Monday, October 5, 2009


Welcome to my Monday Marvels and Musings! I have always loved Mondays. The beginning of a new week, fresh starts and going forward with thoughts and ideas. So I thought I would share Monday Marvels and Musings with you.

Some Mondays will be simple musing around the house, which I love to do. Others will be sharing new ideas. While other Mondays will be times I think are just plain marvelous!

This Monday I am merely introducing this little project that I hope you will enjoy, as much as I will to share.

I also want to send out a big thank you to Sandi from Bearly Sane for giving me the "Attitudes of Gratitude Award" She is a very talented bear designer and when you have a moment, visit her and her lovely blog. You will enjoy her posts and her sweet personality. Thank you Sandi for passing this on to me. I will share this award in my slideshow of awards at the bottom of this blog.

So Good Morning Monday, I hope you have a wonderful day and your new week is off to a great start.
Whatever it is for you, I hope it is Marvelous!
See you tomorrow for "Tasty Tuesday" treats, teas and tastebuds!
Smiles, Celestina Marie


A Hint of Home said...

Happy Monday to you! I'll look forward to your upcoming posts.
I hope you are feeling better today. Get well soon, ok!

Anonymous said...

Hi Celestina!!
Mondays are always made to look so bad I never could understand why. Monday to me is the morning of the week & I love mornings!! So I say Welcome Monday!!
Happy Monday to you & I hope your week is WONDERFUL!!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Celeste, I wish you a good week ahead as well. Funny, even though I know that Sunday starts a new week, I've always thought of Monday as the beginning of the week. I think that comes from school days. LOL

I wanted to tell you, if I haven't already, that I love the painted vase you did for your friend in the below is so gorgeous.

Have a great and creative week....


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Monday is MY favorite day of the week! I feel so energized and ready to get things in order! Love the pretty pics this morning! Have a fabulous day, sweet lady!

Unknown said...

Hi Sweet C!!!
What a wonderful idea! MONDAY's do seem to allow a FRESH new start for your coming week! I will for sure be keeping and eye out for your posts!

Isn't it so cute about L & G, texting each other, still? What a dear your L is! So glad they have become friends! GOD is good!

Love ya,

A Southern Rose said...

Happy Monday to you too! I'm off to work! I get off early today (3:30). Yeah! Maybe I can get something else done around my cottage! My time is starting to get less and less because of the holidays starting to get closer. That's retail!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie! This sounds like a wonderful idea and I cant wait to see your upcoming posts :) I also cant wait to see what you post tomorrow :) I hope you are feeling better today and dont have to go to the doctor!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I also feel the same way about Mondays. Congrats on the award.


Anonymous said...

Here's to Mondays, Celeste!! I've always loved them, too but then again, I don't have to leave my home. ♥

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

Happy Monday to you and I love your idea of the fresh start for the week and going forward with new ideas and thoughts.
I love the first picture, the girl and roses are beautiful.
Have a happy week

Jennifer said...

Happy Monday Celeste,Pretty graphics.Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments.Hugs to Miss Beazy.That was so sweet of your church to bless the animals.Hugs,Jennifer

Ginny said...

Happy Monday to you. You know, since I have not worked in over a year, Mondays are just like any ol day around here!LOL!
I will be looking forward to your special posts and am checking out to see what you have in your etsy shop!

Bearly Sane said...

Happy Monday to you to Celestina Marie! Mondays are usually not my favourite day of the week, but your post has certainly brightend this one!
Thank you and warmest hugs,

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