Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Find For Redesign!

Greetings Everyone~~ Vacation is over and it is back to reality!! We had a great time in the "Land of Enchantment" and I'll share some pics from Santa Fe soon, but today I want to show you a vintage black Samsonite suitcase I found earlier in the summer.
What a find for 5 dollars. The inside was so nice, I decided to leave it as is. Usually I paint and line these types of cases, but this one really needs to shine just the way it is. Well, except for a vintage graphic design on the front. This case even had the key included, which is rare.

So I picked out a few vintage graphics to mix on the front. Courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy and the fun began!

Next, I layout the placement after cutting around the edges with a pretty scissor design and glue down using Modpodge only on one side.
After all dries, I glaze the top of just the graphics, with Triple Thick. This forms a glass like surface that will hold up to everyday use. It leaves a smooth surface that will not rip or tear away.

Now here is a question for you. After I finished this sweet treasure, I decided it was missing something to the center. What do you think it needs?

To the center?

This Victorian Lady graphic?

Or this pretty vintage graphic of the lady in her hat with rose?

How about this simple rose graphic design?

I think I like them all, but leaning towards the rose.

It sure is pretty in my newly updated master bedroom. This time I will keep this one, but others will fill the shelves in my shop soon. They are perfect for holding treasures, scarves, magazines, greeting cards and lots more.

Breaks over~~ Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you soon as I return all the visits while I was away. Thank you for the kind comments and always such encouraging words. You are the best!!

Have a Creative Day~~
Smiles, Celestina Marie


Dorthe said...

Welcome home dear Celestina Marie,
Happy for you, the vacation was filled with happy moments.
The found suitcage is wonderful, so lovely inside, and with your collaged graphics it is now fantastic.
And I am totally for the rose, ALSO before reading your own opinion-it just gives it the romance touch ,about leaving for Paris.
Thankyou for your so sweet visit, I treasure them.
Hugs, Dorthe

Tina said...

great suitcase! wellcome back! hope you have a great time on vacation

lilybets said...

...well done, so romantic!Everything you imagine you are able to create it!I need some yellow in my life..I have changed my blog,please tell me if you like it!

Unknown said...

You always ALWAYS come up with the most wonderful ideas to recreate beauty in all forms, Celeste.

So glad you had a lovely respite. I see the juices flowing, dying to see what you create now you are back.

Have a beautiful day, my friend.

Betzie said...

Love your case project Celeste! I liked the rose as well for the center.
Hope all is well in your life and happy to have visited you today.
Haven't been blogging much now ever since FB has become so popular. Just can't seem to do it all and get anything done around here at the same time!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Celestina. This is absolutely gorgeous just as all your work always is. I love how you've altered it and since you've so graciously asked, I prefer the entire suitcase in neutral tones, so I'd go with the first graphic of the Victorian lady.

Have a beautiful weekend, love.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Celestina Marie,

That rose BELONGS! No doubt.
Glad you had a wonderful time.
Hugs and love to you,

1CardCreator said...

Welcome back looks like the vacation recharged your batteries! The luggage is gorgeous, what a find! Love all the beautiful vintage art you added to take it over the top! Thanks for leaving me kind words on my blog too.


How about all 3 of them! Love the first one for the middle and than the other 2 on each side?!
Haven't seen a black suitcase for awhile!

Holly Loves Art said...

So wonderful! A lovely project! The inside of the suitcase is really wonderful too. Have a great day!

Eileen said...

Hi Celestina,
So glad you are back safe and sound from your trip. And we can again enjoy your creativity. Great fine on the Samsonite suitcase.
As for a suggestion on what to put in the middle, I am thinking the Victorian Lady.
You will have to let us know what you decide to do. No matter what the decision is, it will be beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.
hugs Eileen

Julie Marie said...

Oh Celeste... this post gave me goosebumps... that vintage piece of luggage is identical to one my daddy always used... and today he would have turned 96 years young... plus the fact that you have been in Santa Fe, his birthplace and hometown... perhaps there is a message here for me from him... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

HOW adorable!!! :D I am in love with your suitcase! What a great piece! Hope you had a great vacation! :)


EllenaElizabeth said...

I love all the graphics but the rose is the only one to finish off your upcycled samsonite case. Well done, lovely work. And the interior of that case is just lovely!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hi Celeste!

LOVE the suitcase and what you've done on it! I vote for the rose... just enough for a finishing touch. Gotta love that Graphics Fairy, she adds so much to our creative lives.

I'm catching up and the Salad sounds delicious - Belated Happy Birthday to your Son (he sure looks like his Dad - Handsome!) - And I love your new living room. It looks so light and airy. Of course I loved it the old way too but I know we all need a change sometimes. It's Awesome!

And if you ever get to Ohio you've got to call me so we can get together... oh what fun we could have.

Love you bunches, "Edie" & Marie

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Celeste Dearest,
So glad you are back from the land of Enchantment.I'm sure you had a glorious time and can't wait to see the pics.
Lovly suitcase.I have a huge old blue case in my attic.I've had it for years and years.
For your beautiful case I like the plain victorian lady.The rose does give a little color ,but the plain lady goes better with the rest of the art werk.Love ya Hon,
Marie Antionette

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Celestina,
Now this really was a great find and for only $5. I will put my vote in for the rose, oh yes the rose. Love the graphics also. I would also keep it. Hugs, Lu

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great suitcase!!
Glad you had a lovely vacation!
Thanks so much for your visits and kind remarks!! They put a smile on my face!


High Heeled Life said...

I too will be returning from my August bog posting vacation .... but so glad I had a few minutes today to visit some BlogLand friends.Your latest creation is absolutely brilliant ... I was leading towards the lady with the hat - possibly because her hat also has a rose on it.
These cases will be fabulous as you mentioned to hold and protect delicate treasures ... wishing you a beautiful week-end! xo HHL

Createology said...

Lovely vintage Samsonite. Your details really add romance to this piece. One can imagine the travels this little case has experienced. Lovely dear...

~CC Catherine said...

Love the Vintage REDO on the suitcase Celeste! I love the flower the best too! I've never heard of TRIPLE THICK; but am going to go get some! This turned out JUST beautiful!!! xoxo

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