Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swinging~Paint Brushes, Ceilings to Furniture!!

Working vacations are more work then vacation, but oh so good to get projects complete before the Texas heat sets in. Yesterday, we began the second of our to do's on the list~~ and it was to paint the garage ceiling. The first project is finished on the patio and I will share that another time.

So while BG started painting the ceiling (which is a huge undertaking seeing that he has so much stored in the overhead rafters) I began to paint a new coffee table I found for the library/family room. I'd been on a treasure hunt for some time searching for just the right size, shape and design. Well~~~~ I finally found it and couldn't wait to get this little gem painted and in it's new home. A great find for only 20 dollars. It came home with me quick!!

So many of you asked about the hutch I painted and posted a few posts ago, so here is a little first easy lesson in painting furniture.

First, to start, this wonderful and sturdy table is an Ethan Allen from the early 70's late 60's. It had beautiful clean line details, perfect for the room and to coordinate with the other pieces already there like my old hutch from the real early 60's brought from my parents home.

When painting furniture pieces I am a big advocate of prepping the piece first and using the right paints. There is nothing worse then taking the time and effort to paint, only to have it chip or peel off due to lack of preparation or proper paints. And, I am a big fan of brush on painting. There are only a few items I will spray paint and that is probably something in iron with tiny details and holes. LOL~~ So to get started, I first give the piece a good sanding to remove any residue, wax and dirt build up.

Once finished with the sanding, wipe the dust off with a tack cloth before priming the entire piece.
Next we prime with a quality Kilz, let dry and brush on your color. In this case, I used one of the custom colors I love which is a light ivory or soft off white in a FLAT finish. Please save yourself the trouble of using a gloss like or enamel paint on furniture. It really does not do well, chips easily and takes long to dry. You can always add varnish if you want or need a piece to shine. Believe me, use FLAT paint!
Another custom color I use a lot on furniture is Raw Cotton. It is lighter and nearly white. When painting or priming it is best to work in one direction with your brush. This gives a nice uniform smooth appearance.

Between coats of the final color I like to do a light sand to keep the surface smooth. Using very fine sandpaper works best~~ or a piece of a brown paper bag like a grocery bag, works like a charm. I know it is hard to find traditional brown grocery bags from the grocer these days since everything is plastic, but you can find lunch bags in the dollar stores or Walmart and those work nicely. Remember you are not taking paint back off at this point, just keeping the paint smooth while painting. Always sand in one direction with the grain of the wood or brush strokes.

Well, let's check on my BG and see how the ceiling is coming along.

Once the table is completely dry, I like to do a light sanding on the raised areas or around the edges to distress the entire piece. Here is the time to use restraint, and not overdue the sanding. Just a little wear showing through of the old table color is best. At this point, wipe off the dust again and you are finished. Sealing with a water base varnish in a matte or satin finish for this step works best. One coat should be enough, but I have been known to go with two coats to finish. An item that gets lots of use would be well to have 2 coats. You can also brown bag sand again between sealing coats to keep the surface pretty and smooth.

Now the table is dry and let's go place it in the room and add a few pretties to display.

The sun is really causing a glare, but I will try and show you this view.

As you might be able to see this room is decorated in blue's and off white with toile and blue willow as an accent. The wall color is a custom color called Churchill Maple, like a light tan. I really love light furniture against this color. You can go in any direction with your accents too. We enjoy this room for reading, watching TV and just relaxing. The TV is behind the pocket style doors on the builtin's. I guess I am not a fan of seeing the TV screen in a room, if at all possible to hide it. Not much you can do with a big screen in a room though. No room for one of those here~~ which is probably a good thing.

Well, I think we are going to enjoy the new table. The garage ceiling is finished too and looks clean and nice. Now, it's time to cross one more project off the list!

I just want to say a word about painting furniture. This project today is easy and great for the first time furniture painter to get started or the seasoned painter.

As for the hutch in the previous post, that style of painting takes a bit more time and practice. For that project, I did everything like I have shown here, but after the custom color was painted, I did an all over glaze to tone down the bright finish. Since my home has other areas with a french or tuscan style decor, the very light finish just doesn't work for those rooms. The liquid glaze I use is clear and I add a bit of burnt umber paint till I get the amount of color desired. It is better to start off with a little adding as you go. Once you have the amount of umber you need you are ready to brush on the piece and then wipe off before it dries. The piece will still be light but take on an aged look perfect for the tuscan style.

I also did a floating of paint technique on the hutch which does take practice to learn. Floating color is done with a wash brush and applied to the edges to give an aged appearance. You load a flat brush with paint on just one corner tip of the brush and the other side with water. Work it through on your palette and then apply to the piece. With practice it is fun to do and rewarding when you can see the aged look achieved. Lastly, a water base varnish finish is brushed on to protect the surface.

I hope you will try painting something for your home. It really is addicting once you get started, and after all, it's only paint. Antique collectors scream at my NO FEAR of painting furniture, but really, unless you are going to sell a valuable item you would not want to de-value it by painting, however, if it is yours to do what you choose. Hey~~~ I say PAINT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

See you again soon, I'm back to swinging those paint brushes.
Blessings and Blue Skies.

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Mari said...


Connie said...

