Friday, April 25, 2014

Almost There!

Hi Friends~
I titled this post "almost there" because
that's how I feel about my cottage garden and the replanting of most everything this season.
Since our big fence project and taking out 20 trees,
we are nearly back to having the garden looking pretty again.
When I say 20 trees, I don't mean small trees easy to remove.
I'm talking, huge old cypress, evergreens and more.
All planted from the previous owner and by the pool, which was not ideal.
Not only for the debris that falls, but the roots systems going towards the water.
Anyway, fast forward to this moment and I finally have my cottage rose garden
with so many roses, I lost count.
Thankfully all made it through our cold winter except
my rose archway which painfully had to be taken out yesterday.
But replaced with a gorgeous Trumpet Vine which brings humming birds.
A few days ago this bush was full of buds just waiting to burst open.
Today, this was my greeting when I stepped outside.

Lovely double knockouts!
In one corner we planted a gorgeous Red Holly.
It stays green year round and the birds love the berries.
I painted my little French bike red to stand in front.
Mr. Frog just loves to sun himself sitting on the bike seat.
My very vintage step ladder also got a brush of red and distress.
Perfect for my little outdoor critters to live with a visit from
a little lizard now and then.
The little drawer box was another little treasure built by my son with old fence pickets.
I painted it white and added some aqua polka dots for fun.
Begonias like it here.
Soon it will be hot enough to spend time here.
And lots of time here~
Listening to the water bubbling.
This season I repainted the fountain pots with a fresh coat of paint
and outdoor varnish.
Mr. CMDesign  has also been working hard in the garden,
and his latest project was to place this squirrel proof birdhouse
up on a wood pole.
I really must get some pics of the squirrels trying to figure this house out.
They are so mad their free lunch went away.
Now the little birds are happy again.
Right below the bird house in this garden section,
 is a beautiful St. Francis statue.
I searched forever for him~
He stands 3 feet tall, holding a little bird and a birdbath.
Another big project was to add this enclosed pool pump house for the equipment
to the side yard.
I found a little sign at one of my favorite garden shops
and repainted it, changed the words, added a few shells and hung it on the side
of the pump house.
It points the way in case I get lost and need to be reminded to
take time to relax and enjoy ~~ Life Is Good!!
More to share from my garden next time.
But before I go,
Just wanted to thank you for the sweet comments and emails about the potting bench
my son built and I shared in my last post.
Also, for the comments about training a knock out to be a climber.
I don't have any great tips for this except to say,
in Texas, I have tried this in several pots, but I think it would work just the same in the ground.
Start by letting the bush grow tall and long towards the back section where you be adding
a trellis and helping the long vines to weave through.
To the front of the bush, just trim to size and keep contained.
That's it!!
Here is one I have in a large pot along side my studio near the bench.
*just a note, if you are planting roses in pots, they need to be fairly large*
Did you know you can do this with potato vine too?
Yes, here is an example I started.
To the back of this large pot of impatiens,
I have 3 little potato vines planted and an iron trellis hanging on the brick.
Looks like this~

In a few weeks this trellis will be full and lush with the vine.

I'll take pics and share later when the trellis is full.
Till then~~
Wishing you~
Southern DayDreams!
See you next time~
Celestina Marie



Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your garden is looking beautiful! I love all of your touches.

Sola Scriptura said...

I'm really trying to not be jealous for your garden and pool...

Debbie Harris said...

Celestina, all I can say is that was the most beautiful walk through your heavenly garden! WOW!! Thank you for sharing your beauty with those of us that have no flowers as of yet. Soon enough though. :)
Have a blessed beautiful day!

Jan Hermann said...

OKAY...that's it! I'm coming down to TEXAS and enjoying your yard, your pool and a beautiful Guest Room! It's all so lovely! But, wait...I can't be gone from home very long and I really don't like traveling very far...and then there's the Pups...well, you understand. On-line Friends really are the BEST!! Love & Hugs, Jan ♥

Mari said...

Wow my friend your garden, pool area look gorgeous! Such beautiful blooms ;-) I'm loving your fence and your red painted bike are the perfect touch ;-) everything is looking beautiful sweetie ;-)


Dorthe said...

It is wonderful to see your beautiful garden, so fully in bloom, and so fantastic with pool, and the sun beaming from the sky.
Here it is still not too warm, and still not many flowers blooming.
Enjoy it fully dear Celestina Marie,
it is heaven on earth!!

