LOL

Here are a few other new looks around the room. Still lots to do, but working on the little finishes at the same time.

Well, guess my breaks over. It's back to swingin those paint brushes.
Till next time, have a wonderful day.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie


BG said...

Ooh la la! What a beautiful makeover Celeste ... I love it! And it is sooo you ... pretty and feminine.
Have a wonderful day swinging those paintbrushes!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I wish I'd done this to mine. I opted to remove the fabric only to find it was made of fiberglass. What a nightmare. Had to put joint compound over it and sand and THEN paint! :( Too much work. Like yours bettahhhhhh!


Tutti Chic said...

what a fabulous makeover-love it! :) chris

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Who knew, you could paint a dress form, oh I love dress forms, Can't wait to see your room all done over, craft rooms and weddings are my favorite


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The dress form is lovely. Looking forward to seeing your finished craft room.
Hugs from Minnesota.

Susan said...

Celestina,what beautiful work you have been doing! Your little Miss Manny is looking beautiful! I love all your beautiful things.
Can't wait for the big reveal!

Eileen said...

Celestina, so glad Jill has introduced me to your post. Just love all that you do and sitting here listening to the music makes it all the better. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us.

Ginny said...

Oh that is so cute! I love manequins too! I have one in my girlies room. It is black wrought iron and the girls have a blast designing clothes for her using ribbon, flowers, and beads! Isn't it funny how we keep special items of clothing? I have a pair of Dingo cowboy boots that I wore back when I thought I loved country western. They don't even fit me anymore but I cannot part with them! Wonder what I can use them for now?
I cannot wait to see all the changes you made!

Unknown said...

Swoon! That is the most beautiful ever, Celeste. You are so creative & talented.
The dress is awesome & the presentation of her is over the moon awesome.

Have a wonderful day ~

1CardCreator said...

Wow what a transformation! I had no idea you could paint fabric! All of your pieces are lovely.

Julie Marie said...

Oh Celeste!... Miss Manny is just exquisite!... you have such a way of turning everything into something most lovely... yes, I do believe she will let you borrow her skirt... xoxo Julie Marie

Ingeborg van Zuiden said...

Well Miss Celestina Marie, any skirt will do well on you so i'd suggest you do borrow that skirt from the other Miss LOL. And don't forget to take a picture then, haha! No, no joking, I love love love how you decorated the dressform. So gorgeous! And i love that frilly trim on the lampshade! You have been so busy again!! All looks so perfect and so 'you'! Have a blessed weekend and enjoy playing with your brushes :-))


Kerri said...

WOW you did a great job on Miss Manny! You are so talented in everything you do. I am also redecorating my bedroom with pink roses and all things French of course.

Oh I searched and searched, still cannot find that glass & tile medium. I hope to find it soon, I have several projects to work on.

Hope you have a wonderful day :)


Anonymous said...

So lovely ! ! I really like the blouse on Manny. I wish clothes now-a-days were tended to with that much care in the making.
Thanks for stopping by!!
Cold here... This a.m. it was in the low 20's. Summer has to get here soon I hope!!
Have a Great Weekend!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, Celeste!
I love your beautiful post! How are you, my friend? I hope that you are doing wonderfully!!! Sending (((hugs))) your way,

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Celeste, what a lovely post. Love miss manny, just beautiful and so creative. Cannot get over that. Keep up the great and creative work.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Adore the new look of your mannequin. How special that you could use your vintage blouse, too! Hmmm, I made need to run to Ross for a lace skirt for MY mannequin!! :0)

~CC Catherine said...

Bonjour Celeste! :) I've missed you! I'm back from a hiatus for a brief period before I leave for St. Augustine, FL for my 30th Wedding Anniversary. I love the dress form and what you did with it. WOW...Stunning, and what a tremendous makeover. I pray you are doing well... Be blessed abundantly! I can tell your business has just taken off like glad for you! ENJOY! ~CC Catherine from Sunny GA.

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