Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Last Dinner on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
For me Mother's  Day is special, not only because my family blesses me with their thoughtfulness, but because remembering my mother is a gift that I can reopen each year. A treasured gift that lives in the depths of my heart.

This story begins on a gorgeous Mother's Day in the year 2000. The day was warm and sunny accompanied by plans for a special dinner for my mother in our home.
You see, after my father passed away in 1998, I brought my mother from Michigan to live with me in my home in Texas. God brought my family 2 years earlier to this very home that would have a room just for my mom. A home where just outside our subdivision and across the road, was a care facility. Little did we know at the time, there would be a need for that care. But God knew and was preparing us for what lay ahead.
At that point, mother settled in with me and my family and life continued by the grace of God. However, little by little my mother's health was failing. She had medical issues and needs that I could no longer meet. I tried, I really tried. I cried and really cried for the strength and courage to continue, but that was not going to be the plan. Now the help of the care facility was needed. So close by and so easy to visit every day. What a blessing it was.
Mom once again settled into her new home. I decorated her pretty space, with all her treasures to give her comfort and feel like home. Not a word of complaint was ever spoken from her lips, not a discouraged attitude was ever reflected in her pretty face. She was showing us the grace and dignity of a life in its final days. It had to be difficult for her making this huge change. The grand lady who worked and retired from the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, was also a homemaker, gardener, decorator, crafter, cook, wife, mother, church faithful and friend to all.
As time went by, my family and I spent every day visiting my mother. Mornings, afternoons and evenings we all stopped in to spend time with mom. I planned special events, picnics outside mom's room, sing a long times, birthday parties and so forth. It was a time to soak up so much to learn about life and the fragility of our days on earth. Mom still had so much to tell me and show me. She was an angel on earth and her work here not yet complete.
By now the first Mother’s Day after mom’s move was approaching. Mom was doing well enough to come home for the day to enjoy dinner and spend time with the family. We all were looking forward to the outing mom would take to be with us. I cooked and cleaned to make everything just right. I prayed for our day to be as special as could be, and it was.
I can still see mom as my husband brought her home for the day visit. He wheeled her up the walkway in her wheelchair and my heart beat quicker with the excitement to entertain my mother. She was dressed in a pretty lavender suit. The color was gorgeous against her pretty silver hair. A little blush on her cheeks brought out those gorgeous brown eyes that danced and glistened like the pearls around her neck. It was easy to see how happy she was to be in our home for Mother’s Day.

Dinner was wonderful as we all talked and laughed sharing family memories. I played the piano for mom and we sang her favorite hymns. We went outside on the patio to enjoy the sunshine of this perfect day continuing the laughter and family stories.

As the day came to an end, I cleared the dining room table and cleaned the kitchen as mom sat by talking and laughing just like many times before. What a gift when I look back. How fast time marches on as life moves us forward.
When it was time to take mom back, we all rode along to settle her in her pretty room for the night. We gathered to say a prayer as we always did in parting, knowing we had been blessed once again with a memory that would last us forever. Mom passed away just 3 and half months later. Just 14 weeks from that special Mother’s Day and last dinner. The last time she would ever be in my home. The last time I would see her in that gorgeous lavender suit, hear her voice at the dinner table and see her generous smile.  With fragile hands, mom stroked my hair as we said goodbye. Thanked me for a lovely dinner and special day. I can still see her hand wave as we walked out of her pretty room. “See you tomorrow, we all said.”  Tomorrows did come and go in those weeks before mom took her final move to heaven. Looking back  on those days were the best of my life.  Times in which I learned so much from my mother.  The one who always had a smile on her face and kind word for all.  Generous to a fault and a giver of time.   Encourager and cheerleader to everyone.
Learning's that will never have a last time!
This Mother’s Day will once again give me the moments to look into my heart and reopen that gift from the past.  It will be a time to be thankful for the dear mother I was blessed with and the mom I hope and pray I can be, set by her example.
Mom used to say to cherish the moments, take time to be kind and in all ways ask God to direct our path. Insightful words from a wise lady.  I hope your days are special and blessed by gifted moments shared with family, friends and Mothers.      (c)Celestina Marie

Many Blessings Always.
Your Friend,
Celestina Marie


Unknown said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post and your Mother was blessed too as I'm sure she knew having a lovely daughter like you.
Have a wonderful Mothers Day sweetie, hugs and love sent your way:)
Marilou xoxo

Jenna said...

Celestina, You are the image of your mother in every way. You are generous and caring and a friend to all, uplifting and courageous, helpful and loving...I could go on and I have not even met you in person. I know your mother was so proud of you and who you have become in lifes journey. I know if you could have cared for her in your home you would have. I cared for my mother in love for three years when she moved in with us and it is a very hard job but very rewarding in love... she was also put in a care home for her medical issues that I wasn't qualified to care for mother will be moving in with us in the next few years, not for medical reasons but just because we want to be closer to each other and not a state away. I will again eventually be faced with my mothers life journey coming to an end and my hope is that my memories will be as vast and full and that my mother will fuel a loved and cared for a your mother did. Your tribute to your mom is so beautiful and so loving and she looks down on you everyday and see's what a wonderful person she created...Have a happy Mothers day :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Celestina Marie,

You have shared such a beautiful post of your dear and precious Mother. Like you, I am so grateful for all I have learned from my mother and the love between a mother and daughter is a precious bond.
Sending love and wishing you a happy mothers day


Irene Helms Designs said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. It sounds like you were blessed to have such a grand lady as your mother, and she was equally blessed to have you as her daughter. Thanks for sharing!