Julie Marie said...

Everything is so gorgeous Celeste!... sorry you lost your rose on your arbor, but the trumpet vine will be beautiful too and full of Hummers... your pool area looks so relaxing... as does all of your garden... your roses are way ahead of mine... oooh, poor squirrels!... they need a special feeder of their own!... you know me and my little critter friends!... your French bicycle is absolutely beautiful!... where on earth did you find it?... and I am so happy you found your lovely St. Francis... I actually have two... the white one you saw in my last post, and another one who is kneeling in my back garden... must have my Patron Saint of Animals in my gardens always... enjoy your peaceful relaxing gardens... they are truly magnificent!... xoxo Julie Marie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your gardens and plants look so lovely, Celeste! Even your functional pieces outside look great. I can't wait to get some plants next week and start to get things going around here. Our last frost is supposed to be Sunday and I plan on being outside and planting on Monday!

Valerie-Jael said...

Your garden is a corner from paradise, just beautiful. Enjoy it after all the hard work! Hugs, Valerie

Createology said...

Southern DayDreams is truly lovely with your beautiful touches. Such a peaceful and calming place to spend precious warm weather relaxing and enjoying with family and friends. Your garden and pool are beautiful. Southern DayDreams Bliss...

Donna said...

Wow, oh wow! Your gardens are just gorgeous, Celestina! I would want to spend all of my time there (or in the pool, hahaha!)! Your St. Francis statue is wonderful, someday I'd like one for my garden. Your roses are gorgeous, well, everything is that you put your magic touch on! And I love, love, love your gate with pretty floral wreath. It's all so welcoming!! You both have been working hard, enjoy!!

Bente said...

Oh, what a gorgeous garden you have, dear Celestina Marie. And the pool, wow, wish I could see one when I look through my window.

Hugs from me

Denise said...

Bless you for all of your hard work. A glimpse of heaven, love you.

Old Time Cindy said...

Wow...20 trees to remove is a lot of work. Everything looks wonderful. Enjoy your special space!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Celestine Marie, your garden is stunning and I love all the pretty things you have in the garden. Wish I could take a tour of it.
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of your garden.
Have a super weekend dear friend.

NanaDiana said...

My goodness! Your backyard looks absolutely AMAZING. Your new fence look great and it must change the whole of your yard to have all those big old trees gone! I bet it makes a huge difference.

Your plants are beautiful and I love all your little pockets of "pretty". xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been a very busy bee, Celeste, and look how beautifully your labor has paid off. Your garden is lovely, and I completely understand how those large trees can be quite the troublemakers near a pool. Thank goodness ours has a screen enclosure, but somehow a few leaves from a nearby oak always manage to come in for a swim. ;)
I love that garden bike and the potting bench is perfect. I've been dreaming of one myself but I have to wait until we move into our permanent home this year.
Loved visiting as usual, my friend.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

I love your garden, that gate is fabulous. Beautiful flowers. Di@Cottage-wishes

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

What a paradise you've created! It's all so gorgeous Celeste. You're going to get so much enjoyment from the trumpet vine. Hummingbirds really do love it. They are so curious and territorial that they'll hover right in front of you. You don't know if they're saying "Hi there!" or " What are you doing in my garden?" ! Roses are the star of the garden. So beautiful and strong.
The little box your son made is adorable in it's new polk-a-dot outfitting! Love it all Celeste and my "garden hat" off to Larry for all his hard work!!

Much love and many blessings, Edie

1CardCreator said...

Your garden is as beautiful as your home interior is Celeste, perfectly designed down to the last detail. You have such an eye for what goes where and how to pull it all together. I love all the pretty flowers and greenery, so welcome to see this time of year. ~Diane

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, your flowers are just gorgeous!! We are just getting started with the rhododendrons and azaleas up here in the PNW and it will still be another month before the roses get going.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh your garden is so lovely and I love, love, love the pool too. So fun to see some of your garden accessories.

Kerri said...

WOW what a beautiful garden! ... not surprised because your home interior is absolutely beautiful as well :) I hope you had a blessed Easter my friend! I've been so busy with the dogs and everything in my shop sold so now I've been trying to catch up. I really liss my blogger friends!


Heaven's Walk said...

