Monday, June 20, 2016

Flowers in Watercolor~

Happy First Day of Summer!!
Hope you enjoyed a nice Father's Day weekend with your family and friends.

The temps are soaring here in Texas
and now it is a challenge to keep the flowers going strong.
The ole water meter is going round and round in our attempt to keep the flowers
alive and pretty.
My trusty large umbrella is a big help.
I simply open it up and place it by flowers in the direct sun.
It really helps to shade and give the blooms a little relief from the heat.
I move it around through the day where needed.

Speaking of flowers~~~
Here is a little share from the past giving flower photos a watercolor edit.


Recently I cut a few long stems from my garden to bring inside and enjoy.

Lovely blooms of pink, red and yellow.

Using my photo programs, I created a pretty watercolor of this bouquet.

I use PicMonkey, or for quicker edits, PhotoScape.

Each has it's own specialties.

Here's another idea~

The photo was a little blurred.

  But perfect as a watercolor.

Lastly, a little bouquet of knock out roses in my kitchen.

Becomes a watercolor perfect for a little frame.

These watercolors were all completed using PicMonkey.
If you use this program and do not know how to get this look,
open the edits section under Effects then scroll to Posterize.
I had to experiment a lot to find this for watercolor. 
You would never think posterize would contain this edit, but it does.

From there you can raise or lower the percentages and degree of the changes for the intensity,
then save your work.

In PicMonkey, 
I have the Royale version
 which is a pay every two years program for the more involved edits. 
I'm not sure the free program has this edit version for watercolor
but if you use PicMonkey you can try and see.

Have a great first week of summer and thanks for stopping by.

See you next week.


La Petite Gallery said...

I have no luck with roses, we have tons of
Rugosa wild roses pink and white. No luck at all with the rose
bushes I bought in 15 years, I have beautiful Peony's yvonne

eileeninmd said...

Hello Celestina, Happy Summer to you. I hope you get a break from the heat. Your flowers and edits are lovely. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

TexWisGirl said...

you have no shortage of bloom material. :)

decorayadora said...

Hi dear celestina,, que lindas flores ,, me encanta esa fotografía ,, espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

Stacey said...

Thank you for this! I've never tried these artistic watercolor photos but I love them. I want to do one of our pond. Thanks for the tutorial. ;)

Unknown said...

Celestina Marie, Happy Summer Solstice!

Patti said...

Oh, those are lovely---both the real thing and the watercolor.

My roses are going gangbusters. We moved into this house almost 11 years ago, and a beautiful garden of roses was already there. They are in a variety of colors. My fave is the two-toned pink and yellow.

The temperature is supposed to soar here this week too. But just last night, I heard the high is only supposed to be 90, whereas last week, they were saying it would be 101. I am thankful for that 10 degree downturn.

Have a great week.

Love and hugs,

Debby Ray said...

Oooh...these are SO lovely, Celeste. I use picmonkey and PhotoScape as well. Also, there is another freebee called Befunky that has many cool edits, including a watercolor one. I use it in combination, like you, with others. Happy Monday, sweet friend!

Creations By Cindy said...

Awe I love your roses and the watercolors are beautiful on them. I done a watercolor (edit) version on once and it turned out quite nice as well. (I was surprised) LOL! Yours is lovely. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love your watercolor of your beautiful flowers, Celeste! I have never tried the watercolor effect, but I so love seeing them on blogs. Thanks for the tutorial on how to achieve the effect. May you have a happy week, even in our Texas heatwave! Love and hugs are sent to you.

craftyles said...

Love how your watercolors turned out. I'll have to see if I have this feature on Picmonkey. I know what you mean about the heat and the water. It's so hot so soon this year. We'll just have to do our best to keep ahead of it.

Claudia said...

Hi Celeste, my dear friend,
your Roses are beautiful, and they look great in WaterColours :O)
Have a wonderful nwe week, hope, you are well, and everthing is doing fine!
Sending Love and hugs and blessings for y joyful week!
Claudia xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Celeste! I have been enjoying the love of roses for about a week now, and recently purchased a pink climbing rose! I don't know if I'll ever paint (probably not), but I have Photoshop and can do the posterized function! What a joy it is to enjoy God's handy work in our own backyards. ENJOY!

Kim said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I use picmonkey, but I have never been able to figure the watercolor feature out. Now I am off to play!! Enjoy that lovely garden!

Unknown said...

Oooohhhh this heat! Your roses and watercolors are luvly. I have a hard time with any rose bush other than the native ones or knockouts.
hoping for a respite from the heat....
Hugs, Gee

Linda Walker said...

Happy Summer Celeste!
these make amazing watercolors! I have some gorgeous flowers that I took photos of and I think I'll give it a try. What a great idea to use your umbrella for flower shade. I don't know why I never gave it a thought before, lol. It's very warm here finally. Supposed to be near 90 today but it's a welcome change for us. Stay cool my friend!
ps thank you for suggesting the Leslie Riley transfer paper. I am going to order some today! :)

Art and Sand said...

Gorgeous flowers ... beautiful photos.

