Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This That and Other Changes

There's one thing for certain in life, 
changes do happen.
Life evolves and nothing stays the same forever.

Some things we wish stayed the same, but the truth is
we learn, grow and find better ways to direct our lives.

The one true constant however,
is our Lord's love and faithfulness.
For this and more, I have a grateful heart!

For many of us, blogging has certainly changed or at least the time spent here
posting and visiting.
Good or bad, it's the way it is.
Well, again we grow in and out of our journey and our direction changes.

Lately, I've been working in many old and new areas that take time and lots of effort.
Long hours on the computer at times and lots of studio time designing.

Yes, as many of you have noticed,
I'm here less, but will continue to post when their is something to share 
and catch up on!!
I've heard that many of you are doing the same thing.

Instagram has truly helped on this path.
Continuing to stay in touch with so many dear friends from blogland that have also joined IG
has been great.
Sharing our daily lives, creations, photos, events and more.
like the name implies,
 it's Instant!
If you are already there, I would love to follow you.
My link for IG is HERE!

My shop on etsy,  Rose Garden Market started off a bit slow for spring,
but after some marketing redirects, I'm busier then ever and loving every minute 

Lots of new goodies are on the way to the shelves
and signs are some of the latest styles.

some of you have seen on line,  2 months ago, I was invited to design for

After lots of research, Q&A's with the company and so on,
I joined the team and having a great time.
My designs range from my original hand paintings, photography and more
changing them to high resolution images to be used on
home decor and apparel.
The above collage of pillows is a little preview on some of my designs.
These pillows are created and sewn using high quality fabrics
and available with or without the inserts.
Being custom orders, most items in my collection take 4-6 or 6-8 weeks.
Others like totes, are usually about a week to manufacture.
So far, this has been a great new challenge.
I will see as time goes along how it  will continue to flow with my schedule!

In other areas, I am also working for my hubbies company,
LJS Consulting LLC.
At the moment, I am designing his website 
and traveling along at times when business takes us out of town.

On the home front,
we completed many home projects and one of those being
my garden bike created for the front yard under the Magnolia tree.

This bike was actually my son's bike for his 13th birthday years ago.
When I shared with him, I was on the hunt for a vintage bike to garden up, 
he offered me his old bike to re-purpose.
Being a racer style, we took off all the brakes, wires and extras,
then spray painted it in this wonderful aqua.
I found the baskets at Hobby Lobby and fashioned them with wire 
to the front and back.
Lastly I created this little "garden tour" sign and it was
ready to anchor to the tree.
You can't see the security anchors,but they are there
to keep the bike from falling over 
and well, 
someone liking it to the point they decide to walk away with it.

Being on a roll with the color aqua 
this pretty shade of blue found it's way to my red front door.
I loved the red but after 20 years, it was time for a change!!

Later I couldn't stop there 
so I carried the color to my beloved vintage metal chairs.
These beauties belonged to my mother and dad
and are in perfect condition.
They've been ever color over the years
but I'm loving the aqua!!
Think I need to add some pretty lumbar pillows.

Along with my designing journey and manufacturing approval
from etsy, I have adapted my photography and paintings
into high resolution canvas watercolor designs
and  bringing them to my shop as well.
Here are a few I'm enjoying right here at home.

This rose above was grown in my garden,
picked and enjoyed in a flower arrangement,
photographed, changed to watercolor then worked 
and manufactured into a 30" by 30" painting!

The canvas watercolor below was done the same way.
I'm a decorator who changes wall decor with the seasons.
This will take me through the summer!
Keeping a neutral background gives me the palette for change
by swapping out the accents and art.

When there is time to relax,
you can usually find me off  junkin, meeting with friends, reading, crocheting, sewing, cooking,
walking, swimming, decorating, church events and right here on the back porch!

The red rose pillows on the love seat are from my VIDA collection.

or here recharging in the sun!

 or gardening
tending the fairy gardens!

So there you have it,
This That and Other Changes.

I'm still here but will be posting less for now.
I hope you'll stop by now and then.

And in the meantime.
Wishing you Blessings and Blue Skies!


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! Everything is so pretty at your house. It's so great that your art is something you love but can also bring an income. I really admire that. Your house looks so perfect!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about our house building. :)

Anna said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog !!!
Your creations are lovely and your home, beautiful !
Have a shinny day !

Sue Kosec said...

Tell me I read that wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Did somebody REALLY have the audacity to walk off with that bicycle? Makes me sick. Going to miss your blog posts - don't stay away too long, okay?