Oh, Celeste, I love Ethan Allen! My sofa came from them about 14 years ago and it still looks like new. I want to get a slipcover for it because I want a different look, but can't find what I want: white twill. So I'm just gonna keep it till I can find the covers I want. I cannot justify a new sofa since it still looks like new. Love Bunny would kill me!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Celeste... wow, you have been busy! I used to joke with Jack and say we are the only people in the world who paint the entire garage... now I see we are not alone! Everything looks so nice... I love your new table, and it looks so pretty with all of your other decor... I wish I had the patience to attempt something like that, but I just don't... I am starting to do a little oil painting again, just for fun! I also love seeing you have alot of pretty natural wood pieces, I will never part with my light oak hutches and coffee and end tables, they make me feel warm and comfy, like your rooms do! Sounds like you and your hubby have had a fun "working vacation"! By the way, I LOVE that little Hummingbird pillow at the end of your post... is it in your shop, or is it one of your own treasures??? Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Shirley said...

Hi Celestina, I enjoyed reading your step by step painting. Your room looks so inviting. I think you sent your heat our way. It has been in the 80's with a lot of humidity. We has storms around us, but the air has cooled down a little bit. There is a possibility of some more storms tomorrow. A working vacation is definitely not as much fun as going some place, but sometimes we don't have any options in the matter. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.

A Hint of Home said...

Isn't it great to cross off things on the to do list?
A fresh coat of paint is always great whether it's on a ceiling or a table.
Your guy looks like he's been busy.
The table was a great find and the right fit for your room.
Your paint redos always turn out great!
I'm so glad most of our outdoor projects are done, as it's getting hot down here in the deep south.
Hubby has been on fast track because he is having surgery on his knee next Tues. He tore it playing basketball.
He has been a real trooper working with a bum leg.
Enjoy your lovely family room and try to relax a bit. lol

Bearly Sane said...

I can imagine we will never see you without a paintbrush of some kind or other in your hot little hand Celeste! LOL!!

I like what you have done to the table, but with growing up with a carpenter father I know he would be cross with me if I had done that to a solid piece of maple or birch! But as you say to each his/her own.

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Celeste, what a pretty little coffee table! So perfect in that pretty room. You and L always stay so busy! Thanks for explaining what floating is ~ not that I'll ever be doing it, but inquiring minds need to know these things that our creative friends do so that we can speak knowledgeably with them!LOL

I've been painting this week, too, on a tole chandelier for the kitchen. Hopefully, DH will hang it for me this weekend!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

vickie said...

Hi Miss Celeste! Love the results of all the hard work! Congrats on
your new shop. Please enter me in your giveaway, love and hugs,

Olivia said...

Oh my sweetness your table turned out Gorgeous! This color is similar to what I used on my coffee table! Love it! Excellent job!

Sharon said...

I love your new header picture. Is the picture of the lady a painting that was purchased? The table turned out great. You home is very lovely!
God bless!

Unknown said...

Looks like you're gonna have a fun weekend even tho you say its a working weekend. We're gonna have to be doin one of those weekends...
more like a real soon. Love that tea service by the way.

Ginny said...

Celestina, Thanks for the tips on painting furniture. I have done a few myself, but they were truly easy. They were mostly pine. I have an Italian provincial roll top desk that I want to paint. Right now it's gold with black specks, and I hate it. I used to have that fancy taste when I was first married, but now my taste is totally casual eclectic!
I will try your ideas on that one. As for the garage ceiling...well...lets just say that when I run out of things to do in the house, then maybe....but not likely. LOL!
Great post, sweetie.

Unknown said...

Oh, you two are the this song too. What a lovely table, you did such a beautiful job. Painting the garage ceiling, wow, I hope it isn't too warm there. Love that you put the photo of you two and Laura Bush.

Have a beautiful weekend. Happy Memorial Day.

Betty said...

We have working vacations too sometimes. My Hubby will be taking this holiday to do some needed work on his truck taking Monday off to spend time with our kids. Won't be too much longer and we will be putting siding up on our home and I will be sharing those pics with everyone. That coffee table is so pretty and I think it looks better white.

Hope you have a great Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Celeste, your room looks like a "cuddle up and relax" kind of place!

I have to chuckle...just like at our house, I get the creative painting jobs and my hubby gets the not-so-fun ones like ceiling painting too! Great partnerships! ;-)

Your last photo of the pillows...they're so pretty!!!!

Enjoy these last projects before it begins to swelter there! And Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!


Betzie said...

Now if I only had your energy!!!! I would love to paint our old bedroom way...I got tired just reading your instructions! LOL Really, you do the most gorgeous work and your rooms are picture perfect!!! Magazine ready!!! I'm always so impressed...I'll stick to painting little one inch pendants and even then it's just the backside...LOL
Amazing Celeste!!! hugs...betzie

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh I agree. I SAY paint it, but I ususally say it to someone else. I am too impatient, and usually don't take the time to do the job right. Thank you for reminding me that the prepping is an important step. Maybe I'll tackle a piece of furniture again soon. Your coffee table turned out great. laurie

Susan said...

Sweet Celeste, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. The hutch and table are beautiful. I love how you decorated the top of the hutch. So romantic!! Very Very Pretty!!

Susan said...

Oh my sweet friend your room is gorgeous!! I love all the blues. You did a wonderful job painting your table!! Glad you are accomplishing some of your projects!!

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