Denise said...

God bless you, and your precious angel momma.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Such a beautiful testament of the love in your heart! Happy Mother's Day!

Julie Marie said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your pretty mama Celeste... I always cry when I read your posts about her and your love you all have for each other and the memories you carry with you in your heart... like you, my family is the most important thing in my life... Mother's Day is a hard one for me too... my mama passed away so very young, two years younger than I am now... and I miss her... there is nothing in the world like a mama's touch... much love to you dear friend, and Happy Mother's Day, xoxo Julie Marie

Donna said...

What a wonderful post, Celestina. Your mom sounds like such an amazing woman, you are so blessed to have spent so much time with her. And you were such a blessing to her as well. Taking her into your home, then creating a beautiful room for her in the care facility. And what a blessing that was to have been so close to your home. I had tears in my eyes reading your post. So many people never have that closeness with their parents, or even care for that matter. What a loving daughter you were to visit her each day, plan activities, and be so attentive. I am sending you a big hug, as I know that tomorrow will hold bittersweet memories for you. Take care, my sweet friend!

Susan said...

Celestina, this was such a beautiful post and tribute to your mother. She was a beautiful lady!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Celestina Marie,
Lovely tribute to your Mom's last dinner at your home. You were so lucky for having her nearby. My last dinner that I prepared from my Mom was on December 2nd of 2005, the day before they departed for The Netherlands. We'd given them this ticket for a final (did not know it than)stay of 6 weeks with us. Soon Mom went on kidney dialysis and she no longer can be away from home... Like you, I treasure those things of singing together; praying together and sharing meals and friends with them. It will never come back but in our hearts we always can relive it. May you too have a blessed Mother's Day weekend!

GlorV1 said...

Hi Celestina. What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. Such beautiful memories that you have. I applaud you for being such a dear daughter and your Mom I'm sure was very proud of you. Thanks for the memories. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Desires of the Heart said...

What a beautiful post about your mother! It sounds like she was a wonderful mother and you learned so very much from her about kindness and love. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute. I am missing my mother this year as she passed to her heavenly home last June. It seems really strange that I cannot see her, but I know she is in a far better place, with a new body and mind and that is a comfort to me. Thank you for reminding me of the times I got to care for he too. May you be blessed on this Mother's Day. Linda

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Celestina, I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful and poignant tribute to your Mother. She sounds like she was such a wonderful person, which doesn't surprise me since you are her daughter. I'm doing a lot of remembering of my Mother this weekend too. We were both blessed with wonderful mothers. Thank you for sharing your last days with her. My heart was touched by your post. laurie

DeeDee said...

Happy Mothers Day Celeste.... Hope you get many hugs...

cynthia lee designs said...

What a wonderful post and beautiful tribute to your mother! Happy Mother's Day.

Dorthe said...

Dear Celestina Marie, -what a touching post- I felt sad from the start, knowing in my heat what was to come!!
So lucky you was to have your mother that close, in her last years on earth!! I`m happy for you, there are so many wonderful memories to share!

Carole said...

Celeste, my heart felt your words, so beautiful to read. I can only imagine how wonderful "that" Mother's Day was for your mother.

My friend, your illuminate the net with you beautiful spirit. Heart to heart, Carole xox

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Celeste, happy mother's day to you. It is wonderful that you have so many memories of your mom. I hope you enjoy a very special day today. Hugs to you.


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Celestina, what a beautiful post and such a wonderful tribute to a woman who adored you. You really won't ever have a last day with her because she is living in your heart and will always be available. How lucky we both are to have the wonderful memories that will always be here for us when we need them..Happy Mother's Day to you..Judy

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother for Mother's Day.....
Mother's Day is always hard for those of us whose mom's are in heaven...


Linda M. said...

Celestina, Thank you for sharing this tribute to your mother. How lucky are we both that God blessed us with our wonderful mothers. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Ginny said...

That was beautiful Celeste! This was a lovely tribute to your wonderful mother!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I knew from the first few words of this post that it was going to be special. I just didn't realize how special it would be. This was so beautiful, Celestina Marie. Your mom would be so proud of the way you have honored her in this story.

Thank you so much for following my blog, and I am now following back!


Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful story. I can see where you get your lovely spirit from. Such a special lady in every way.


1CardCreator said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes Celeste. You were blessed with a 1 in a million Mom, and I can see you your sweet spirit you to are in the club of 1 in a million Moms too! Good that you had such a beautiful life with her and such precious memories in the end too. ~Diane

Tina said...

what a nice detail

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