Monday, March 10, 2014

Guestroom Update

Hi Friends~
I've been working on a few room redos most of the winter
and today I thought I'd share a guestroom.
Starting with a neutral sand color paint for the walls,
I then repainted all the trim, moldings and doors too.
The furniture is a vintage set from the 60's.
I gave it a fresh coat of Old White then
lightly sanded  distress on the edges
and painted right over the hardware on the dresser.
I replaced the drawer pulls on the chest to go with the headboard.
I plan to do a little painted design on the chest when I figure out what will work.
The colors I decided on for this room are soft and peaceful in
light ivory, soft tan, light grey, steel blue, a very faint olive green  and soft browns.
I just love this quilt and the pattern.
The headboard was found and painted by moi several years ago
but looks so much better with the softer colors of the new accessories.
When I found this headboard and bed frame at the Good Will
it was priced 19 dollars and came right home with me.
It was brass and white and in great need of an update.
I sprayed it a farmhouse brown mixed with a bit of rustic copper.
Then I went over the flower designs with black to give it a bit of
old world charm.
Love how it turned out and it picks up the darker colors in the quilt nicely.
I love the shape of the piece, but placing art above
can be tricky.
I thought a long time about what would work, and in the end,
I shopped in my own boutique and added this Fleur de Lis sign that I created.
I think it works fine. Simple and just enough.

Moving around the room,
I have a very vintage pull down desk purchased years ago
when I had a boutique in an antique mall.
I love it and added the checked stool and French graphic to the pull down top.
Above the desk, is a pretty piece I found at a yard sale. It was painted green.
I gave it coat of paint and a new look.
The painting below was a study I painted many years ago
on a sheet of tinware. The colors and subject are nice with the quilt
and the farmhouse style.

The bottom shelf  has a vintage brown transferware plate
and a faux timer candle that serves as a night light
for my guests.
The dresser stands on the long wall of the room
and I off set the mirror on the wall above
to place the little flat screen to one end.
On the opposite wall
is a chest of drawers with a vintage lamp given to us as a house warming gift
many years ago from my parents for our first home in Michigan.
I painted the bottom for a little update and it works perfect in this room.

The framed artwork is one I painted and copied in a sepia tone
for this room.

This silk and ribbon flower bag, hung on one of the chest drawers,
is a treasured gift from a my dear friend,
The soft olive color picks up the thin layer of olive fabric in the quilt.
This pretty brown slipper chair below was a great flea market find
and perfect for this little corner of the room.
I crocheted the light grey throw and made the pillow to accent.
To the left is a vintage floor lamp from the 40's.
It was one of my parents first home décor pieces.
Mr.  CMDesign  gave it new wiring and
I painted the rest and designed a new shade.
So cozy for guests to read by.

For a cup of tea, I placed a little tea table to the side
and added this pretty blue rose cup and saucer made in England.
This little magazine box was a find several years ago
in the 80 percent off isle of Hobby Lobby.
I added the graphic using the transfer blender pen method
and a sharpie pen to darken.
The night stand is just a round wood table topped with
a ivory embroidered  table cloth.
It holds a special Belleek  lamp
for a little accent piece.

On the bed I used some pretty steel blue and ivory embroidered pillow cases
made by my mom along with the shams hand created in a soft velvet like fabric with
tea stained trims and hemtape ribbon and a bit of vintage bling. They are
gorgeous in person.
The pillow is a vintage candlewick piece given to me from my dear friend
Ann from Ann's Finds.
She doesn't have a blog, but showcases a really grand boutique in one of the malls
I used to have a shop in too.

For the window I added soft ivory embroidered sheers
to let in the light. They are a long 95 inches from the top.
Above the window, I added three white iron decorative toppers.
This is really 2 windows with wall between each. So I ran the
decorative rod across to form one large window.
I love pulling them back on a sunny day.
The sconces on the wall above the bed
are on dimmers.
I love using them throughout my home.
So there you have it.
One update complete and several more to share soon.
I'll be back to show you the little bathroom that goes with this room next time.
Thanks for staying to the end of this long post.
See you in my visits.
Have a great week.
Celestina Marie


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

What a beautiful room for your guests. You did a terrific job and left no details undone. I can see you have been busy this winter.
Have a great week.

Valerie-Jael said...

Really beautiful, it looks so welcoming, and you have put everything together with so much taste and talent. Hugs, Valerie

Denise said...

So very beautiful, warm, and cozy. Would be delightful to be your guest. Love to you my friend.

Betty said...

The room is so lovely and I see we have the same taste in sheers. Now if I come and stay in the room I just might be stuffing the pillow and lamp in my suit case when going home. HA! HA!

Sola Scriptura said...

Wow, that room is gorgeous! Your style would do my entire house well here in Scotland... Let me know if you ever fancy a visit :) Have a great day!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Celeste, your guest room is so pretty!... I want to check right in and relax there with my cup of tea at that little table... so many pretty touches in there... love your new quilt!... and the lamp that your parents gave you is such a treasure!... you have made it so cozy and welcoming... your Beleek lamp is so pretty too. And that little bag by Marie is gorgeous!... going back for another look now... xoxo Julie Marie

Jan Hermann said...

Celeste, your guest room is just delightful. Who wouldn't want to stay there? There is nothing you missed and absolutely nothing I would it just as you did it! That quilt is gorgeous, as is everything else.

You've been busy over the winter.

Jan ♥

DeeDee said...

