Saturday, February 21, 2015

Awaiting Moderation Comments~

Hi Blogging friends!

You may be a blogger who knows all about this,
 but if not,
this is the deal~~

For nearly 2 years,
 I have not received all my post comments in my inbox as set up,
and I know many of you are finding the same thing happening.

So after searching around some time ago, I began to click on
the dashboard 
and then
Awaiting Comments~~
only to find that over half my visitors leaving comments was collecting here.

That's okay, if we know to look there and publish.
If not, we are missing many comments.
Plus, you can't reply to comments published from the dashboard.
No way to follow up if you want by email.

To go to the dashboard, click on Design at the right top of your blog,
then on the left column you will see this below.
Click on comments and then Awaiting Moderation.

Next, when I look on my yahoo page in spam,
I find nearly all the blogger posts that I follow by email collecting there too.
So those have to be sent to the inbox to open and visit or they would be missed.
I wonder how many disappeared in cyberspace!!

I just had about 30 emails here for new blog posts from friends and 
here are two more that just came through.
This goes on all day but again I wonder how many I miss??

Another issue,
after leaving a comment, many are seeing an email 
arrive in their inbox saying Mail Failure to Deliver.
I see this too and it usually means, the blog you commented on
is not receiving your comment in their inbox, but it does go through either saved 
right away on the blog or sitting on the dashboard where  bloggers aren't aware they are there.

I guess the point of sharing this in a post is~
to bring awareness in case you are not seeing comments you normally receive
or visiting friends and they never get your comment
if you are not receiving new posts by email.

Along the way, I have shared this problem emailing some blog friends
about it. 
They have emailed back to say they had dozens of comments awaiting moderation 
and would have never known about this.

So check it out on your blogger dashboard to see if you have this glitch going on,
I can't say there is a fix because I have been struggling with it for, like I said, nearly 2 years.
Help questions have never been answered from blogspot.

So checking spam and the dashboard has been a way of blogging for me and others.

My hope is to help any blogger not realizing this is going on.
I've heard that having an email account with yahoo or gmail could be an issue, 
but I'm not changing my email, so the glitch continues!!

Oh and one more thing,
The addition of the comment box for security and proving who you are,
well, just ignore it for most and your comment will by pass that and still go through 
unless you have set up your comments that way.

So if you haven't seen me ~ or comments from others,
look on your dashboard and you may find lots of comments awaiting to be published.

Till next time,
I'll share with you this darling heart angel I purchased from my friend Linda's 
shop on Etsy 

Linda and I became friends when we were participants in Stephanie's
The Enchanting Rose tea cup/mug exchange. 
I shared my  gorgeous teacup and other pretty angel in that post
last fall.
Isn't she the cutest and Linda has lots more pretty hand created treasures in her shop.

See you soon
 and I hope not on the dashboard!!

Wishing you a great last week of February and warmer days ahead!!

Southern DayDreams
Celestina Marie


Old Time Cindy said...

Hmmm...I don't even have a 'Awaiting Moderation' section under 'Comments'. Blogger can be such a mess and have so many unresolved issues. Hope you can get this worked out.

Sola Scriptura said...

I wasn't aware of this. Thank you for giving me the heads up! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Lauren

Dianna said...

Celeste, you are so kind to explain this so that others may know what to look for if they aren't receiving their comments.

The angel is just SO sweet!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Thanks so much for explaining this situation. Wishing you a nice weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

it's definitely been a new thing for me just beginning about 2 weeks ago that blogger is now rejecting aol and yahoo email users' comments. google/blogger upped their anti-phishing security and now won't deliver them to my gmail inbox but will at least post them to the blog. i can't believe they can't write a program to fix this.

as for the moderation thing, i've never had that occur (and hope i don't!) thank goodness blogger is still free...

TexWisGirl said...

i don't even have 'awaiting moderation' as a menu item since i have my comment moderation set to never.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I just checked mine and there were 8 comments there! Including one of yours! Thanks for the heads up. I had mine set up for moderation if the comments are more than 4 days old. They are suppose to come to my email and they didn't!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my friend! Well, I better check mine, though I'm no longer blogging....just to see if I missed anyone! Thank you!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Celeste... ALL of my comments always have gone into "awaiting moderation", that is how I set it up myself, otherwise I get too much spam... but when I go into my dashboard, it tells me how many I have awaiting moderation, so it's easy for me to just go there and publish everything... occasional there is a spam like comment in there, or a rude one that I do not publish... many of your posts are not coming through my dashboard still though... but I just keep checking your blog to find them!... hope you get things ironed out soon, so frustrating!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Linda M. said...

Hello Celeste, Thank you for sharing this. I've been receiving those message that my comment did not go through. I thought this was a problem with my email. I did see that my comment was added though. I love your little angel. Is the body like a clothes pin? Joyous wishes, Linda

Linda M. said...

