Friday, January 18, 2013

Making Friends and Grow Your Blog!

Welcome friends to Grow Your Blog, hosted by Vicki from 2 Bags Full

This days focus is to introduce who we are, why we love to blog and making friendships across blogland.
What it is like to keep a blog going and the joys of the journey?
For those friends I haven't met yet,
 Hello and welcome to my blog.
 My name is Celestina Marie.
 I love to blog, create, paint, go junkin, decorate, manage my shoppe and have made so many wonderful friends across the world because of blogging.
Some of my dearest friends call me Celeste or just Celestina.
 I was named after my grandmother who was from Naples, Italy.
 I adapted our name to my blog to honor her.
 I always sign my comments that way too, but refer to myself as Celeste off the blogs.
 I never think about this, it just comes easy.
Did you know I first started blogging many moons ago called Toletalk Treasures, then La Rea Rose?
 Yes, it was my first attempt learning my way around.
 I shared my love of the decorative arts and tole painting.
Those blogs are long gone and forgotten, but I still share my world of swinging paint brushes and interior design which is my great love.
I have been decorative painting for over 30 years and my journey has taken me in many directions.
Too many to share here in this post, but you can read more HERE  or my blog profile if you care to know more.
Blogging brings us all great support and encouragement.
 We share our life and creations in pics.
Join me for a cup of tea as we talk about what grows our blogs.
We share ideas and the unusual, recipes, roses and music.

Our gardens and nature,

families and joys!
We do the happy dance when our friends are featured in a publication or article.
When we find a good read, we share that book with others knowing they would want to know.
Or share our collections, just because that's what we do.
Post about Paris and those creations we love because we all are a little French inspired these days.
Come home running when we find a wonderful treasure and so anxious to share it with  our friends.
Sending hugs and support when we have sad and difficult times.
Lifting our prayers and sharing our faith for our friends across the world.
So the journey continues, posting our loves, creations and stories.
 Making new friendships and growing our blogs.
Sharing our dreams and always learning.

Yes, it takes time,
I find moments here and there
and schedule most of my posts ahead.

But I find the fun and the friendships give us wings to keep going.

The encouragement and inspiration guide us through blogland.
Thank you for joining the fun and stopping by the first of this linked party event.
Not only do we all love to grow our blogs, but as bloggers, we grow in our journey blogging.

Now for some added fun,

 I'm having a Grow Your Blog Giveaway for this basket heart.

All you have to do is enter when you comment on this post and that's all.

We want everyone to know, they are appreciated in the blogland world.

I'll post the name drawn on Feb.1st 2013.

Friendships are special and this darling ornament, a gift to me from my dear friend Sue, says it best.
Sharing Smiles and Blessings,
Celestina Marie  XO


Julie Marie said...

So beautiful Celeste!... I never would have known you if not for our blogs... you are one of my dearest friends and I always look so forward to your posts... you share so very much of yourself... your beautiful home and crafts... and your kind heart and soul... you are right... we cry with each other when we are sad... and laugh with each other when we are happy... that'w just what friends do... I love you sweet friend... xoxo Julie Marie

Jan Hermann said...

What a wonderful post, Celeste! Your blog is always fun to visit!

Jan ♥

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

This party is going to be a nice way to learn even more about the bloggers we visit. The heart basket you are giving away is beautiful Celeste and is a pretty example of the talented painting you do.

Donna said...

What a wonderful post, Celestina! That is so neat you were named after your Italian grandmother! I love your sense of style, and your gorgeous hand painted roses are just amazing! So true how blogging enriches our lives, and gives us the chance to meet so many sweet kindred spirits. Like you!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Celeste, I think you said it all! Getting excited about sharing our finds and life events...I got more appreciation for what I did for my son's wedding from blog readers than any real person..bloggers appreciate the work that goes into a project. The biggest draw is like minded people. And we do support each other...I get sad just looking at Miss Beazy!


DeeDee said...

I am so glad I found you in blogland.. I don't even remember how now.. but I do know I visit every post..I just love it here... Hugs

Anonymous said...

this is great, such a wonderful blog hop, we all get to know a little ore about everyone!

Art and Sand said...

I too am participating in the party. I've been following you for awhile, but I learned a lot more about you tonight.

I'm looking forward to meeting lots of others.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful post. So happy to meet you.

Jocelyn @

Kimberly said...

so nice to meet you. A beautiful post and you have a way with words. I see your an animal lover..... me too!

Vicki Boster said...