So dreamy.. I haven't' seen candle wicking in a long time..throw back for me.. :D and I love the offset mirror on the dresser..all the touches of home... Love

1CardCreator said...

Beautifully decorated Celeste, you have such an eye for good taste! All of the details are perfect, if I were a guest I would never want to come out of that room! On another note, I felt so old when I read the furniture was a "vintage set from the 60's", lol! Have a great day! ~Diane

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste, I love every detail of your guest room. The colors in the quilt are so sweet and I love the way you pulled out different colors .around the room. The throw you made is lovely. I have a bed similar to yours here. This gives me an idea of what to hang above the headboard. If I were a guest in this room, I would enjoy studying each and every did a marvelous job.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your guest room is so beautiful, I bet your guests never want to leave!

Nancy said...

I'll be right over! Celeste this room is so beautiful!! I hope someday I will be unpacked enough to start decorating the new house, I mean really decorating like you have here!

Have a Beautiful week, and Thank~you for the info you sent yesterday~

Huggs, Nancy

Donna said...

You've outdone yourself yet again, Celestina! I've been pouring over all of your photographs, just admiring all of the wonderful details and special touches you've added! Did you made the pillow shams? They are the very first thing I noticed, and are stunning! The embroidered pillow cases your mom made are so pretty and so special. And that headboard! What a bargain and a great makeover from the shiney brass! Your painted furniture turned out great, and the slipper chair is perfect and looks so cozy! Your guests will never want to leave:) Well done!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Celeste! I love how you painted all the furniture white to tie in together. I love that headboard! Gorgeous and you did a great job painting it.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

I'm in love with this guestroom! You did a fabulous job pulling everything together Celeste. It's so inviting and warm. The windows make the whole room glow with beauty. That was quite a find on the headboard! The makeover you did on it is perfect. And the quilt is gorgeous on it. You have the best makeovers!! I'm so excited we get to have a room by room tour of your made over home.

Blessings & much love, Edie

Denise said...

Hello! So happy to hear from You Celestina Marie :)What a pleasure it always is to peruse Your home.So nice of You to let us all get such a lovely tour.You never do surprise Me because I know how talented You are and You must have a ton of energy.I love the restful peaceful guestroom.It would be a real vacation for anyone to stay there.Unlike Our "Experiment" in Our RV.I did get My daughter's scarf almost done which had been promised before the weather turns.Hugs and blessings across the miles-Denise

Denise said...

By the way :) Your Irish lamp really caught My tree cottage loving eye.

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste! What a lovely guest room. I would feel so comfy in here. I love everything - your bed linens, the tower base of your lamp. The chair the lamp and shade - everything. You are so talented with your painting too. The room is just so pretty. I'm so glad you're liking my silly little cows.
Be a sweetie,

Unknown said...

Oh I love the transformation, especially your new additions, quilt and the headboard.

Your hard work has brought such great results.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

What a lovely guest room! I think the nicest thing about the room is that you've remade or created everything in it!

Jardim Secreto Art's said...

Hi Celestina! Loved the decor, loved every detail. Congratulations!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

The room turned out absolutely beautiful Celestina! I love the colors and all the details. Such a pretty quilt and shams, and I love how your sign over the bed echos the shape of the headboard. I can't wait to see what else you've been up too!


cynthia lee designs said...

Your guest bedroom is so beautiful!! I'm thinking that your guests will never want to leave. You know all of your blogging friends are packing their bags and heading your way for a visit. LOL...

Unknown said...

One of the beautiful rooms I have seen! It’s too perfect that I almost see everything that I have been looking for a room. That lamp, the mirror, the bed, the closet and those accessories, all are beautiful, classy and attractive! Adorable!

Sebastian of
Granny Flat Super Store

Unknown said...

Very beautiful.. indeed.
& very detail.

Melanie said...

It is lovely! I love the colors you have chosen to use. Love the bed and the paint treatment. What type of paint did you use, was it spray paint? I have an iron bed that needs some freshening up. It is white and has been white for many years, it is time for a change now. The head and foot are in the shape of a butterfly. I have had it since I was a child and haven't been able to decide which way to go with it. Daddy found it when he bought his farm. He ran over something with the tractor and stopped to see what it was, it was my future bed. He pulled it out and redid ir for me. I still have it and have used it almost all of my life!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Everything is so perfectly coordinated...But of course...You are a decorator! I love how you painted the bed frame and the pillows are gorgeous, well everything is perfect. What a job to paint all of the trim, but I am sure it looks brand now now.


farmhouse-story said...

charming and cozy room, celeste! your sepia print is lovely and perfect for the room:) have a great day!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I want to be a guest in this room! (Of course, you might not ever get rid of me.) It is beautiful. That headboard is exquisite, and I can't believe you got such a deal on it. I truly believe that you can turn anything into a treasure. I don't think I've ever seen a Belleek lamp. That is gorgeous. All of your softly painted furniture makes this room so romantic and inviting. laurie

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Celeste, you are officially a dot com-er, as Sheila said. Enjoy your new blog name. Your room is very cozy and pretty. Gotta love that headboard and lamp. So many treasures. Enjoy Celeste. Hugs, Linda

Art and Sand said...

There are just too many details that I love for me to comment on each. I love everything in the room.

That sweet little white pillow on the bed is perfect!

Jillayne said...

Such a wonderful, beautiful room! I love the quilt - just love it - the colours, and the free design style of it, while maintaining it's elegance - it's just brilliant. You have pulled together another stunning room Celestina... bravo!

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