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From a Sap to a Treasure! How to get this look!

An idea for a sap bucket turned treasure. I always find the best sap buckets on my junkin trips. Recently I found one that was perfect to repurpose for a trash can or french flower holder. They are normally tall and narrow which makes them perfect for a little bathroom or powder room trash can. The narrow style fits perfectly between the sink and la toilette!

The one I found was in good condition with minor distress and a few dents. After all these were used to drain sap from a tree, so it is normal to find them with imperfections which only adds to the charm.
To one side is usually a little hole that was used to hang on the tree.

To start, I painted the bucket inside and out with my favorite Honeysuckle bloom color. It is a fresh cottage white. As usual, I forgot to take a pic before the painting, but it is galvanized tin and grey, so you get the idea.

After this step, I painted the top inset design with 2 coats of a soft nutmeg brown acrylic paint and dry brushed some white with a stencil brush. Dry brushing just softens it a bit. Remember it does not have to be perfect, just stay in the lines of the bucket for neatness. You can use any color you choose. I wanted to stay with the new neutral color styles that are so chic at the moment.

I like to add another step which is optional called "fly specking". This is done by using the nutmeg paint a little watered down for an inky consistency. Using the stencil brush and a Popsicle stick, fly speck the stick across the brush towards you. This will put little specks of color on the solid background. Again it softens the look and gives an aged appeal. Practice on paper first to get the feel and look you want before putting it on your surface.

Now at this point you can varnish the entire bucket inside and out with a water based varnish as pictured. This step I feel is important for durability in using it as a trash can. You can wipe it clean when needed and keeps the surface from marking.
You do not varnish over the graphic if you have already glued it in place. That will be a different finish later. If you want to use it for fresh flowers, I would place another tall vase inside to hold the water for the flowers. This way, the paint will not lift or bucket rust.

After the varnish is dry, I added a french graphic from the Graphic Fairy to the front. I enlarged the graphic to the full page size on the printer to fill in the entire space on the bucket and printed using card stock paper. You will glue this in place with ModPodge glue only to the backside of the card stock graphic. Cut out the graphic as close to the design as possible so it looks like it is part of the background.

At this level it is finished, but I like to cover the graphic with a product called Triple Thick. It gives a glass like finish to the graphic without smearing the ink. It makes the paper durable and easy to wipe clean when needed. This sealer is really thick, so work in short strokes and let stand flat or on it's side to dry so the sealer does not run thick. This step takes some practice, but gives a wonderful result.

Now remember the little hole to the side? I like to tie on some vintage hem tape and lace ribbon to embellish.

Here is the finished bucket ready for a French look with flowers or to fill a small corner to use as a chic trash can.

This vintage treasure will be going over to my etsy boutique soon, but if you can paint a bucket, cut with scissors, glue and varnish and tie on a ribbon, you can make this one too. Have fun

Happy Creating, Celestina Marie


Ingeborg van Zuiden said...

Oh how pretty!!! How clever you are! So so lovely this idea! It will look so beautiful in your studio :-) Thanks so much for the inspiration and lessons on which layers to use!
Blessings and hugs and enjoy the day,

Betty said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love it. Thanks for showing us how you did it.

Julie Marie said...

That's so pretty Celeste!... I have just one vintage sap bucket, and I always plant geraniums and purple nemesia in it... Happy Spring to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The sap bucket turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing how you did it.
Happy Spring.
Hugs, Barb

Old Time Cindy said...

I have yet to find a sap bucket when I go pickin'. I do find lots of galvanized buckets so this would be cute to do. Love the look!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

This is so cute. I love it!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh course I love that graphic!!!LOL I have never heard of triple thick, I will have to check it out. Your bucket looks fabulous! I wish I lived somewhere where there were sap buckets!!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Celestina Marie,

The bucket turned out beautifully and I love what you did.
I used that same graphic on a little hot air balloon that I made that I will have to show soon.

Hope that you are enjoying the week

Ginny said...

I truly love the results! I will look for something like it. I think I can do a good job if I try. As always, your work is perfect!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

This has such an elegant look to it! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Celeste! I love this and it is so simple when you break the steps down this way. QUESTION: Could you sand the edges of the cardstock to give it more of a faded in edge rather than a sharp edge where paper meets metal or does it really matter much at all? Gosh you could do these up in no time for each room with all new ideas. Even make a cloth insert for it and use it as a toilet paper bucket in the bath. so many ideas. Thanks for the share!

How's Miss B doing with your weather down there? Does she sense all the tornados? I know she is not fond of the storms as my bugzy can relate. Poor baby. Hugs to all. T

Jill said...

So pretty! What a good idea! thanks for sharing.

hope you have a lovely week!


Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

So cute and clever.


Oh sweet Celeste...(your name means baby blue in Spanish and it's also a name!) and you are a real sweetheart Celeste! Thank you for the lovely and kind comments you left me, you are a total darling. Thank you for this great idea and how you put it step by step, almost like a tutorial. I'm loving this, you are so talented and whatever you create is pure perfection. Have a terrific weekend!

Kerri said...

I love it! So French :)
I am on a dog show break for 2 months so I will have time to get back to my paintings and such.Yaay!

Hope you have a nice evening!


A Southern Rose said...

Hi Celeste,
This turned out so pretty! Thank you so much for showing us how to do it. I can't wait to try it myself. One more project to add to my list. :)

Hugs and Happy Spring to you and your,
Lee Laurie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Things, and people, working for a living always have imperfections that allow their beauty to shine through. That's what I tell myself when the morning reminds me of the prior day's work.
Like this morning -LOL-.
Nice job on the bucket; I've just returned from a tree syrup camp so enjoyed this post especially.

Jan Hermann said...

This is so pretty - thanks for sharing the "new" to me product - Triple Thick!!

I see that touch of Black!! I love it!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

LOve, love, love your cool bucket! What a great idea Celeste and I'm sure you could sell a lot of these!!
I've got to try it on something... love that graphic. What would we do without our dear Graphic Fairy? More like Graphic Angel!
I've used the thick gel medium to transfer onto fabric and really like the results. Very interesting product.
We have been busy working on our condo, painting and flooring. So much to do! Your place is looking so wonderful... one of these days I hope to come see you again... someday...

much love and hugs, sherry

Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful, Celeste. I like the band around the top. At first, it even looked as if there were a bucket within a bucket, so the dimension you gave it really works! It's definitely a Celestina Marie look!

Hope your weather is nice. Although I've noticed on the Weather Channel that you are getting much-needed rain. Hope it's not the snow I've seen dipping down west of you! It's lovely here but until Tuesday night when it's supposed to be in the 20s then back up again. Silly spring!

XO!! Diane

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