Beautiful Celestina-
What a lovely post-- you have shared your very soul here. You are so loved by so many-- and I am happy to call you friend. Your beautiful scarf arrived last night- more precious than words can say--- thank you my friend. You will touch a life with your precious gift - in ways that you might not think possible. Watch for a beautiful post soon that will feature your lovely donation.

I'm so happy to play a small part in bringing blog friends here to meet you and your incredible blog. Your talents are amazing--- thank you for the lovely bookmarger--- so so pretty. My Mother was a tole painter-- your creations touch my heart--


Laurie said...

Hi Celestina, love your blog. I can hear such a sweetness in your voice. Thank you for visiting me earlier. I'm so happy to meet you.

1CardCreator said...

What a lovely post Celeste, I am one of the lucky ones who has come to know you through blogging and I count myself blessed to call you my friend. Not only is everything you share here gorgeous but you are such a beautiful writer too, and that in itself is a real talent. I always look forward to seeing all the beauty you share and along the way learning more about you. Have fun on this journey, I am off to see Vicki! ~Diane

Chris Flynn said...

Lovely blog! So glad to have found you. I'm looking forward to a long and warm blogging friendship!
Sweet Blessings, Chris

Patrice said...

You have such a beautiful blog! You shared so much in this post and were awesome at telling others what is good about blogging. Good job! I am now following you. I would like to invite you to visit my blog Please say hello when you drop in. Also, I'd like to be entered in your giveaway.

Ginny said...

Celeste, I am so happy to have found your blog when I did many years ago! You are a special lovely lady and impecably creative. I love looking at your pictures and I so often get inspired by your work! BTW, in the first picture there is a wall hanging with flowers...WEll, I have exactly the same one only it is in my bathroom over a free standing cupboard!!!! And it used to be purple when I bought it and now it is antiqued white and rusty looking...

Kathy said...

You described blogging just perfectly and I enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos, too. Well done!

izary said...

uwielbiam Twój blog, Twoje wnętrza tak piękne, romantyczne i kobiece,
dziękuję, ze chcesz się dzielić swoimi dokonaniami i emocjami :) pozdrawiam serdecznie iza

lilybets said...

Hi Celestina,I'm ok, but very busy to build my web site.I have sold few first parcels full of glass crafts and I do love my creations.Sorry do not visit your blog often,but my free time is very few....
I have to put all myself to create the success of my family project!God bless you my dear friend,Celeste is a beautiful name!

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

So nice to meet you, Celeste! I appreciate you visiting at Knick of Time. You have a beautiful blog and items in your etsy shop!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Such a lovely post, Celeste! I enjoyed my visit and am so glad to come here through the Grow Your Blog party. Enjoy your weekend!

Hayu Maselli said...

I just want to say only love to you my dear friend.
Best wishes for you

Jessica @ A Humble Creation said...

Hi Celeste,
What a sweet introduction! I love how you shared the connections you've made and what blogging means to you. As a new blogger, I look forward to continuing to develop those special relationships. Thanks!

Donna said...

What a pretty blog! It's nice to meet you. And thanks for visiting my blog!

High Heeled Life said...

Beautiful post both in photos and words. Blogland is truly a unique and a most blessing place to belong to. Blog friends are truly an inspiration and touch our lives more than words could ever say.

Wishing you a fabulous week-end my dear friend..xo HHL

Down Blueberry Lane said...

This has been a fun post to read. I look forward to more of your posts. I always find it amazing that anyone can paint such beautiful, detailed art like yours. Blog-land is definitely therapeutic. --Susie

Elizabeth Edwards said...

nice to meet you - please enter me into your giveaway. so exciting. i wish you a good day. please drop by my blog. take care. big hugs. ( :

Patty C. said...

Beautiful blog- enjoy the party!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

My name is Francie Marie and I was named after my Italian aunt because I am the second daughter. My mother thinking she was through having children named my sister after both Grandmothers.
Now I'm going to catch up on your posts ! Ciao !

Kerri said...

I think you were my first blogger friend and I am so glad we are still friends!! I treasure your friendship more than you know. Yes we love French these days don't we?!! I teared up when I saw Miss B picture there! Aaaww such a love!

I keep forgetting to ask you. Did you widen your blog and did you do it yourself or someone did it for you? I also need to figure out how to add the buttons on the top like you did. I am having major problem with blogger not letting me add pictures to my blog :(


yaya said...

