Friday, July 13, 2012

My Cottage Studio, Joining Where Bloggers Create 2012

Welcome blog friends to the 4th annual Where Bloggers Create, hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage. A yearly party event sharing the creative spaces of bloggers from all over the world. It is a fun time for all peeking into the studios of talented bloggers where there is always plenty of inspiration.

Many years ago when I first started on this path, I studied decorative painting and fell in love with the creative process. I set up my creating in many a studio settings from the kitchen table, spare bedrooms, basement and today my repurposed 3rd car garage. Recently with the help of my Best Guy, we redesigned my space to reflect a new direction. From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, I have made lots of changes. Keeping with a light cottage cream and neutral palette with french toile mixed in.

In the beginning, folk art was my focus with country styling giving way to the romantic and cottage styles that I specialize in today. Hand painted roses and vintage inspired cottage decor are my specialties along with holiday, shabby and French chic decorating.
Creative storage with pretty display and organization are my focus and inspire me everyday.

Along the way, I have had the joy of painting ornaments for the White House Blue Room Christmas Tree in 1998 and 2004 as a member of The National Society of Decorative Artists for 24 years. I have met many wonderful friends on this path, all because I swing a paint brush.

This wonderful journey has found me working in many areas involving designing, from Art Shows, Brick and Mortar Shops, Antique Malls, Display, Interior Design, Ebay, Teaching Beginning Decorative Painting right here in my home studio and the last 5 years here on Etsy. I am a member of Shabby Cottage and Etsy Cottage Style along with Cottage Style Street Team, Farmhouse Treasures and Devotion to Promotion Teams. I am also a network member with Linkedin at Celestina Marie Design.

Like I shared, my studio is a converted third car garage all recently redesigned in shabby white, french inspired toile and crocheted lace with vintage treasures throughout. I love the new look as it has inspired me like a blank canvas to expand my creativity with the roses that are a favorite of my dear and valued customers. Their patronage has been a true blessing as they always continue to inspire me in new directions for home decor and cottage interiors. My family is also very important to me and I am so thankful for the support and help they give when seasonal times get very busy and they always understand. So let me take you around the room sharing my storage and redesigned space.

Over the years I have come a long way from where I started at the kitchen table to the studio I have today. The following are a few of my favorite quotes including one my Father once told me many years ago, "Find what you love to do and you will never work another day of your life" I will continue to do just that!

Thank you for stopping by to visit my studio and thank you Karen for hosting this special event once again.

p.s. I dedicate this years post for Where Bloggers Create to my sweet Miss Beazy Lee who was hit by a car and killed May 22,2012. She was a huge presence in my studio and is dearly missed.

Have Fun and Happy Creating,
Celestina Marie
To view treasures arriving from this studio, visit HERE

The french graphics used around the room are from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY


Unknown said...

Oh My, My Sweet Friend!
Love ALL the sweet dreamy changes you have made to your *creative space*! Everything is just divine! I am in the process of preparing my post and just had to come over and see what you have done.

You never disappoint and it is so evident as to why you are so prosperous and a huge success at what you do!

I am so glad to have you as a friend and fellow artist! You have been such a sweet constant through the few years we have known each other! I am truly blessed by our Dear Lord because of this!

I love how you have dedicated your post to your sweet Miss Beazy Lee! We both lost precious pets so close together...and they will always be in our hearts!

Hugs and much LOVE!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love your room is so beautiful. I love the little heart that says "old friends are dearest". Is that a box? do you sell those? LOVE it!!
You are blessed to have a beautiful room and so sweet to dedicate it to Miss Beazy.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Sp beautiful and it was so nice to hear "your story". Thanks so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Your studio is almost as beautiful as you! I love it all and your organization is just amazing - what prettiness. Do you actually mess up this room? :)
How sweet to dedicate this to your precious animal. They do become such a part of our lives. Blessings to you.
Shelia ;)

Kathy said...

Your space is stunning and I loved reading your story. Thank you for sharing!

Betty said...

I see now how you can create such beautiful things. Your workshop is a work of art too. Just lovely.

Maureen said...

First, let me say how sorry I was to read about your dear pup who is longer with you in your beautiful creative space anymore; at least in body, I am sure she continues to be there in spirit. I love having my furry family members join me in my space, so I can't imagine them being taken away so suddenly...

As I said, your studio is wonderful; so soothing and organized. Really, really lovely, I adore all the vintage touches.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your studio is absolutely gorgeous, Celeste. Such a peaceful place to create. I love how you decorated your stackable storage. Thanks for sharing your beautiful studio and for inspiring us.

Jan Hermann said...