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love all your aqua decor, Celeste, in your son's bike redo, your front door, and your vintage chairs. Your pretty hanging art work adds such a cottage, summery touch to your home, as do your pretty pillows. You certainly are one busy lady, and I so understand you that you will post when time permits. Thank you for sharing your heart, and home with us, my friend. Love and blessings go to you in all that you do.

Unknown said...

Celestina Marie, You are one amazingly talented, busy wonderful spirited person. You Husband is a very very Lucky guy!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

My goodness you have been one busy lady! I too have slowed down on my blogging posts but I don't want to quit entirely. You have so many talents and have really created a lot of great things with your hands. I love that bike and your new front door color! It's quite striking and very cute on the two chairs. Stay cool and I look forward to your next post! XO, Liz

Valerie-Jael said...

Well done on getting so much done, and congrats on having your designs reproduced, the items are all gorgeous. Good luck in all of our enterprises. Hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful, as is your art, of course. How exciting to see all the different ways you have been able to branch out! :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so happy for you my friend. You have lots of exciting things to do and challenges for the future. I think we are all blogging a bit less but I always look forward to your posts so I hope you'll keep blogging when you can. Enjoy your summer and all the activities you have planned! Sweet hugs, Diane

Rose L said...

You have a lovely home. You also have so much energy! I was curious as to if you sign your art pieces?

Daniela said...

Everything in your home is truly perfect so as it is your style in your artistic creations, my darling Celestina Marie, thank you for sharing so many wonderful things with us !

Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week
I'm sending blessings across the many miles


Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I am just so delighted for you and it is no surprise at all that you are broadening your horizons just as you should! You are such a talented artist and it is exciting for me to see this all happening for you. When are friends succeeds it is such a rewarding experience for us all. I'll be keeping up with you here and of course on IG. I love IG too, so easy and fun to stay connected there!
Your home is beautiful and your decorating delightful!
Sending love and hugs,

R's Rue said...


Creations By Cindy said...

Loving all the pictures . Everything is so pretty . Yes dear friend , changes happen . Most often for the best . With every season of life I believe changes come . I am so glad I get to see you on instagram but for me at times that too is scarce . We are all busy women no doubt . Wirh some new changes I made in my life after experiencing a mini stroke my new outlook has been , I'll do what I can when I can and what I can't do I will not worry about . Your new outlets of life dear friend sounds wonderful . Hugs and.blessings , Cindy

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What fun to be so busy doing all the wonderful things you are! Congratulations on all your new adventures. Still you found time to paint some things my favorite color, aqua. The front door is a WOW and my favorite makeover. I just love the watercolor canvas' too.

Homemaker'sThoughts.blogspot.com said...

So glad you posted all of this - so fun to look at and read about everything you have going on. To say you are busy is definitely an understatement, but it's all good. :)
Congratulations on your new venture. Your painting is lovely, your shop is lovely, your home is lovely. God has blessed you richly. Have a wonderful, creative summer!
Mary S.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about all that you have been busy doing. You are so talented! I joined IG once upon a time but have just never done anything with it, just haven't wanted to fool with it. Maybe I should! Happy rest of the week busy lady!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Enjoyed the variety of your post and seeing all your creations.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your amazing creativity knows no bounds, my dear Celeste! Everything looks so beautiful - love, love, love your new endeavor with the printed canvas art and pillows! Your home looks beautiful, as always, and your new pretties make it even more welcoming. Love the blue bike and how great that it was once your son's! The blue door is wonderful, too. Wishing you a lovely and happy summer. Hugs xo Karen

Katie Mansfield said...

So pretty. You are very busy. I change my art with the seasons too. I love your gorgeous work. Congratulations.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh Celeste! I wish I could tap into some of that amazing energy and creativity!! You are amazing! I love your new venture with the pillows and tote bags etc. Very, very nice! And that bike looks so great. So great that you could repurpose that and the chairs, things that have memories for you. I haven't been on IG for weeks, can't decide if I want to put my energy there or not. It is hard to try and balance everything, isn't it? Best wishes on all your new ventures. xo Deborah ps I love that "nice matters" !!

Ginny said...

I like all the changes you made! I love the aqua, and have incorporated it in some things around my home. The garden chairs remind me of the olden days! Yours are really in good condition! I want to swim in your pool! I also want to have your energy!!

Sandi Magle said...

What and exciting path in your creative journey. Hope everything goes well and your designs are of course beautiful. Thanks for the update, Sandi

Kim said...

You are one busy lady! All of your endeavors seem to be creative ones, and you are so talented, they should be. Enjoy all of it!! xoxo

Linda Walker said...

