Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weekend Garden~

Hi Friends~

It's August in Texas and once again the temps are balancing around 100 or more degrees.

Today I am starting a little vacation and taking some time  to getaway.
Before I go, I'll walk around my garden making sure
all is doing okay and well watered.
The rest  will be left to the sprinkler system and mother nature.

The blooms so lush and gorgeous in Spring, are now a challenge to keep going.
But most blooms are still very pretty and ready to pose for a few pics.

My new trumpet vine is really doing well and making seeds. 
I was reading these seeds can be planted after turning black next year.
 Not sure about this, as this is my first vine.
Any advise would be helpful.

Here is my little sun tip. 
When it gets really hot and the sun is scorching, I move my umbrella around for shade.
The blooms really thank me.
The sound of water in this fountain bubblier is so peaceful.
We have lots of geckos too. This one feels right at home.
The birds have to enjoy a place of their own among the roses.

This green bush is called Texas Bush Rose and it has become giant.
Still no blooms, but I hope it will soon.

WOW it's hot
now it's time to cool off.

I've scheduled a few posts while gone.
Thank you for your visits and comments.
I'll catch up and see you all soon
when I return.

Have a great week my friends.
Celestina Marie


Aims Pyrex Passion said...

Your garden is very beautiful. I hope you have a safe and very enjoyable vacation Celeste.
See you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning. You have a lovely yard and pool area. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. God bless.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your garden is looking great! Have a nice vacation.

Valerie-Jael said...

Your beautiful garden will be waiting for you when you come back! Have a great vacation, hugs, Valerie

Betty said...

Loved the tour through your garden. The sun is so pretty. I hope you have a very nice vacation and be safe.

TexWisGirl said...

it is scorching hot again! you have a lovely yard! enjoy your time away!

Jan Hermann said...

I love your garden Celeste! It's beautiful. Have a great little vacation get-away! Hugs, Jan

Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden! Your roses are stunning! It's like paradise! You have the cutest accessories; the birdhouse on the step ladder is adorable. I love the float the water too; I would never leave! Thank you for sharing your piece of Heaven! Have a fabulous weekend!

Brandi said...

Thank you for the lovely garden tour. Your flowers are all so pretty and I bet your roses are so fragrant. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Cynthia said...

It's beautiful, Celestina. I love the garden and the little gecko! Much joy~

Junkchiccottage said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Enjoy! Your garden flowers look so beautiful.

Sola Scriptura said...

Enjoy your holiday! Your garden is lovely... a nice reflection of you :)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Geez 100 in Texas!!! Although we get a few 100 days in Philly your sun is intense! Your umbrella tip is brilliant and I will try it. Your garden is beautiful and flower profusion vibrant.
Enjoy your vacation, hopefully somewhere cooler?!

Patty Sumner said...

I am going on vacation the upcoming Friday...I hope to find someone who will stop by and water my plants a few times..feed the cats and let them out each day..hopefully my daughter.. My garden still looks pretty good. I have a few hanging plants I would like to keep watered well while I am gone. Yours still looks great. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.. enjoy!

Unknown said...

You did a great jobs on your curb appeal, I have to get started on redoing my walk way and garden area,! Thanks for the post great motivation.
Relaxing Garden Ideas

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hi Celeste!

Everything looks so great in your garden even with the hot hot weather there! Love the idea of moving an umbrella around for relief from the sun.

We had trumpet vine for years at our house and always loved them. They attracted hummingbirds like crazy - so entertaining. As they mature they can get a bit unruly! The main vines get larger and larger until they hardly need a trellis any longer. They will send shoots out underground so when you see them sprouting get your tough love shovel out and chop the runner off or you can end up with runners all over your garden. They like to be maintained so be tough with them!

Have a wonderful vacation dear friend!! Blessings & love, Edie

Heaven's Walk said...

Gosh, Celeste....your garden looks so much better than mine, and it hasn't even been hot here this summer. :) You have such a green thumb! :) Thanks for the tip on the umbrella. It's brilliant! Have a great time on your vacation, my friend. Praying you safe travels!

xoxo laurie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening my friend! I have been away from my computer all day long, trying to muster up inspiration on all levels. I need to have a poem done by late Monday for my group, but I also took a trip to a GORGEOUS spot on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin called Stillwater. I took photos and lo and behold, I got inspiration for my poem.

This is such a great tip to use a parasol to help those dear plants! August is finally bearing its teeth here, for we had such a mild summer and was a hot one!

Your garden my friend, it is FANTASTIC! These last several days, the flowers have been brighter, more lush, more vibrant because I'm seeing them THREE TIMES - once with my eyes, then with my camera, then with poetry. Oh the fun.

Good night sweet friend, Anita

cynthia lee designs said...

Have a great time on your vacation. Your flowers are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

encouraging blog ...i found you thrue other bloggers...blessings

1CardCreator said...

Your garden is beautiful and very peaceful looking Celeste. I hope you have a safe journey. ~Diane

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Celestina, your garden is beautiful. Your photo's are great.
I am afraid that I would not be outside very much in that heat.
Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy yourself, my friend.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Enjoy your vacation, Celeste! I remember being more worried about leaving my plants when we would go away at our old house. Luckily, just about everything survives, so I'm sure yours will be fine, too.

Donna said...

Your garden is just gorgeous, Celestina! I love your pretty roses, you sure do have a green thumb:) Hope you are enjoying a wonderful getaway, take care!

farmhouse-story said...

your vine looks great, but, i don't know about the seed planting, celeste. enjoy your trip!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your pink roses are gorgeous, Celestina. And I love that little rainbow gecko climbing up the fence. You have such an enchanting garden. I'm just catching up on your posts. I had a very hectic weekend, and all the family was here for a friend's wedding.


Red Rose Alley said...

by the way, I wanted to thank you for having the pop-up comments. They are so much easier to comment, and I wish more of my blog friends had them. :~)


miss b said...

What a pretty garden with many interesting details and plenty of colour. We have been having rain here in England on and off for a few days. I would love some of your sun so that we can enjoy the garden again.

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