Well, I guess it's true what they say about everything being bigger in TX, Celeste! Your bushes and climbers are just gorgeous! I love the way that the Knock-Outs surround the pool area adding a great pop of color above the heavenly blue. What a gorgeous place to spend the day!

xoxo laurie

The Junque Seeker said...

Your yard is lovely! So many interesting touches everywhere. You're obviously a talented family!

Donna said...

Hi again Celestina,
just doing a quick test to see if this reaches your in box. Love your gorgeous gardens!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Celeste I LOVE the gate in the first photo!! Your pool deck looks gorgeous!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Celestina Marie,

Your garden and pool are wonderful dear friend. Can see how much time and work has gone into getting it looking so lovely.
All the little touches like the bird house, the fences and shed are fabulous. You have a clever family.
Many thanks for the kind visit to my blog.
Wishing you a great weekend

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, Celeste! What a gorgeous yard! You have worked so hard. 20 trees, I had one out and it cost me thousands....You must have given up your first born to pay for that! A squirrel proof bird feeder is quite a trick! Can't wait for more

ps: you did not come through on email again...Thank you for the heads up, I have missed so many people that commented!


Cynthia said...

Everything looks so beautiful and welcoming. I love it! I've just finished cleaning my gardens for the summer. I have a long way to go, but your photos have inspired me to keep working. I think I will share photos, when things start to bloom. Of course, here in Denver, it will be a while longer. Thank you, for the inspiration and joy, Celestina!

Unknown said...

Celestina I would spend so much time in your garden and pool it's not even funny. How beautiful! It looks like Heaven. You really do have such great taste. I just love the frog on the bike. I was looking at a frog for my garden the other day and should have bought it. They add a fun touch to any garden. I so enjoy visiting you. You always have such pretty things to share. Thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy the weekend.It sure goes fast!
Can't wait to see your next post.
Bye for now,
Janet's Creative Cottage

La Petite Gallery said...

I am nowhere near there. Maine is still chilly, damp and rain.
You inspired me. Soon as the sun is out I am too.
Beautiful yard.

Unknown said...

Your garden looks amazing from the garden gate to your beautiful roses cascading around your yard. I was painting cabbage roses this week in anticipation of seeing rose gardens soon. Low and behold I stopped by for a visit and found yours in full bloom.

Have a beautiful day.


Debbie said...

What a gorgeous tour of your pool, and gardens, Celestina! Thank you for the tips on the roses, and helping them along to become climbers. I like the pops of color here, and there for added interest.
Your garden gate with the wreath is very welcoming to guests.
Your potting bench looks wonderful the way you have it tucked in with roses, and other plants all around it.
Beautiful post.

Delvalina said...

That is such a huge project! I enjoyed and my eyes feel good now. Thanks for sharing this idea, you have beautiful soul and it comes out to the things you created.

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste! Oh, how I'm missed you and your lovely posts! Your plants and gardens are just so gorgeous! Love those knock out roses and your sweet little bike. Everything looks wonderful at your house. Thanks for popping in to see our new Diva.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jillayne said...

Your garden is just delightful! I love the wreath on the gate, and all the pretty vignettes - how do you decide where to look first! From your decorating inside, to the beauty you've accomplished outside, your home looks positively delightful Celestina!

farmhouse-story said...

gorgeous garden and pool area, celeste! love the rose climbers and your cute sign! enjoy your garden haven:)

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Everything looks beautiful! Sounds like it's been a huge project to get to this point! I like the pool pump house enclosure and the fencing. Love the red bike! I have a little mini one for plants- this gives me an idea!! I like the idea about the potato vine- I never thought of that one! I keep growing morning glories on my trellis but they haven't amounted to much. Maybe the potato vine would work!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Celestina Marie, it's a beautiful garden and love the touches of aqua blue. I think I need a sign that reminds me to relax; I love to work too much.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Beautiful, beautiful , beautiful!!

Love the sweet little fairies in the pot!!

I think switching my Blog email to G Mail has solved the problem for me because i have not had any emails bounced back to me.....


Red Rose Alley said...

Your back yard looks so nice, Celestina, and it is very similar to the back yard at our old house. When we sold the house, I really missed our beautiful pool that my husband help build and the olive trees. We are downsizing now, as the kids are grown, so our home will be much smaller.

The Saint Francis statue is so special, and I love all the little fairies. Fairies hold a special place in my heart.

Oh my, look at those roses, they are gorgeous. You must love going outside and relaxing in your garden. It is filled with beauty and peace.


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