Friday, April 4, 2008


Welcome to another room decorated with vintage art deco furniture and walls all in red. Yes, that's right, I dared to go red on this one. Red is one of those colors that either works or it doesn't. The color I worked with for this bedroom is a deep rich red, not orangey like some of the photos appear, but rather a darker tone very deep and rich like crimson. It takes you in with it's warmth and is full of comfort. Whenever possible I like to angle the bed in a room. Not only does this seem to give more floor space but lots of interest from the same old room placement. I also like to add shutters or something tall, like the tree I added behind the bed to fill in the space.
The wall color here looks orange. Due to the light, I could not get the exact true color to show. But, trust me, it is not orange! LOL

To start off, I inherited the gorgeous 1945 furniture from my parents. This was their wedding set and is 63 years old now. ( and for the record, I am not near 63. LOL)
The pieces are in excellent condition with all original hardware. I just had to work it into a room somewhere. The tall armoire holds a closet on one side, drawers on the lower section and an entertainment center on the top right side. Perfectly angled to the bed for easy relaxing and viewing. The dresser has a gorgeous round mirror a top the curved lines of the dresser. Detailed from blended colors of hard woods and round art deco style hardware, it is really a pretty and unique old set.
The long drapes are Laura Ashley tab top panels given to me by my dear sweet friend Lorri. She found these at a resale shop for a few dollars. Realized I had a similar design going on in the quilt and gave them to me. What a sweetheart she is and wow did they bring the perfect finishing element to the room. Added to soft creamy sheers and long scarf on an iron style window rod.
I love adding a lot of pillows. In front of large shams reversed to coordinate with the quilt I have 2 pillows I had made in Euro style, the same fabric as the plaid chair. This helps tie in the look and makes it feel like it belongs with the mix of patterns. By the way, plaids, florals, stripes and the like, can work together nicely when chosen from the same color family. But I always say, if you like it, it works!!

Look closely at the wall area above the armoire. It has a resting place for the eye, on a patterned paper that is also painted the same rich red. It gives some interest to the other wise large area of red. This detail goes around the room about 24" down from the ceiling.Red and yellow poppies fill this large vase and sit atop one of my cross stitch runners. I do this when I am not painting. It seems I always have to have something in my hands working!

The next few pictures are a cozy red plaid chair that I had made many years ago for another room. Vintage 40's swing arm floor lamp with a new shade I made to coordinate. I really love trims and add them everywhere! It is a weakness!! Old vintage night stands painted yellow and distressed help to brighten for a dash of color. I have two of these along both sides of the bed. Also, a very old dining chair covered with patterned fabric similar to the quilt on the bed situated next to a heart table that holds all you need for tea!
And last, the walk in closet is mirrored and inside I like to also decorate with treasures I enjoy for a bit of surprise when you open the closet. The mirror inside was given to me by my dear friend Randi, from In my mother's name. It was made in Norway and is just a beautiful piece. I added a wash of black and have enjoyed it in many places, but for now it works here great!

Now on to the other side of the room viewing from the closet. Here I have a desk area where I have placed some more vintage pieces of glassware from the 40's and a gorgeous antique red tray plate made by my grandfather in the glass factory of Pt. Marion Pennsylvania in the 1920's. It is one beautiful piece. On the desk area I have placed a clear acrylic desk blotter with a Laura Ashley napkin that matches the other fabrics in the room and drapes. This instantly make a pretty desk blotter. You could add pictures, pretty handmade doilies or anything flat for interest. The darling red chair with rush seat, I found at an estate sale. Keeping the display of glassware on the book shelves helps to keep the room light and not weighed down due to the dark color. Red and white English plates with an iron wall piece give the area an anchor. I usually like to work in odd numbers when placeing accents. But this area called for more of a uniform placement.

The following pictures are closer shots of the patterns and accents in this "Seeing Red Room"

This quilt reverses to all floral with the same for the shams.

"Hands to work, Hearts to God" plate I hand painted many years ago.

Beautiful appliqued pillow made by Randi, many years ago. I cherish this hand work made by a very talented friend.

Wooden bed tray I designed and hand painted in shades of red.

Thank you for stopping by to view this "Seeing Red Room" I hope you have enjoyed viewing these treasures. If you missed the first room and would like to see that one, scroll down to visit there. Have a wonderful day and Happy Decorating! Celestina


Anonymous said...

The "Seeing Red Room" is an absolute tribute to your talent, love and spirit that your parents have bestowed upon you!
They are look at this story, pictures and you with great pride and admiration. Thanks for sharing this room with all the world!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Celeste, I love a red room!
Your bedroom is beautiful!

Hugz, Dolly

vickie said...

Oh, Celeste, you know I love this room! I love what you did with the closet too. Just beautiful!!!

Miss Rhea said...

It is all so lovely Celeste. You have such an eye for detail. That would be such a lovely place to visit. :) I love your parents furniture, there is nothing more special to a room than to have things in there that remind us of those we love. Hope you are having a great weekend !! I sure miss you. :)

Lori said...

Red room is berry-licious! However you've won me on the blue so far!! Lori

Katie said...