I love your new studio Celeste! So calm and peaceful!

Jan ♥

Anonymous said...

What a creative soul you are and how lovely to have such a wonderful space in which to create!! It truly is lovely.

I am so sorry to hear about your dog no longer being with you. My kitty, Mikey climbs up on my work area and keeps me company when I am working- I know you miss him.

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed my tour of your creative space. Much different from last year but so beautiful. I am still working on my studio but I am getting so inspired by visiting the participants in WBC. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just finished my WBC post and could not wait to see your gorgeous space, Celestina. Sigh...I see you like black and white too. My favorite combination. How beautiful and special of you to dedicate it to Miss Beazy Lee.
I must visit again tomorrow to take in every glorious detail with more time.

BG said...

I always enjoy looking around your studio (and home) Celeste. There are so many wonderful treasures to see and admire. I love seeing the occasional rooster, glass bottle and shoe tucked in amongst your lace and other finery.

This was the perfect post to dedicate to your sweet Miss Beazy Lee ... your painting partner! She will always be with you in your heart.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness Miss Celestina, your cottage studio is just what I would imagined it would like. It so looks like you and statement of your beautiful creations!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad....I'm missing my dog too...but I had to give mine away by choice because I developed severe and persistent allergies to her. I miss her so much, just the same because I can never be with her again.

I feel for's really amazing how our pets weave their hearts right into ours....what a beautiful dedication....

thanks for sharing Celestina
ciao bella

Unknown said...

You have such a pretty space! I love the crisp clean white you've chosen... it's like a blank canvas. Beautiful! Would love for you to visit soon -
Your newest follower,

Muddaritaville said...

Your studio is beautiful!
Miss Beazy Lee was beautiful too, her heart reflects in those soulful eyes!


Shirley said...

Hi Celestina, Wow, I love your new look and space. Isn't it wonderful when you have a special person to help you accomplish what you are wanting to do. I like your storage areas that you have and your pictures are wonderful. Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. It means the world to me right now. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Celestina Marie,

Great post and I'm glad you participate again. Kept you busy and you managed it all! Sweet for including Miss Beazy Lee. Sure her presence IS in your studio and for here she will continue to inspire you in creating your artwork.
Sending you lots of love for the weekend,

Unknown said...

Hello!!! Your studio is so beautiful and your blog is so friendly! :) Im staying! :D Sad about your doggie... its hard when such wonderful friends leave us, but I know she is running aroud the heavenly garden and when you look up the small sparking star is her!


Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay Celestina,

Your space looks like a dream...
So warm and nice...
You are a lucky girl to work into
this lovely space..

Thanks for sharing Celestina..

Love from Marijke
from Holland

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay Celestina,

Your space looks like a dream...
So warm and nice...
You are a lucky girl to work into
this lovely space..

Thanks for sharing Celestina..

Love from Marijke
from Holland said...

so so pretty Celeste, calm and pretty, just like you! Sorry to hear about your baby, your heart must be hurting so much - blessings Rachael xo

craftyles said...

WHat a serene and beautiful space. I love the white with touches of black and toile. How lucky you are to have such a grand space. I wish we could do that to our garage. Are you sure that is a garage? It's wonderful!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh! I am so sorry to hear about Miss Beazy Lee. She was beautiful. Your studio space is like a winter wonderland ... magical. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

A Southern Rose said...

I love what you have done with your studio. It is so pretty and so organized. It seems so peaceful in there too. So sorry about Miss. Beazley. I know you are missing her.

Hugs to you,
Lee Laurie

A Southern Rose said...

I love what all you've done to your studio. It's so pretty and organized. It also looks so peaceful in there. So sorry about Miss. Beazley. I know you are missing her.

Hugs to you,
Lee Laurie

Moments of Grace said...

Oh My Goodness!! I am in tears at the beauty of your space. I have long admired your blog and your work and have used some of your ideas in my own space. I have nothing as beautiful as your lovely studio but when I dream of my special place, I dream of one like yours.

You have so blessed me today. I am, and always will be, a faithful follower.

In Grace,

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh WOW what a stunning area, I love it, Thanks for sharing with us. Sending hugs for your loss, Dont know what I would do without my woof, Love Hazelxo

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your studio looks like a feminine paradise to work in and I am touched that you dedicate this post to your sweet fur baby that is no longer with you.

Kerri said...

Your workspace is so neat compared to mine! I have stuff everywhere.LOL

One thing I noticed is your workspace is decorated. I need to start making things for myself instead of selling almost everything I make. I always say I will but it takes the time to actually do it.

I miss Beazy Lee too!!! That was sweet to dedicate this post to her. She was your little supervisor ;)


deb said...

