Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cottage Brushstokes

Today begins a new linked party
hosted by;
Etsy Cottage Style
This is an exciting time for me
because this one is all about
painted treasures.
You don't have to be an artist to participate.
You can collect all kinds of art
on every medium too.
As for me,
I am the painter and
did and do paint on all surfaces.
Since I have been painting for way longer then I
care to disclose (over 30 years)
I thought I would start with some pics
from the beginning of my world of
cottage brushstrokes.
I searched through many
albums and box loads of pics
collected over the years of my journey.
Pictures when digital cameras were not even around
and no way to save on a computer.
To begin, I picked a few to start
and left plenty of room for
many more linked parties to come.
In the beginning on my career path
in decorating painting and interior design,
I used to cut my own wood
for the hand painted goodies
that were so popular in the country and folk art days.
Now we call country, farmhouse.
There's a little different twist on the color and style however,
but still a country look gone kind of modern
while keeping with the homespun
cottage and a bit of the French look too.
Over the years I have painted everything and every type
of surface from A-Z.
Taught classes in decorative painting,
designed for a company in miniature,
had booth space in many a mall,
gave demos in stores,
painted on fabric,
redesigned furniture and interiors
and even painted for the White House twice.
To say I've been busy is an understatement.
But, I have loved every minute of my journey
and I would not change a thing.
It is a blessing to live out your dreams
and I am so thankful.
God is so good!
The pictures that follow are an overview
of just some of the painted items I have enjoyed.
I just did not know where to start to share
my cottage brushstrokes, so I will let the pics
do the talking.
Tons of lampshades
Texas Bluebonnets for the souvenir market.

Baskets to Stepping stones.
Trays and fruit and lots and lots of furniture.

The sewing cabinet below
stays in my mind
because it was one of the
most unique style vintage pieces
I found to redesign.
The tools and items on the top
are hand painted on.
People in the shop
used to walk up and touch to make sure
they were not real.


From garden décor
to roosters.
and lots of picnic baskets
of every kind!
Then there were chairs and benches.
Here are a few.

Vintage school desks from long ago.

 So there you go~~
all before my world
took a turn to shabby chic, cottage roses and
French and Farmhouse styles.
The designs above
are many of my own
and many from decorative design books
I studied with over the years.
It has been so much fun
and still is!
Thank you for joining me for this first
For more fun posts click on the link above to join the fun.
See you next time,
and till then.
you know what I'll be doing!!
Celestina Marie Design
p.s. sorry for  some blurry pics.
 I could not get these scanned
so they are picture of a picture!





Julie Marie said...

Oh Celeste, how fun seeing so many of your earlier treasures you painted!... you are such a fabulous artist and I am so happy to have all of my beautiful pieces of art you have painted for me over the years... and I am so proud of you!... I was just telling Laurie you had even been to the White House with your art during the time Laura and Pres. Bush were there!... I still love the early "country~farmhouse" look as you know, and I think your beautiful pieces are still perfect in homes today... that little bench with the bluebirds is my favorite!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I wish I had a fraction of your artistic talent, Celeste! You've done some beautiful painting over the years. I love the benches.

1CardCreator said...

Wow Celeste, you have had a beautiful career in painting, so many beautiful pieces. You are blessed with a beautiful talent, so fortunate that you were also blessed with a way to share it. ~Diane

Donna said...

What a treat it is to see your portfolio, Celestina! Wow, when you say you have painted on every kind of surface, you weren't kidding! What an honor it must have been to paint for the White House! That is awesome! You know how much I am a fan of your work, I especially love the benches and of course those gorgeous blue birds that you showed us. I am so happy that you are able to follow your dreams! Bet you would paint your Guy if he were to stand still long enough:) Thanks for sharing your creations with us, looking forward to seeing more. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am super impressed that you used to cut your own wood pieces, I would love to learn how to do that!!

farmhouse-story said...

you have such a wonderful talent, celeste:) beautiful paintings--esp. the snow and barn scenes--love them!

Альбина Рассеина said...

Wonderful paintings!

Dorthe said...

So many wonderful pieces-oh and so many years dear Celestina- I also love the country style, but don`t have many things from that period in my home now... kind of also live a bit more shabby now :-)
You have a beautiful talent, dear friend.
Hugs, Dorthe

Anonymous said...

You've brought back many memories of painting and crafting for me. Celestina Marie. Your items are wonderful, and I know the joy you had in creating them all. Thank you for sharing these.



Jan Hermann said...