Celeste, Thanks for visiting my blog and I love yours! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things about yourself and your love of vintage and decorating. When I scrolled down to the previous post I was shocked to see the hutch you painted white because I had one identical to it that I bought off a friend probably 30yrs ago! I loved it but gave it to my niece when we moved into our present home. She loves it too and I'll have to show her this pic so she can see how lovely it can look when given new life! Enjoy this blog party as I am and meeting new and creative bloggers like you!

Anya said...

Dear Celeatina,
I'm visiting from Vicki's Grow Your Blog, too. I love your blog and all your works. I'm so sorry for your dog. Only who has and love dogs can understand...
Come and visit me

Roberta said...

Hi Celestina,
As you, I also was named Celestina after my great grandmother.
Your post is very nice !!!
Greetings from Italy !!
Roberta Celestina
La Sportina

Kadee Willow said...

What fun it has been getting to meet new people through this blog party! And your blog is just a delight!! So sweet, creative and charming! The give-away is amazing and it's fabulous that you would share this with us! When you have a chance do drop by my blog for a visit... I look forward to stopping by each other's blogs and getting to know one another. Your newest follower... Kadee

Beth said...

Hi Celestina Marie, You create very beautiful things, including your photographic images. The basket you painted is so sweet; what a talented and kind lady you are. Your dog was a beauty and I am so sorry that you lost her last year.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your blog and name are beautiful and have enjoyed visiting via Vicki's GYB party. It's been delightful, visiting old friends and making new. God's blessings on the work of your hands and heart.

Amber said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a beautiful blog. And are your photos from your home? They're so pretty! And white! I couldn't pull that off here with three kiddos and a dog! But I do love the look of white!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a beautiful post you have written. I love your painting style.
I will look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you!

Bernadett said...


Nice to meet you in this party.:)

There is a giveaway on my blog,too.

All the best.:)

Gabriela said...

Nice to meet you Celestina!Your blog is beautiful and I love your painting!!!

Unknown said...

It is such a pleasure to meet you! You have a wonderful blog!!!
The basket painted with Roses is gorgeous. Roses are my favorite flower.

I look forward to seeing more of your work and your charming personality.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Celestina Marie, it is so nice to meet you and to visit your gorgeous blog... oh my those photographs are so lovely! I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. I am your newest follower by the way and will look forward to many more visits in the future.
Hugs for now...
Beth P

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Celestina
I'm so glad I came to your blog via Vicki. You have expressed what blogging is and means so beautifully.
Your painted items are so delicately and precisely created.
I, like you, love to treasure hunt also particularly with vintage laces and doilies with which I create my artworks like fabric journals, hearts etc.
I will now follow you and you just might like to reciprocate if you love vintage and vintage creations.
Wishing you a blessed life,

Unknown said...

Awe sweet you remember our meeting way back in ebays groups? I do and it was your name that drew me because my sister was named Celeste. What a sweet friend you have become. We havent even met but i feel if we did, we would sit right down,, with our cup of tea and be able to visit for hours! You inspire and spread so much friendship wherever you go. How eloquently you have shared what blogging has become for so many. Thanks for blessing me with your friendship!
Be blessed,

Marjorie said...

Hello Celeste, I haven't been by for a while. I just love what you have written in this post, thank you for sharing your lovely photo's and thoughts... it's true what you say about blog land, you meet some really beautiful people who care about what you are and what's happening to you.. I really love the ornament your friend Sue gave you, the words are so beautiful!..
xxooxx Marjorie xx

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Celeste, You have such a beautiful blog! Your photos, projects and words all create a place where we can come and just relax and enjoy. I have signed up for emails so I know when you are posting! Have a wonderful evening. Linda

Maureen said...

Wow! I just love the way you've added that extra facet to this blog party; about growing in our journey. So very true - thank you for pointing that out. Your blog is so beautiful, it's certainly not my first time here, nor will it be my last! Thank you so much for visiting me as well. Best, Maureen

pippirose said...

Your blog is beautiful, and I`m looking forward to reading more of it.
Your giveaway is gorgeous!
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Robyn said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I am spending way too much time here this morning! I will come visit another time!

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful site. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway! Stopping by from GYBP. I'm hosting a giveaway as well!


mitz said...

...thank you for letting me tour your blog.. it was so nice reading all about it.. thanks too for such great blog candy.. wow.. mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

Denise Bryant said...

What a treat to visit your blog! I found you on my meanderings through the GYB hop! Your basket heart is lovely!

Tina said...

beautiful photos

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