Simply gorgeous studio! Just beautiful.

So sorry for your loss. Sending warm hugs.

Karen Valentine said...

Thank you so much for joining the party again this year Celeste!! Your room is always inspirational! Have fun at the party!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Thank you so much for joining the party again this year Celeste!! Your room is always inspirational! Have fun at the party!!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful space and move you made, so much work and love has been put into it. I'm so pleased you stopped by sweetie and I think you are one amazing woman, none better! So beautiful and organized. I'm so pleased you were able to stop by and remembered my starting of my room. Still more to be done but that is what makes it fun and worthwhile, keeps us thinking too. lol Hugs and love and so sorry about Miss Beazy, I'm sure you miss her. Sweet tribute, xoxo Marilou

Geralyn Gray said...

You have a very sophisticated style.....I love when there is an overall feeling of a room and it carries over to the look and feel of the blog design too.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh man I wish I had a 3 car garage! Everything is great and everything in it's place, you must be over the moon. I still feel so bad about Miss Beazy, oh she is so sweet!


DeeDee said...

I love this so much.. but I am way to messy to live is such beauty... thanks so much for sharing.. so inspiring and many fun ideas....

DeeDee said...

We are neighbors... do you ever craft at The Little Blue House in Keller...?

It is an awesome fun place... we could meet half way there... I love meeting my blog land friends and I think you would love her little craft shop..Google The Little blue House and take a peek..

Thanks for the kind comments.. your room gives me so much I wanna make for mine...:D such grace and style..

email me and we will see what we can do.. i love to craft with friends thats why I built my studio as I did... thanks for the visit..

Unknown said...

Oh, my GOSH!!! This is simply exquisite & so romantic, Celeste. You truly outdid yourself on this makeover. Now you inspired me to add trim to my lampshade that has been driving me crazy. But, BUT, no pink roses in there ... :(

Your studio is so you, Celeste. I love it.

Miss B is rest sweetly ...

Have a great weekend ~
Hugs & love,

Lovey said... your studio my friend!!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

So lovely to picture you painting and creating in your beautiful studio, dear friend and thanks for showing us around.
You always share so many inspirational and lovely things.
Such a beautiful tribute to sweet Miss Beazy Lee. Sending hugs and hope that you are enjoying the weekend.


Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh sweets...I love the changes and your new, softer look. Totally dreamy. Absolutely love it.

I was doing GREAT until I read again about your losing your precious doggie. My Miss Mollie is laying next to me and at almost 10 I think everyday how precious my time with her is.

I hope as you heal you'll find it in your heart to give another doggie, maybe a rescue animal, a new, loving home. You could do it in honor of your girl. You have so much love to know?

You bless us with your talents. Always left in awe of your work.

Love, Rebecca

Denise said...

Dearest Celestina Marie, I so enjoyed the tour of your studio.I caught a glimpse of a few of My favorite things,two are;black and white toile and all kinds of lace.Thank you also for your visit to My place.May The Lord continue to bless you-Denise

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You have such a beautiful space, Celestina Marie! I love the furniture you have in here and that you've unified everything with the same color. I have two tables in my room that I am hoping to paint an antiqued white color in the coming months. Love the fabric skirt under your cabinets. You've got such great storage, too. Love how you've labeled the stackable storage. Thanks so much for sharing your creative space!

Ruth Welter said...

Celeste, all I can say should see my work space, what a mess, you would probably collapse just laying eyes on it. Your studio is so beautiful and neat, I don't know how you do it but I am envious. Every time I try to keep it neater, I slip back into my sloppy ways.

Always a pleasure to see your beautiful space.


Helena White said...

I can only echo what others have already posted, except to say simple exquisite! Celeste is "Romancing The Room" Love it!
♥ ஆ

Jill said...

Absolutely stunning! We definitly have similar tastes :-) Everything looks so nice, and how exciting meeting the President in the White House! Big accomplishments indeed!


Red Rose Alley said...

Your creative space is wonderful! I love the black and white color combination all throughout. I have always wanted a creative corner to work on projects and things. This is such an inspirational space. The picture of you is gorgeous, my friend. So nice of you to dedicate this to Miss Beazy.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Vicki Dutcher said...

WOW! Amazing space -- awesome photographs. So sorry on the loss of your "best friend" :) TFS

Sandy said...

Stunning studio! What a painters haven. Thank you for sharing.

Ginny said...

oops, I guess there was a glitch in my comment.
Anyway, everything is so lovely Celeste. If only we all could have such a beautiful place to create!
I could live in your studio!

Breana said...

Very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

A China Cupcake said...

