Monday, March 19, 2012

HAPPY SPRING! Spring Garden Party from Etsy Cottage Style

Welcome Monday and not so welcome thunderstorms~~ of course my Miss B is not happy about the cracks of noise and beating rain. However the garden loves it and my new blooms are raising there little faces high to receive a nice spring drink.

Today is the third Monday of March and time for Etsy Cottage Style Blog to celebrate the cottage gardens. Visit HERE for the list of more participants posting. Remember each Monday is a ECS event that runs all week long which gives us plenty of time to join the fun.

Not only is my Texas garden enjoying the warm weather, but I am inspired to create with the encouragement of my pretty blooms.

Come take a walk with me around the garden to visit a few early bloomers.
Starting with a pretty Saucer Magnolia.

Just peeking through the ground is one of several Cone flowers. These will be a pretty dark pink.

Here grows gorgeous large leaf English Ivy with Pansies.

My Hydrangea garden is peeking through the ground as well with some nearly in bloom. These will be pinks, white and blue. Can't wait to dry a few for inside vignettes.

Dianthus is another pretty and lasted all winter long this year with our mild winter.

From my rose garden comes the first Redpink Roses. Soon the bushes will be covered.

This garden arch~~and my pride and joy, will hold the most gorgeous mini White Carolina Roses soon. I trimmed this last week and with the warm weather, it has more new growth in just a few days.

Right outside my studio door grows this gorgeous Camellia bush. Yesterday my dear guy picked this pretty bloom. They only last a few hours off the bush and the petals shed like crazy. But for a short time, the flower is gorgeous on display.

From the studio, I also have a garden of spring blooms to share.
Starting with this fresh spring garden tray and darling little tea pot.

The sweet Caroline Wren has long flown off to his new home in the midwest and the nest along with him. But more pretty birdies will be on the way. These were painted on vintage fluted cake pans.

How about a French watering can to water those pretty garden blooms? This sweetie is new and now available in my shoppe. Chaumiere Fleurit.

Thank you for stopping by to visit and view my spring garden blooms. It's back to the studio for me, but for a few minutes more, I will enjoy a cup of tea in a new spot in my studio overlooking gorgeous pink roses right outside the window. Join me will you? They are not fully in bloom yet, but I will dream of the sight soon to follow.

It's still storming but wishing you Blessings and Blue Skies always.

Smiles, Celestina Marie


Anonymous said...

Hello My Friend!!
So much beauty to look at this a.m. in your blog. I love the little wren.... We have been so warm & so much is up early. Just hope nothing gets frosted on the way to Summer!!
Have a Great Day!!

Judy said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing at the Etsy Garden Party!

deb said...


Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

So pretty, your lucky to have such pretty flowers to look at each day.

Patti said...

Things haven't even begun to bloom here in Idaho...another month or so, I guess. I can hardly wait for the explosion of green and color.



Hey pretty girl, what a beautiful spring post! Your photos are gorgeous, such lovely spring flowers, just perfect to wake up every morning and see natures beauty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms C! We are just now receiving buds on our trees and some greenery popping up through the ground with the peonies & tulips. The grass is definately getting greener and Honey started the perimeter work with the mower on the fence line this past weekend. It's almost time to get mowing again and I can't wait. Your flowers are so pretty. Hugs. T

Unknown said...

Hi Celestina! Your Wrens have arrived here! They make me think of my beloved mountains, so I love when they come in. Everything looks beautiful as usual. Glad you came for
ECS Cottage Garden Party. Hope the storm wasn't too bad. By the time they get from you to us they fritter away..thank goodness.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Celeste,

Love your sweet bird and nest...just wonderful. You've got so much blooming in the garden already, lucky you. I do have some daffodils here, our weather has been great as well so, all is good, we are having an early spring.

Glad you liked the canvas cards. I did them for my licensing agency actually and just figured since I was doing that, I could make them on gallery canvas as keepsakes for people. I wish you great luck with yours and think it will be wonderful with your ETSY shop.

I'm putting most if not all of my energies into licensing these days as I feel that is the way for me to go but I'm painting as much of it as I can on canvas so hopefully, can sell the art as well.

Happy spring to you my friend...keep up the great work.


Ingeborg van Zuiden said...

Oh wow what a lot of flowers are already blooming in your garden! It's obvious that it's much warmer over there than that it's here in the Netherlands. I only have pansies blooming LOL! We even still have frost during the nights! I love your new paintwork. That wren is so so sweet! What a master painter you are! Everything you share is beautiful!

I hope this comment finds you well today :-))


Eggs In My Pocket said...

It all looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Blessings, Milady! And happy Spring to you! Such amazing blooms already out where you are! We have buds here in Jersey, but no blooms other than daffodils and hyacinths. But, the buds promise greater things - don't you know! Love your painted roses - such sweet strokes and soft petals. Great idea with the bucket. Some of those finishing products look like something I might give a try using later this summer when I've promised myself to get back to crafting. School will be out and I'll hopefully have more art time! See you round the blog!

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