Hello Celeste, Thank you for sharing this. I've been receiving those message that my comment did not go through. I thought this was a problem with my email. I did see that my comment was added though. I love your little angel. Is the body like a clothes pin? Joyous wishes, Linda

Crissi said...

So very nice angel!
Hug and a beautiful weekend

Rose L said...

LOL Yea, I figured that out myself as well. Exploration teaches a lot!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Thanks, Celestina, for putting these facts out. I checked and I don't even have an" awaiting moderation" to click on. I guess when I set mine up I didn't put that on, there must be something said for being "dumb and dumber" when it comes to technology. I have g-mail and chrome and have never had any comments that are not on my blog or in my in-box. The only problem I have had is when I comment to Vebeke in Norway. It always comes back saying that it wouldn't go through but it is published and visible on her blog, so I don't know what that means. Your little angel is just darling..Happy Weekend..Judy

Rue said...

I don't moderate my comments, but I'm sure I'll have to at some point, so thank you for letting us know, Celestina :)


Donna said...

I am so glad you posted about this, Celestina! It has been so frustrating, for so many of us. And for so long! Even more frustrating that Blogger doesn't do a thing about it! As you know, I am having the exact same issues that you are, and I am sure countless others are, and aren't even aware of it. I actually stopped commenting on many of my favorite blogs, as they never saw my comments. Again, thankyou for this post, and for making people aware!!

Cynthia said...

This happens to me on WordPress sometimes with my blog. Mine just go in Spain. I haven't figured out how to fix it on there yet


Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste. I went to check my comment section out and I don't have a 'comments awaiting'. But there was lots of spam comments that didn't make it through to my blog. I'm glad of that. Thanks for the info.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Celeste,
Thanks for doing this post. I had no idea... I going to go check now. Your little angel is adorable but not as sweet as you. Enjoy your Saturday, we are having snow blanket us today.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Of course I had to click over while reading your post to see if that is going on with my comments. None awaiting moderation but a ton of spam. I put the filter on last year. To read through some of them is hilarious. They don't make any sense! So glad they have been weeded out all this time. I think I am okay otherwise. Thanks for the heads up.

Valerie-Jael said...

Your little heart angel is gorgeous! I don't moderate my comments, so can't help you about what is going on there, sorry! Hugs, Valerie

Betty said...

This is good to know. Last year I had problems with all my comments going to my yahoo spam. I had to create another email with another server to solve the problem. Thanks for sharing this with us. Love the cute little angel.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hi Celeste!

Wow! What a mess. I found a couple comments in spam under the comments section that were really old. I had no idea that they were even there. Thank you so much for letting us know that these problems exist. I'll be keeping a close eye on comments for sure. We need all the encouragement from comments we can get!

Love & blessings, Edie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have this same exact problem, too, Celeste, but it's been for almost (if not) a year now. It is very annoying and I thought it was a Blogger glitch that would be fixed within a couple of weeks. I do go to my dashboard because that is how I visit the blogs I follow, so I do see the comments left. I miss them coming through to my email though because I like to reply that way. Some come through and some don't. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason.

Glad you put this out there because I get emails sometimes from other bloggers telling me that my comment doesn't come through to their email. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it.

cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Celeste...I know you and I have talked about this. Every comment I leave on someone's blog is saying that it can't be delivered, but I know that some of them are getting thru since I get a reply back. I wish they would get this is really annoying.

Linda Walker said...

Hi Celeste,
Yes, I too found comments in "awaiting moderation" that I did not know were there!

Also it was very nice of you to mention my shop and to include a photo of the angel you purchased. I was very surprised to see her!! LOL! Thank you Celeste! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great tips! I looked and I don't have the same dashboard. I have no "awaiting moderation" section, Go figure. Your tips are wonderful and I'm off to look again. I have difficult receiving notifications that people have posted in the comment section of my blog. I have tried everything to fix it. Your angel is adorable! Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Celeatina Marie,

Many thanks for sharing this post - really helpful and will have to check out my blog.
I love your sweet Angel, so cute.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend dear friend
Sending hugs

Tete said...

I know to do that about checking for comments. Mine is set up to publish the first day and then it goes to the place for you to check it first.
My biggest thing is that the comments that I leave sometimes come back not delivered. I just figured it was going in the comments on the blog and not going to the email...I am going in to check my spam now.

Blondie's Journal said...

I am having similar problems...I leave comments in email blogs I follow and they do not beat up yours. When I try to re-subscribe...I can't I have all of the blogs I follow email. Grrrr. I hope someone has an answer.


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Thanks for posting this! The angel is beautiful too!

Alessandra said...

Dear Celeste, thanks for doing this intersting post and it's very helpful too. Your angel is just gorgeous and very sweet.

farmhouse-story said...

thanks for sharing the great tips, celeste:) sweet angel! have a great week!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Yikes! I've never checked that. Thank you for alerting me to it. I'm going to go check it now.

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