The black and white photo accentuated the design sense of your spaces . It was refreshing to see a new approach to sharing the studio space. Every detail popped out by the use of the soft monochromatic shades you chose in your photographs . It is a fabulous studio !! I think it made me realize how important the chair we choose to sit in while we work is essential to focusing on creating. Pat Beglin

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful creative space you have, full of treasuries, so well organized.
I have no doubt that your daily inspiration is coming from this beautiful place.

Have a nice creative summer. Blessings and Bonjour de France !


Robin said...

Beautiful studio full of the lovelies things. Thanks for sharing!
Have a great week.


Ingeborg van Zuiden said...

Hi Celestina Marie!
I hope you are enjoying the summer and your garden. This first ;-) Your studio has becoming so so beautiful and serene looking! You've really made it so special and so you! Gorgeous! I can imagine you are so inspired to create in there. Enjoy!!!
Blessings and hugs,
Ingeborg ;-D

Something Special said...

Oh, how I love the white, with black and French touches. I would love for you to visit my studio, as we seem to like a lot of the same things.

Dorthe said...

Dear Celestina,
this is a very beautiful room, I love your studio, filled with your wnderful creations. Love your romance with roses, and beauty.
A fantastic place to be creative and happy!
Sorry for you loosing your friend.

Charmaine Hansen said...

Your space is so refreshing and peaceful. Love the idea of turning the third garage into a studio, it is a true gem. It was so special that you dedicated this to Miss Beazy Lee. Thank you for having us all over for a visit.

Maureen Hayes said...

Your studio itself is a work of art!! i couldn't stop looking at the pictures and each time seeing another detail I loved. I am SO very sorry for your loss of Miss Beazy Lee, our animals are truly our family and they do help us create as well. I pray you are healing from that awful loss and that time will help.

Hugs and prayers,

Kristi said...

I adore your lovely space! The color scheme is pretty,it looks so clean and fresh, but totally feminine. I am sad to hear about Miss Beazy Lee: she is beautiful and I love that you dedicated your post to her. Take Care.


Holly Loves Art said...

Thank you so much for visiting my creative space. I've so much enjoyed seeing yours! I feel so inspired! I'm so very sorry to read about your fur baby. My thoughts are with you.
Take good care,

Cheryl said...

Stunning studio! A true work of art!!!

Createology said...

Celestina Marie your space is as beautiful as you are. There is a peaceful calm and serenity that appears ethereal. Blissful Creativity Abounds...
Thank you for sharing.

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for sharing your space with us. I love all of your beautiful organizational pieces too. You are someone I really admire, so lucky you share your love of all things beautiful with all of us.

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

First of all, I just wanted to tell you that I think its a beautiful that you dedicated the post to your sweet Miss Beazy Lee, so sorry for your great loss.

You have a beautiful romantic and peaceful space to create it and its nice to see how you use the space and see your work. Very lovely tour, thank you for sharing!!!

June said...

So, so beautiful! I am so happy to have seen the space you make your magic.

fairyrocks said...

The finesse is in the fine details and you certainly have that nailed. I love how you just slide the 'White House' bit in there. Are you kidding me!! Awesome place to create in. Just looking around your beautiful blog, you are mega talented. Keep smiling and creating.
I know what it is to loose a dear companion, They add so much to our lives and ask so little in return. hugs for you.

romance-of-roses said...

I am in love, yes in love with your studio. What else can I say, everything is so beautiful just like you and you inspire all of us. Of course Miss Beazy Lee is missed by all of us too, she was a doll. Blessings from a friend who wishes you the very best in everything you do...Lu

bee'nme said...

Hey sweet Celeste, dear friend! You always amaze me with your creativity, and talent, and kindness... Your beautiful creative space is simply gorgeous and is a lovely reflection of your heart. From your painted lovelies to your decorating brilliance, and every creative endeavor in between, I am always inspired and enriched - thank you for sharing who you are and what you do and what makes you tick - it's so lovely to read it and see it all!

Can't wait to get the Etsy shop going and visit with you there - more happy creative times ahead no doubt!!

Thanks for your sweet, encouraging comment on my studio - I am having a blast redecorating my home, and I am always inspired when I come here to continue to create what I love and make the spaces in my home inviting...thank you for that inspiration!

Much love and prayers too - I give my Maddie baby dog an extra squeeze when I think of your sweet Miss Beazey Lee, as I am reminded to treasure the times we have with our furry family members... May God continue to bring you comfort and peace...

Hugs & Blessings,

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Celestina Marie,
Your studio is so beautifully dreamy! Thanks so much for the wonderful tour and thanks for sharing your adorable creations!

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