Good morning Celeste,
Wow you certainly have been busy my friend! I don't even know where to start! I do agree with what you said about IG. It is handy and instant when you don't have as much time to spend blogging....though I miss the blogging... but like you, I just don't have the time. I am lucky to get to it once a week.

Your designs are gorgeous. All those beautiful flowers on pillows! and I spied my VINTAGE sign. Cannot wait for it to arrive along with my pillow! Love your work and always a fan!

I just love that beautiful aqua bike with the red flowers and your home looks professionally decorated!!! LOL, oh wait, it is!!!!! All so lovely! Wishing you much luck in your latest endeavors!!! Hugs,

Art and Sand said...

Instagram has changed blogging for me. I post 1 pic a day and see what's going on with my friends. Blog posts are fewer and farther between, but I'm content.

I am certainly not as busy as you. Continue to have fun with all your creative outlets.

Createology said...

With busy lives and society being "on" 24/7/365 there is less and less time in each day. You are such a busy and creative lady and I admire everything you share. IG is not for me...yet. I will be very happy to check in with you and follow what you are doing. Blessings Sweet Celeste...<3

handmade by amalia said...

I am amazed by all your achievements, very well done! So nice to see you making the most of your talent and creativity. Enjoy the summer.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Celestina, you have been so busy being creative. I love your bike, the pictures, the pillows and most of all your beautiful yard and pool. It sounds like you will have a nice summer.
Take care and all the best.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

You have been very busy. Loving your beautiful artwork. I completely understand about posting more. I am also busy and finding time to post can be time consuming. I am either designing blogs, creating graphics or throwing parties. With summer upon us, I want to find time to relax too. Happy summer. xo

Conniecrafter said...

Congrats on all the new things you are doing in your life, I know how sometimes it can get hard when you start using your hobby as work it can sometimes get overwhelming, glad you are enjoying the whole process. Hope your enjoying your little work getaways with your hubby and get the chance to take some photo's... Love your pillows and great canvas art too, wonderfully done!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, you changed your door color, Celestina! I really like the aqua look, it's a pretty change for summer. Yes, blogging has changed a bit from back in the day. It seems that instagram is a big thing right now. I've heard some people say that there is not the connection on Instagram that they find in the blog world, and they eventually go back to blogging. But others seem to like it a lot. I love all the blue that you have in your room. Your rose painting is wonderful, and how special that it was a flower from your own garden. I always love seeing pictures of your pool. It's the one thing I miss since downsizing later in life.

I hope you are enjoying these summer days, Celestina. It's always a pleasure coming over here to visit with you.

love, ~Sheri

craftyles said...

Congrats on your beautiful new designs. Your home looks stunning as well as your garden. You are one busy girl and how you do it all is a mystery to me. Lovin all your Etsy stuff and all the aqua. I'll be sure to check back once in a awhile to see what you've been up to! Enjoy your creative journey!

quakerhillfarm said...

Everything looks so very pretty! I have found that I love IG. Blogging certainly does stretch my creativity, but in this busy life IG certainly is a wonderful way to keep connected yet not spend excessive amounts of time on the computer. I have found it freeing and found it wonderful to connect on a daily basis. Best wishes on your endeavors. You are so right things never do stay the same, except our LORD. Your paintings are beautiful!

Donna said...

I just love all of your pops of aqua, Celestina! The beautiful touches you've added both inside and outdoors make your home magazine worthy for sure! Your fairy gardens are the cutest:) And the bike is great, love the basket and sign and flowers! I bet it's a real head turner in your neighborhood! Wow, your pool! You would have a hard time getting me out of it:)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You do have so many exciting things going on right now! How wonderful that your art is being showcased in such a delightful way! I love all the beautiful pieces that have been created with it! Aqua is definitely a favorite color of mine too! Summertime is a busy time here too, and my blogging has definitely dropped off because of it, but I still love the friendships I've made with the wonderful ladies I've met, it has been such a blessing in my life... appreciate you and the gracious beauty you add to "blogland", will look forward to your updates as you can make them :) Hugs and blessings!

Art and Sand said...

I have been blogging far less and haven't even been reading other blogs. But, as I am catching up tonight, I see that many of my favorites are posting less and less too.

Thanks goodness for Instagram!

Stephanie said...

My sweet Celestina, I completely understand where you're coming from as I am in the same boat :) I so appreciated your post and you sharing where you're coming from.

Your home...oh, it's so beautiful and inviting! I don't know how you can ever leave it as each room is truly a place of beauty and peace.

And of course your sweet creations always take my breath away. You are so incredibly talented and you, my friend, are an inspiration to so many.

It was a blessing to pop in for a visit this morning. Thinking of you! Love and hugs!

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