Like right out of a magazine, but with your special heart in it! Very pretty Celeste!

CIELO said...

Oh, lovely blog, lovely banner, lovely name and lovely YOU!

Nice meeting you


Debbie Kay said...


Wow, not everyone can pull off red but you have truly made it "your masterpiece". I have a friend who literally ruined her living/dining room with "Matador Red". You have done it very tastefully, comfortably and beautifully.

You should be proud of yourself.

Debbie Kay

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh, I could just move right in!! Its beautiful!!Laurie

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Lovely! So warm and inviting. Your closet is so neat and tidy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, sweet Amethyst! Cindy

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Celeste,
CeeKay told me about your blog. I love the colors. If you stop my my blog you'll see my bedroom in the same colors.
I took paint classes from Barbara Miller in MI. By any chance do you know her. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love your blog.

Shirl said...

Celeste your red room is just beautiful. I love that waverly print, I remember you saying you had that in one of your rooms when I posted the pic of my foyer wallpapered in it. It looks beautiful with the antique furniture! Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by my blog!
Love Ya,
Shirls Rose Cottage

Unknown said...

I stopped back to invite you to a challenge. Consider yourself tagged. Pop by and read what the fuss is about. It's a simple tag really, but lots of fun. Karen

Unknown said...

Celeste, this room is just beautiful! It reminds me of a cozy bed and breakfast. A vintage feel! Just beautiful!! Your whole home is gorgeous!

I am going to write you an email tomorrow :)

Love you,

CIELO said...

Good morning, beautiful! Just came by to say hi and wish you a wonderful and sunshiny day :)


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Celeste, this room is just amazing! So many of the elements that I, too, love are included here. Your parent's furniture & your dad's red glass tray are beautiful & isn't it always wonderful to have those memories so near you?!?!

That little heart shaped table is just precious! Hmmm, I have your address......!!

I love how you explain your placements & items that add so much "you" to each room! Keep it up ~ I will be back again & again to view this pretty room!!

BTW, did I tell you I cried when I first painted our dining room red?!? LOL

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Beautiful room! I absolutely love your deco furniture pieces!!! :) Rhonda

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

So, so beautiful! Your talent and creativity are so outstanding in this room. Just gorgeous!

Free Art Printables said...

I love that red room! It could be out of a magazine!
Jen R

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Celeste, This is gorgeous! You are such a wonderful decorator. I love everything you do. I sure miss chatting with you, but love being able to visit here to see your work. Have a good week sweet friend.

Mickey said...

Dear Celeste,
My friend Shirl ( Shirls Rose Cottage) showed me your blog. I love all your pictures. You have a beautiful home. I'll come back to see more pics of your art. I could spend all day just looking at how pretty you decorate. Take Care and Have a great day!

Esther Sunday said...

I just LOVE it!!!! I also really like being able to set up the bed in at sometype of angle, it certainly does add interest. How great that you could use your parent's furniture to! Are you taking reservations? Love, Esther

kari and kijsa said...

Love the room!!!! You have picked an incredible color and your accessories are fabulous!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

bee'nme said...

Hi Celeste!

I have really been enjoying these tours - your red room is just divine in every way - your parent's furniture is AWESOME - I love how you tied it all together...and the little details here and there that are so "you" (warm and welcoming) are wonderful!

It's always a pleasure to come here to your gracious home -thank you!

Hugs and Belssings,
Becky S.

Secondhandrose said...

Very pretty pictures Celeste. Just stopping in to say Hi.

Bertie said...

Oh Celeste, this is just stunning! I love this room and what you have put into it. If I saw this in a magazine, I would say to myself, "Celeste, would like this room in her home!" It's so YOU! Just breathtaking, my dear! Miss chatting with you but will email.

Aunt May's Cottage

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Just had to pop in again & take another peek!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for visiting my blog again. You must be very busy for I've missed your posting.
Have a great weekend.

Sharon said...

Another red bedroom, this is the second one I ran into on blogs today. I love, love, love this room. Both our library and my studio are deep burgundy red, it's one of my favorites. We are thinking about doing the master bedroom in a deep, very dark green. I love intense color saturation, need to be surrounded by it. I think it's a comfort zone for me, thankfully DH feels the same way.

Natasha Burns said...

love your red rooms!!! The quilt on the bed is amazing, just love that!

Betzie said...

Everything is just so gorgeous and so me. Could you please come design my MB for me??!!! Oh, also the room I'm in right now is so pretty(in construction), but a total disaster...clutter everywhere...all my stuff too. It was for the little girl I never had, so I never did anything with it. Gosh, I wish you lived closeby. :)) Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

The bedroom furniture is gorgeous. I've spent the last half hour looking at your site and enjoying the many lovely painted items - pink is my color and I also paint, so natually I love it all! Your site is beautiful. Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Ruey said...

I Love the richness of the red and how warm it all feels. This is such a cozy must feel so secure in this room. It is beautiful!!
xxxooo Ruth

Devonia said...

Celeste, It shows that e'thing in the room was put together with love and immense talent . Every detail works. It was a pleasure to see it all. Thank you for sharing.

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