Sunday, December 23, 2012

Following God's Direction

The Rosary, a beautiful reflection and symbol of love and faith.

 I love them, grew up with the rosary, prayed with my mother and grandmother and have a small collection too.

About a month ago, I visited my friend Jan, from The Comfort of a Safe Place and she wrote a post about having a thought placed on her heart from God.

 Jan, is a wonderful interior decorator, jewelry designer, sewer, crocheter and the list goes on. She creates all things with great care and love. She also designs beautiful rosaries.
The thought, God placed on Jan's heart one evening, was to give some of her rosaries away. Her thoughts were encouraged to pass on her faith to a few that somehow needed this blessing at this time in their lives.

  Reading Jan's post I was so excited for someone to receive such a treasure and was sure she would find those hearts soon. What I did not know at the time was one of the receivers would be me, along with several others.
When the package came to my door, I just could not imagine what would be inside. When I opened it to find this beautiful Czech Cathedral Glass Vintaj Bronze Pearls Rosary, I was excitedly overwhelmed.
Instantly I knew what a blessing to be given in this rosary.

 Jan's rosaries are created using the finest elements. Swarovski Glass and Pearl beads, Bronze medals and Crucifix all created using delicate wires wrapped at the end of each bead. Simply gorgeous.
Honestly my pictures don't do this 31 1/2" long rosary justice. The 10mm glass beads are Honey Celsian and at night take on a soft light pink color. It is amazing.

 The Swarovski pearls are 12mm in a bronze gold. The wires are also bronze and the crucifix has a soft vintage patina making it look like a piece handed down from a cherished family member.

Jan shared with me how she knew her hands were blessed from God to create these rosaries. She tried at first to ignore this calling, found every reason to put the thoughts aside, but they stayed. Soon after she knew she had to Follow God's Direction.

Jan has sold her rosaries in the past, but given more away then she sold, giving her a great blessing in return. If you have a moment, drop by to Jan's. You will be blessed with your visit and what you will discover, that this great lady has a struggle of her own. You see, Jan was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy last May 2012 and has been on a journey for wellness and recovery ever since. Even with this great challenge, she continues to move her life forward using her path to help others through this journey with BP. It is remarkable the progress she has made and she is always willing to share the info she learns along the way that might help another.

Thank you so much Jan for the gift of this rosary so beautifully created from your talented hands. I will cherish it forever.  The Sunday after it arrived, I took it to church were  Father John prayed over this treasure giving way to beautiful words for the rosary and the maker. Asking God to always guide this piece for the good of HIS word and the beauty in our faith, blessed by grace from above.

Simplify Christmas, Following God's Direction.
Since I completed this post, I found a beautiful glass keepsake box that was accented with a white rose brooch. Perfect to hold this blessed treasure.
Also, let us all continue to join in pray for the families and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School. May God give comfort and strength to all in the days ahead.
With Love,
 Celestina Marie


Jan Hermann said...


I have been blessed beyond measure, both with giving away my Rosaries and friends like you! Thank you for sharing this story about me...I'm moved to tears by it. I am adding something special for your visitors that stop by my Blog today (as well as any other visitors) - something prompted by your post.

Yes, let's continue to pray for the community of Newtown, CT and Sandy Hooks School.

Jan ♥

The Porcelain Rose said...

What a wonderful and very thoughtful gift.
I love old Rosaries and have several. I think they are so beautiful. I feel very blessed to them about my home. They bring a sense of peace and comfort.
Have a very Merry Christmas and see you in the new year.
With warm wishes,
The Porcelain Rose

The Porcelain Rose said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about the Rosary give away. I did pop over for a visit and left a comment for her.

1CardCreator said...

I don't know what is more beautiful the Rosary or the beautiful story of Jan and her generosity. So kind of her to share it with you and I am so glad she chose you to share it with, you are a woman with great faith and convictions with a heart of gold. I could not think of anyone more deserving. I can see this is something you will cherish always, the beautiful box you have for it shows already how much it will be treasured. I know I have been blessed beyond measure with your friendship this year Celeste. I am sure you are being blessed for the person you are to many of us. Merry Christmas my friend. Big hugs, ~Diane

romance-of-roses said...

Good morning Celestina, Thank you for telling me about Jan. I did visit her and left a comment. Your rosary is exquisite, what an honor to own it. I told Jan that I remember always praying the rosary with my mom and godmother, every night. If I had a date could not leave until we prayed the rosary. They are both gone now but the tradition of the rosary is still mine, now my husband Rick and I pray the rosary every night. Thank you for sharing this post. Many Blessings to you....Lu

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your friend, Jan, has a wonderful gift of making the rosaries. And what a wonderful gift that you received one. The box is a beautiful place to store it!

Hayu Maselli said...

Dearest Celestina,

first of all thank you so much for your lovely sweet message.
I love this post really do. so precious that rosary.the beads/pearl color, vintage Crucifix so perfect!
while I am reading your post, my husband passed behind me and said 'WOW' so beautiful Rosary!, amazing!
we do rosario daily.
Oh .. I wish I have one of it ;)
that glass box with white roses gave more the preciousness.

I will visit Jan's blog right away ;)

Celeste wishing you a very happy Christmas with your family.

love to you

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, blessed gift to receive. I bet it is so much more beautiful than the pictures show. My two little granddaughters received beautiful rosaries for their first communions.

They are beautiful and given to a person that is just as beautiful inside as out- xo Diana

Donna said...

What a beautiful rosary, and such a wonderful and heartfelt gift! Jan certainly does have a talent from above, and I am sure will touch many lives as well!

Tina said...

So beautiful. I was make a rosary too.

Marietta said...

That is a most wonderful and inspiring story of your friend Jan, her challenge with Bell's Palsy, and her absolutely beautiful rosary! My mother is sending me a blessed rosary this week as I am in a most intensely faith challenged time. I truly hope I pass the test, and keep praising Jesus no matter what.

I was just wondering what Jan would sell a rosary like that for. My mother (88 in October) has said a rosary every day of her life. I grew up saying the rosary but haven't for over 40 years.While visiting her in MI for my 60th birthday in April I attended mass, the rosary and other special church events., and consequently renewed my faith at our local mission in CA on my return. I love my mom so much, and now appreciate with all my heart the faith she so carefully nurtured for me and my four sisters throughout our lives. P.S. Celestina your story about your parents little bungalow was so very touching, and your work is beautiful! God Bless You!

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