WOW!! How wonderful to see where you've come from and all the different things you used to do. I LOVE the bluebird bench! Thanks for showing them to us! ♥

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Fun to see your early painting designs, Celeste! Thirty years ago I painted like that on any surface I could find. Since I can't paint with oils any more I'm trying to learn watercolor and am going to try my hand at acrylics.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG...That talent is just plain a gift. Shut up that sewing cabinet is amazing! I could comment on every single one. the black chair with the cherries and the picnic baskets. Girl you are a lot more than a rose painter...Although you are great at that too. That was fun, I want to see more!!!

ps thank you for letting me know you got the comment, my google account was screwed up, I just reset my password

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Celestina, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all of these wonderful pieces. Each and every piece is so unique and so charming. Scrolling through this post, I wondered if you'd ever painted a toilet! My thought was that anything is a candidate for your creative touch. Your talent is not just in being able to paint beautifully. It's also in having such a creative mind. laurie

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my goodness, Celeste! Do you realize how much your work looks like the artistry of Marjolein Bastin? It's just beautiful!!! I love the rolling pastoral farm country paintings you've done. So sweet! Thank you for sharing your wonderful God-given talent today, sweetie! Loved it!

Oh....and has anyone ever told you that you look like Marlo Thomas? :)

xoxo laurie

cynthia lee designs said...

Wow...we have a lot in common. I've been doing shows since 1985. Had my own shop for 5 years. Taught sewing and painting classes over the years. Did demos in a couple of stores. And I have loved every moment of my journey too.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful tour down memory lane with all those great painted pieces. You were talented then and even more talented now. I love everything you did. Oh- and I bet you did well at the shows, too.

I used to paint a bit and used to sell slates when primitive painting and folk art was popular but I am not a real artist. I was a pretty good

It was so much fun to see how your talent evolved and changed over time, Celestina. You do beautiful work. Seeing those pictures of you when you were younger? You are even prettier now that you are "all grown up". lol xo Diana

20 North Ora said...

We have much of the same background. A lot of the patterns I recognize! Those were fun times. I still love painting just don't have as much time as I wish. Did you start out in oils?


Unknown said...

Hi Celestina!
I am so glad you joined the ECS party and my Rednesday.I wasn't sure there would be too many joining the new Cottage Brushstrokes.
Your designs are so inspiring. WOW.
I have got to go dig out my paint noe...thanks a lot 8/ hehe

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

On my dear such a wonderful artist you are. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful work. You are so talented and your work is stunning.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...

Oh boy does that ever bring back memories of what I was doing "back in the day", as we call it at our house! We got a new kitchen TV at Christmas which set off a flurry of cleaning and rearranging and I found (and cleaned) some bowls I painted MANY years ago. It is fun to see how our our tastes and out art changes the years!

Jeannie Marie said...

Love the looking back! I have done my share of painting too. I love it all!

Jillayne said...! What a body of beautiful work you have produced over the years Celeste! Your talent never ceases to amaze me, nor does your ability to produce a wide variety of styles and types of art. Amazing!
Thank you so much for digging out those old pictures - it was delightful to see all your lovely creations.
Big hugs,


Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

No wonder your so awesome.. YOU have tons of experience with awesome(NESS) my friend. YOUR spirit truly shows thru in all you do. I have been just thanking GOD for all of you that I cross paths with. YOU grow to care and love all these friends. I love reading your blog and seeing all your pretties. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Not sure if my last comment went thru or not . MY computer froze LOL .. BUT I was saying I am so thankful GOD crossed my path basically with such wonderful friends who we grow to love. I love all your pretties and your blog and I said no wonder your so awesome …YOU Have had years of Awesomeness .. HUGS

Unknown said...

Celeste, I just love this post! So neat to see these pictures of you and past pieces you have painted. I absolutely love that blue bird bench! It is just beautiful. Everything you touch turns out beautiful tho!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday!! You are so sweet to remember!!! Lov4ed seeing your purchases from The Prairie as well as your farmhouse rag baskets. You were the inspiration for Julie's beautiful basket too! They look so fun to make.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Love you,

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Truly Celeste,
This is one of my favorite post you have done...I say this because looking back on all these most beautiful stunning work you have done just floored was so hard to pick a favorite. But I must say I loved the school desk.
I loved seeing you behind the old wood working machine. That's what it looked like to me. You were gorgeous even back then.
Hugs and kisses,
and blessings too,
Marie Antoinette

Createology said...

Your portfolio is amazing and your style is timeless. How lovely to see your range and progression through the years. May you never stop painting! Creative Blessing...

TexWisGirl said...

some really neat pieces and paintings. loved the bluebirds.

thanks for stopping in!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

You are an amazing artist Celeste. You certainly have been busy over the years. What an honor it must have been to paint for the White House! Thank you for sharing some of your history at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh my goodness you are SO TALENTED!

I can't believe you were able to paint like that, wow - I can't paint at ALL, it's always a disaster. (And that's just plain painting, haha.)

I adored your birdies and birdhouses!

Oh what a special treat to see your pretty wares. Well done, ma'am!

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