We are deep into a multi year drought so we are not allowed to have our water meter go round and round. I am hoping we can manage to keep our garden happy this summer.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Lovely photos. Great idea using the umbrella to give the flowers a break. Have a fantastic week!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Celeste your roses are sublime, your inspired alternations divine and I am truly loving beautiful roses that grow on the vine. You inspire me my very creative friend.

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful flowers and alterations, roses are always wonderful. Hugs, Valerie

Beverly Dillow said...

That looks like so much fun! I may have to give it a whirl!
Love the flowers!

Roosterhead Designs said...

You are soooo clever Celeste! These 'watercolors' are lovely! Thanks for sharing~ I especially like the 'knock-out' roses in the vase; yes would be a wonderful framed piece of art!
You're smart to give your plants some 'umbrella' relief! Great idea.
Take care my friend, Karen O

Stephanie said...

Your beautiful photos were a breath of fresh air, my friend. How I loved seeing your pretty roses.

It's supposed to get into the mid-90's this week which is pretty hot for us so I can't imagine how hot it must be there in Texas. Stay cool, dear one!

Hugs and joy!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Happy Summer to you and I love those gorgeous flowers and the watercolor effect. I do hope you are enjoying yourself and have many wonderful plans to enjoy yourself. Take care and enjoy the week. :)

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Hello Celestina! I love picmonkey! Thank you so much for sharing how to do this today. The flowers are gorgeous. Happy Summer!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such lovely roses, Celestina, and such a perfect way to keep them forever! Aren't you nice to protect them from the hot sun....Happy Summer! Hugs xo Karen

Junkchiccottage said...

Beautiful Celeste.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

The watercolors are just gorgeous.....just as gorgeous as the real thing!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Thank you for sharing these photo editing options with us my dear friend.
I too use the paid version of PicMonkey and I am so very pleased with it. However, I did not know that we could do this too!
How perfectly wonderful-thank you again and these are all beautiful.
Both the real thing and the edited version!

janice15 said...

All very beautiful and full of color... Happy Monday with love Janice

Cynthia said...

Hi Celeste, these are beautiful. I never thought of the umbrella idea. Clever


Draffin Bears said...

Happy summer to you dear Celestina Marie,
I love your pretty roses and great with the watercolour effect also.
Enjoy your week dear friend

Crissi said...

Happy summertime Celeste!!!
The editing looks amazing.
Happy blessed week
Hug Chrissi

Anna said...

Lovely photos and flowers !!!!
We celebrate Father's day here in March 19th for Saint Joseph.
Have a nice day !

Sue Kosec said...

Absolutely! They are just glorious and you've done wonders with your computer enhancements.

Happy Summer ...

Debbie said...

Your roses are just gorgeous, Celestina!
Either way, I love them all!!
Have a wonderful week.

Karen@Southern Gal Meets Midwest said...

What a beautiful way to change the look of a picture! Thanks so much for sharing this with us and Happy Summer :)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

It's been so hot here that my roses are burned and I have lost lots of my flowers due to heat and drought.

Your roses are lovely and I like the pictures you made with your PicMonkey, I will have to get that program.

Have a wonderful cool week.

Donna said...

Your roses are just so beautiful, Celestina! What neat effects you created with PicMonkey. I just love PicMonkey and will have to try the posterize feature. Thanks for sharing! Keep cool!!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Very pretty Celeste. I use PicMonkey, but have not seen this. I will have to look. Also, I sometimes use the waterlogue app on my phone to do the same thing. Great idea when you have a fuzzy photo. The watercolor look seems to go especially well with flowers. And I'm sure your flowers are enjoying your extra care of them. We are not so hot here, but we could use a good rain. When it rains, I always think, oh good, one less thing! (watering the flowers!)
Just took a peek in your shop while I was over here . . . you have some gorgeous things! xo Deborah

BeachGypsy said...

what beautiful and colorful pictures! Love them!

Christine said...

Hello Celestina! It's been lovely to stop by today & see your lovely roses! How clever & caring of you to move the umbrella around to shade them!
Your edits make for great gift tag or note cards print offs!
Have a lovely week!

Conniecrafter said...

Gorgeous pics and so lovely you were able to cut some from your own Garden, that is a great idea to move the umbrella around to keep them somewhat shaded, if this weather keeps up to near 100's here I may have to use that little tip.
I also like your idea of making your blurred pictures into the watercolor look, next time I have one like that I will have to try that. I have been thinking about using some of my pics for cards :)

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Celestina, you make me so happy. I love doing little things to my photos and I use PicMonkey all the time. I have tried posturizing but just thought it was too wierd, I will have to give it another try. Your photos are beautiful and have just the amount of change that I like. Thank you, also, for your visit and always for your supportive words..Happy Weekend..xxo Judy

Kathy said...

How fun! I use Pic Monkey to edit my photos for Etsy but haven't taken the time to see what else it can do.

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your pretty flowers!! I use Pic Monkey and BeFunky.

Gypsy Heart said...

How beautiful! Your talent continues to amaze me ~ :)


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